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2 How do I capture a journey?.....27 How do I navigate to a location I have captured ...

Table of contents
Important safety information 4
Precautions 4
Declaration of conformity 6
Getting to know your Navman 7
Mounting your Navman in a vehicle 8
Turning your Navman ON and OFF 9
Resetting your Navman 9
Inserting a memory card 10
Navigating on the screen 11
Main Menu 12
Using the Keyboard screen 14
How do I go from A B 15
How do I use the FIND wizard 15
How do I plan my first trip 16
How do I preview the destination on map 17
How do I preview a route 18
Changing the navigation mode 18
Large Vehicle and Professional Truck modes 18
Pedestrian mode 19
How do I view my route 20
How do I select the route type 20
The driving map 20
How do I change the route configuration 21
How do I view my route statistics 22
How do I adjust the volume 22
How do I zoom in out the map 23
Advanced routing functions 23
Smart Routes 23
My Drive 23
Parking assistant 24
How do I create a trip with multiple stops 25
How do I edit the waypoints in the trip 26
How do I skip a waypoint during a multi stop trip 26
How do I capture a location or a journey 27
How do I capture the GPS co ordinates of my location 27
How do I capture a journey 27
How do I navigate to a location I have captured 28
How do I navigate to the saved car location 28
How do I view a journey I have captured 28
How do I save a location as My Place or Home 29
How do I navigate to a location I have saved 29
How do I navigate to Home 30
How do I navigate to a recent place 30
How do I edit a saved location in My Places 30
How do I navigate to a NavPix 31
How do I navigate to a NavPix 31
How do I edit the NavPix 32
How do I find the POIs using EXPLORE 33
How do I set my POI preferences 35
How do I find the nearest POIs using the POI category buttons 36
How do I search for a POI by type 37
How do I search for a POI by Smart Find Keyword 38
Recording your driving 39
Precautions and notices 39
Making a recording 39
Locking a temporary video clip 40
Playback mode 40
Recording settings 40
Navman Player 41
Controls and tools 42
Connecting your Navman to an external video source 44
Customising the system settings 45
What is NavDesk 56
Can I use NavDesk with my computer 56
How do I install NavDesk onto my computer 56
NavDesk Menu 57
My Subscriptions 58
How do I purchase a subscription 58
How do I update subscriptions on my Navman 59
How do I recover my subscription 59
My Maps 59
How do I install maps onto my Navman 60
How do I remove maps from my Navman 61
Custom POIs 62
How do I install custom POIs 63
How do I delete a custom POI file category from my Navman 64
Photo Album 64
What else can I do with pictures and albums on my computer 66
Photo Album preferences 67
Image Search 67
How do I search for a NavPix on the Internet 68
How do I import NavPix to My Places 68
Unlock Features 68
My Places 70
How do I sort My Place locations 70
How do I import or export a location 70
How do I edit a location from the map screen 71
Trip Planner 72
How do I pre plan a route by search 72
How do I pre plan a route using the map 73
How do I edit a route 73
My Navman 74
How do I change the displayed language for NavDesk 74
How do I install or remove a voice file for my Navman 74
How do I report mileage 74
How do I recover maps and voice files for my Navman 75
How do I update my Navman 76
How do I recover keys on my Navman 76
How do I configure NavDesk 77
Reference 78
What is GPS 78
How does my Navman receive GPS signals 78
Caring for your Navman 78
Troubleshooting 79
For more information 80
Online support 80
Navman customer support 80
Speed limit 80
Safety camera POIs 80
POI categories 81
Branded POIs 82
POI categories by subscription 82
My Places categories 83
Important safety information
Removing original equipment adding accessories or modifying your vehicle could affect
the vehicle s safety or make it illegal to operate in some jurisdictions
Follow all product instructions and all instructions in your vehicle owner s manual
regarding accessories or modifications
Consult your country s and or state s laws regarding operation of a vehicle with any
accessories or modifications
It is your sole responsibility to place secure and use your Navman in a manner that
will not cause accidents personal injury or property damage Always observe safe
driving practices
Do not mount your Navman in a way that may interfere with the safe operation of the
vehicle the deployment of air bags or other safety equipment
Do not operate your Navman while driving
Before you use your Navman for the first time familiarise yourself with your device
and its operation
On main roads the distance to an exit calculated by your Navman may be further
than the distance shown on road signs Road signs show the distance to the start of
an exit while your Navman shows the distance to the next intersection i e the end of
the exit ramp or road To prepare to exit a road always follow distance information on
road signs
The use of information regarding safety or speed camera locations may be subject to
local laws in the country of use You are responsible for checking that you can legally
use the information in your country or in the country where the information will be
Do not handle your Navman while it is hot Let the product cool out of direct sunlight
Failure to adhere to these warnings and cautions may lead to death serious injury or
property damage Navman disclaims all liability for installation or use of your Navman
that causes or contributes to death injury or property damage or that violates any law
About charging
Use only the charger supplied with your device Use of another type of charger will
result in malfunction and or danger
This product is intended to be supplied by a LISTED Power Unit marked with LPS
Limited Power Source and output rated 5 V dc 2 0 A
Use a specified battery in the equipment
About the charger
Do not use the charger in a high moisture environment Never touch the charger when
your hands or feet are wet
Allow adequate ventilation around the charger when using it to operate the device
or charge the battery Do not cover the charger with paper or other objects that will
reduce cooling Do not use the charger while it is inside a carrying case
Connect the charger to a proper power source The voltage requirements are found on
the product case and or packaging
Do not use the charger if the cord becomes damaged
Do not attempt to service the unit There are no serviceable parts inside Replace the
unit if it is damaged or exposed to excess moisture
About the battery
Use a specified battery in the equipment
CAUTION The battery can burst or explode releasing hazardous chemicals To reduce
the risk of fire or burns do not disassemble crush puncture or dispose of in fire or
Important instructions for service personnel only
Caution Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type Dispose of
used batteries according to the instructions
Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer
The battery must be recycled or disposed of properly
Use the battery only in the specified equipment
Only use the correct home charger may be sold separately or in car charger supplied
by Navman to charge your Navman internal battery
Only use your Navman internal battery with your Navman unit
The Navman battery will stop charging when the ambient temperature is less than 0 C
32 F or more than 40 C 104 F
Declaration of conformity
Note For regulatory identification purposes Navman MIVUE DRIVE LM is assigned a model name
Marking labels located on the exterior of your Navman indicate the regulations that
your model complies with Please check the marking labels on your Navman and
refer to the corresponding statements in this chapter Some notices apply to specific
models only
The user needs to switch off the device when exposed to areas with potentially explosive
atmospheres such as petrol stations chemical storage depots and blasting operations
This product must not be disposed of as normal household waste in accordance with the
EU directive for waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE 2002 96 EC Instead
it should be disposed of by returning it to the point of sale or to a municipal recycling
collection point
Getting to know your Navman
Name Description
Power button Turns your Navman on and off
Lock button Locks the current video to prevent overwriting
Speaker Sends out sounds and voice
Recorder card slot Accepts a MicroSD card for recording You are advised to use a Class
6 memory card with at least 8GB capacity
Note You should use separate MicroSD cards for recording and for
regular data storage
Reset button Restarts your Navman
LED lights Provides the light source in low light conditions
Camera lens Make sure that no object is blocking the camera lens and no
reflective material appears near the lens
Status indicator Green the device is turned on
Red battery charging
Touch screen Displays the output of your Navman Tap the screen with your
fingertip to select menu commands or enter information
Microphone Receives sound and voice
Earphone jack Connects to stereo headphones or audio lead
Map card slot Accepts a MicroSD card for accessing data such as maps
Video In connector Connects to an external video device or rear camera
Micro USB connector Connects to the charger or USB cable
Mounting your Navman in a vehicle
Never mount your Navman where the driver s field of vision is blocked
If the windscreen is tinted with a reflective coating it may be athermic and impact the GPS
reception In this instance please mount your Navman where there is a clear area usually
just beneath the rear view mirror
To protect your Navman against sudden surges in current connect the in car charger only
after the car engine has been started
CAUTION For optimal performance of the lithium battery
Do not charge the battery where the temperature is high e g in direct sunlight
There is no need to fully discharge the battery before charging You can charge the battery
before it is discharged
When storing the product for a long period of time be sure to fully charge the battery at least
once every two weeks Over discharge of the battery can affect the charging performance
Failure to follow the battery usage instructions could cause damage to your device battery
and even bodily injury or property damage and will void any warranty
Turning your Navman ON and OFF
For the initial start up press and hold the power
button for 2 seconds to turn on your
Follow the prompts The Main Menu will display
To put your Navman in a suspended state briefly
press the power button
When you next turn it on your Navman will return
to the last screen that you used
To turn off your Navman press and hold the power
button for 5 seconds
Resetting your Navman
Occasionally you may need to perform a hardware reset when your Navman stops
responding or appears to be frozen or locked up
Insert a small rod such as a straightened paperclip into the reset button of your Navman
Your Navman will restart automatically
Inserting a memory card
Do not apply pressure to the centre of the memory card
Do no insert or remove the memory card when the device is turned on
Hold the card MicroSD by the edges and gently insert it into the slot as shown below
To remove a card gently push the top edge of the card inwards to release it and pull it
out of the slot Inserting the card in the reverse direction may cause damage
Note Navman does not guarantee the product s compatibilities with MicroSD cards from all
Navigating on the screen
To operate your Navman touch the screen with your fingertip You can perform the
following actions
Press and release an item displayed on the touch screen
Tap an item on a list or tap a command from a menu
The Main Menu is your starting point for searching for a destination The Main Menu also
allows you to customise your Navman view saved locations as My Place Home and
search for POIs nearby and so on
Tap to show the next page of Main Menu
Note Main Menu screen options and the order of the options may differ from the above depending
on your region maps installed or Navman model
Icon Description
Search for places areas and streets to help plan your route
Display the Map screen
Access your saved locations
Explore the area around your current position or destination
Configure your Navman to enhance your navigation experience
start recording the driving conditions or display the recording screen
Add or begin a planned trip with multiple waypoints
Display the calculated route in simulation mode
Record GPS co ordinates of a location or a journey
Select your navigation mode Car Large Vehicle Professional Truck or Pedestrian
Note This feature is optional and may not be available on your model
Set or navigate to your home address
Search for the nearest petrol stations
Icon Description
Search for the nearest emergency services including hospitals and police stations
Search for the nearest restaurants cafes fast food premises and other dining
Search for the nearest cafes
Search for the nearest hotels motels
Search for the nearest parking places
Search for the nearest banks and ATMs
Navigating through the menu screens
The system provides the BACK button and MAIN MENU button in the title
bar of the menu screen which allow you to navigate through the menu screens easily You
Return to the previous screen by tapping the BACK button
Return to the Main Menu by tapping the MAIN MENU button
Note In some menu screens the MAIN MENU button will not appear in the title bar In this
instance you may have to tap the BACK button twice
In some menu screens such as the map Overview screen the system provides the tab
buttons in the title bar that allow you to enter the additional page in the menu screen
Simply tap the desired tab to change the view The selected tab will be highlighted as a
darker colour tab
Using the Keyboard screen
The Keyboard screen will display when you are required to enter text such as when
searching for a street name
The Keyboard screen can display with various layouts depending on the information you
need to enter including alphabets numbers alternate characters and combinations of
To select a character tap the character
To delete a character tap Tap and hold to delete the entire text
To enter numbers tap
To set the keyboard preference from the Keyboard screen tap Select the
preferred keyboard type from the list

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