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Learning to live with climate change by Rodney White, Director 2 2002/03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies The struggle to comprehend the

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Rodney White Adaptation and Impacts Research Group
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Meteorological Service of Canada Environment Canada
Associate Director Research 4905 Dufferin St Downsview Ont M3H 5T4
Viriginia Maclaren tel 416 739 4271 fax 416 739 4297 don maciver ec gc ca
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frances silverman utoronto ca
October 2003 Edited and designed by Mona El Haddad All photos by Mona El Haddad except where noted
Our cover features the Lambton
power plant one of the Ontario
Power Generation s coal fired
power plants and a power
Waste Econ 22
generating wind turbine onToronto s lakeshore The wind Program clean
turbine was installed by Windshare a project developed by up of Vietnam s
the Toronto Renewable Energy Co operative Halong Bay
Photos by Jesse Gibb left and John Wellner right RIGHT
submitted to Ontario Clean Air Alliance China Carbon
Project fieldwork
led by Sean
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Learning to live with climate change Lessons learned from Walkerton
Meeting with Justice O Connor
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Capacity Building for Climate Change 30
20 Vietnam Laos Cambodia
Waste Econ Program
22 China TOP
Carbon sequestration project Commissioner of the
Walkerton enquiry Justice
Sustainable water management Dennis O Connor middle
for Beijing Tianjin region invited to meet with U of T
24 Integrated Mapping Assessment Project RIGHT
Environmental Career Day
25 Adaptation and Impacts Research Group and Exposition
Learning to live with climate change
by Rodney White Director
The struggle to comprehend the Po has run dry and power stations have
implications of climate change is partly been shut down for lack of cooling water
scientific partly ideological and partly Meanwhile West Nile fever an insect born
experiential It is the scientific dimension disease of tropical origin is spreading
that is the easiest to understand despite the through North America
considerable uncertainties surrounding the Despite scientific uncertainty an
regional implications and the rate of ideological predisposition to dismiss the
change Uncertainties about the speed with threat and a tendency to rely on personal
which the climate will change are largely a localised experience to make a global
function of the speed of the human judgement a consensus is emerging
response to mitigate the threat by taking Climate change is real and is already
decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas forcing us to reconsider our actions at
emissions every level from the individual to the
The ideological dimension of the varied international In the words of the report of
pattern of response has been implicit for the Carbon Disclosure Project Investors
some time Some European countries have failing to take account of climate change
been electing green party candidates for and carbon finance issues in their asset
several years and some have participated in allocation and equity valuations may be
coalition governments Environmental exposed to significant risks which if left
quality is a mainstream issue that is of unattended will have serious investment
concern almost across the traditional in where the line has been drawn repercussions over the course of time
ideological spectrum Thus it is not Likewise the experiential dimension can Whittaker et al 2003 2
surprising that European insurance be quite mixed Ontario has just
companies have taken the lead is experienced a cold winter for the first time References cited
Mills E Lecomte E and A Peara 2001 U S Insurance
advocating the need for significant in 4 years followed by a cool wet spring Industry Perspectives on Global Climate Change
mitigation efforts In the United States and a cool wet July In comparison Europe Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley
where even the insurance industry has been has been wracked by heat waves July Rabe B G 2002 Greenhouse and Statehouse The Evolving
State Government Role in Climate Change Pew Center
sceptical about the issue a recent survey brought a major storm in western France on Global Climate Change Alrington
suggested that behind the expressed in which several campers were killed and Whittaker M Kiernan M and P Dickinson 2003 Carbon
Finance and the Global Equity Markets The Carbon
scepticism about the science was a negative injured and a forest fire swept much of Disclosure Project New York Innovest Strategic Value
association of all environmental issues with Provence There has been a drought in Advisors Further information on the Project including
the hated Superfund legislation and a northern Italy and Switzerland The River many company responses is available at
www cdproject net
suspicion of anything associated with the
United Nations such as UNEP and the
IPCC Mills Lecomte and Peara 2001
However although the federal government
has withdrawn the United States from the
Kyoto process there is widespread activity
at the state level ranging from carbon by Virginia Maclaren
sequestration from minimum tillage Associate Director Research
Nebraska to credits for providing
electricity from renewable sources Texas
IES has a thriving multi disciplinary
Rabe 2002 Even Exxon Mobil once
environmental research program that is
the staunchest supporter of the Climate
tackling a wide range of topics both
Change Coalition the anti Kyoto lobby
internationally and in Canada The newest
group has recently promised 100m to
research project is a CIDA funded project
Stanford University for research into
led by Beth Savan that is developing a
climate change Even more recently the
climate action plan for Cuba see page 19
Carbon Disclosure Project published its
Other active research projects include
first report on activities being undertaken
sustainable water management in China
to address climate related risks by the
page 23 carbon sequestration in China pages 22 23 waste management in Vietnam
FT500 companies The Project was
Cambodia and Laos pages 20 21 and integrated mapping assessment in Canada page
supported by pension funds fund
24 Environment Canada s Adaptation and Impacts Research AIR Group which has
managers and insurance companies who
resident members at IES continues to make a substantial contribution to IES research
jointly represented assets in excess of 4 5
with ten projects underway or completed during the last year page 25 Planning is
trillion Whittaker et al 2003 Thus
almost complete for another major initiative at IES which will be the hosting of a
although an ideological dimension does
conference on Environmental Finance in 2004 page 28 The conference will target
remain behind attitudes toward climate
Chief Financial Officers at large resource based companies
change there has been a considerable shift
2 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
Graduate Programs
Research topics awards and profiles of students and
recent graduates are on pages 30 37 For more
information on programs please see
http www utoronto ca env ies or contact Donna
Workman Graduate Student Advisor
d workman utoronto ca 416 978 7077
Environmental Studies Program
Andy Kenney Graduate Coordinator
Collaborating departments and faculties include Anthropology
Botany Chemistry Economics Forestry Geography Geology
Information Studies Management OISE UT Adult Education
Community Development and Counselling Psychology
Curriculum Teaching and Learning and Sociology and Equity
Studies in Education Philosophy Political Science Sociology and
Zoology By special arrangement students may be admitted from
Frances Silverman Director Environment and Health Program and
other departments Andy Kenney Graduate Coordinator Environmental Studies Program
Environment and Health Program Toxicology Program
Frances Silverman Director Effective September 2002 this program moved from IES to the
Collaborating departments include Community Health Institute for Drug Research IDR at the Department of
Geography Health Policy Management and Evaluation and the Pharmacology offering a program specializing in biomedical
Institute of Medical Science By special arrangement students toxicology Students interested in environmental toxicology are
may be admitted from other departments encouraged to enrol in IES Environment and Health Program
We currently have students from the Department of Anthropology For more information on IDR s new program please see
and OISE UT s Department of Adult Education Community www utoronto ca grdpharm or contact Diana Clark Graduate
Development and Counselling Psychology Studies Assistant gradpharm info utoronto ca 416 978 5244
New IES offers web based distance education
Certificate in Environmental Management
By Kymberley Snarr Certificate certification program for Canadian students will become equipped to engage in
Instructor Rodney White IES Director environmental practitioners Individual the cooperative resolutions of complex
and Donna Workman IES Student Advisor courses also meet the professional environmental issues
development criteria required to maintain
IES is pleased to offer a web based environmental certification CEM 401 Environmental Case
distance learning program towards a Management
Certificate in Environmental Management Program Courses Using a timely case study this second core
starting in September 2003 This A new module will be introduced weekly in course allows the student to practice the
certificate program will be offered in a each 10 week course Student interaction wide range of skills they have been
completely online e classroom occurs through threaded discussion forums exposed to in the first course Through the
environment without the requirement to live chats and email Course materials will employment of these skills in a dynamic
physically meet face to face It is intended include electronic lectures links to support learning setting the student experiences
to respond to a growing need in the information electronic article reserves and how to research and communicate results in
community for skills and knowledge in the hardcopy texts Assignments are submitted an interdisciplinary setting In 2004 the
environmental area enabling participants to and returned using an electronic dropbox course focuses on the Kyoto Protocol
appreciate the global perspective in which
all environmental problems and solutions CEM 400 Fundamentals of Kymberley Snarr a Ph D candidate in the
have to be measured It will emphasize the Environmental Management Department of Anthropology and IES is
necessity for sustainability in development This course concentrates on the relevant the developer and instructor of the courses
and the use of market driven solutions issues related to approaches processes and offered
through the examination of uniquely problems associated with making decisions
Canadian problems Graduates are eligible related to environmental management For more information please see
to apply for the Canadian Certified Through the introduction of a wide variety http www utoronto ca env ies
Environmental Practitioner designation of course materials problem solving or contact Donna Workman
under the Canadian Environmental exercises ongoing discussions and through d workman utoronto ca or 416 978 7077
Certification Approvals Board s national individual and team work assignments
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 3
The following is a list of graduate courses offered by IES For more information please see the IES website
www utoronto ca env ies or contact Donna Workman 416 978 7077 d workman utoronto ca
Please see pages 9 17 and 26 27 for profiles of 2002 03 Instructors
Core Courses Other Courses
IES 1001H Environmental Decision Making IES 1410H Analytical Environmental Chemistry
Phil Byer Civil Engineering IES and Scott Mabury Chemistry
Ingrid Stefanovic Philosophy
IES 1433H Regional Resource Ecology
IES 1002H Environmental Management Case Studies Evaluation of Natural Capital
2002 03 Instructors Scott Prudham Geography IES and Roger Hansell Zoology IES
Peter Timmerman Faculty of Environmental Studies York U
2003 04 Instructors Peter Timmerman Faculty of IES 1701H Environmental Law
Environmental Studies York U and Mark Winfield Division of Paul Muldoon Canadian Environmental Law Association
the Environment
See article on open house poster session below IES 1703H Water Resources Management
Lino Grima Associate Member IES Graduate Faculty
IES 4001H Graduate Seminars in Environment and Health
for Ph D students IES 1704H Environmental Risk Analysis and Management
Not offered in 2002 03 and 2003 04 Lino Grima Associate Member IES Graduate Faculty
Rodney White Geography IES
MSC 4000H Seminars in Environment and Health Jim Dooley IES Associate Faculty Member
Frances Silverman Gage Occupational Environmental
Health Unit Medicine Rodney White Geography IES and IES 1705H Corporate Perspectives on the Environment
Lesbia Smith Ontario Ministry of Health David Powell Innis College
Not offered in 2003 04
IES 1002H Posters showcase class research
By Peter Timmerman and Scott Prudham Course Instructors
On April 11 2003 the campus community was invited to attend a
poster session the result of the classwork of the graduate course
IES 1002H Environmental Management Case Studies an
environmental management case study course centred on
individual and group research devoted to one issue per year
This year the course focussed on The Commodification of
Life Where Are We and Where Are We Going looking at
genetic engineering of varying kinds sparked in part by the
decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on December 5 2002
denying patent rights to Harvard University over the oncomouse
a mouse genetically designed to have cancerous tumours This
decision and the arguments associated with the decision
highlighted the range of social ethical economic political and
legal concerns raised by the spectre of the commodification of At the IES 1002 poster session student Albert Osei explains the class
life forms The students combined their individual research with poster Biotechnomics Growth as Goods which examined political
group explorations to make the following three posters and economic issues surrounding genetic engineering and patenting
1 Biotechnology The Great Uncontrolled Experiment The
elements of the scientific dimensions of biotech focussing Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Studies York
especially on impacts University Scott Prudham is an Assistant Professor
2 Biotechnomics Growth as Goods Biotech research ranging Department of Geography and IES
from the international dimensions of agricultural trade to the Students participating were Martha Barriga Anna Chase
changing dynamics of university based research Adam Fenech Munya Kabba Tanya Labencki Angela Loder
3 Response ability The ethical spiritual and legal dimensions Amy Mader Jennifer McKelvie Amanda Mongeon Albert Osei
of responding to the challenge of genetic research and its Dave Partlow David Sandomierski Nikki Simms and Adam
implementation Watson
Peter Timmerman and Scott Prudham were the Instructors of For more information please email ptimmerman ifias ca or
IES 1002H in 2002 03 Peter Timmerman is an Assistant scott prudham utoronto ca
4 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
IES 1706H Natural Hazards and Natural Disasters IES 2501H Pollution Prevention and Control
David Etkin and Monirul Mirza Adaptation and Impacts Stefan Salbach Associate Member IES Graduate Faculty
Research Group Environment Canada
JGE 1212H Contaminants in the Environment
IES 1707H Environmental Finance Risk Management and Miriam Diamond Geography
Business Opportunities
Martin Whittaker Innovest Strategic Value Advisors JGE 1420H Urban Waste Management An International
New course offering in 2002 03 see article below Perspective
Virginia Maclaren Geography
IES 2000H Y Independent Study
JGN 2607H Advanced Techniques in Hydrogeology
IES 2001H Special Topics Ken Howard Physical Sciences Scarborough
International Environmental Agreements Implications
for Canadian Environmental Management JNC 2503H Environmental Pathways
Not offered in 2002 03 Charles Jia Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
IES 2002HF Special Topics Environmental Governance in JPV 1201H Politics Bureaucracy and the Environment
the New City of Toronto Richard Stren Political Science
2002 03 Instructor Pamela Robinson Innis College
2003 04 Instructor Quentin Chiotti Pollution Probe JVP 2147H Environmental Philosophy
Ingrid Stefanovic Philosophy
IES 2002HS Special Topics Community Based Not offered in 2002 03 and 2003 04
Environmental Research
Beth Savan Innis College JEI 1901H Technology Society Environment I
New offering for 2004 spring term Willem Vanderburg Mechanical Industrial Engineering IES
IES 1707H New course on fast emerging field
of Environmental Finance
By Martin Whittaker Course Instructor finance and some of the critical Specific areas of interest that were
fundamental trends driving this agenda examined in closer detail included climate
Environmental finance is a fast emerging namely change emissions trading
field involving the application of financial the recognition that environmental sustainability socially responsible
market instruments and practices to the management issues can directly affect investing and venture investing Coverage
management of environmental and social the profitability and shareprice of of these topics was greatly enhanced by
issues Drawing from the experiences of corporations of all sizes and types the use of guest lecturers who included
the instructor working day to day in this the increasing reliance by government Bill Tharp CEO of one of Canada s
field the course examined how retail policymakers and regulators on market leading clean energy private equity firms
banks insurance companies investment based instruments to achieve Corinne Boone Managing Director of
banks venture capitalists and professional environmental policy objectives CO2e com a leading global GHG broker
financial services companies are becoming the appreciation within mainstream Martin Grosskopf a sustainability
increasingly engaged on the sustainability financial circles of the importance of analyst at Acuity Investment Funds and
issue new sources of environmentally driven Matthew Kiernan CEO of Innovest
The new course IES 1707H risk and return Strategic Value Advisors
Environmental Finance Risk the expansion of venture investing in The 2003 fall term course will adopt a
Management and Business Opportunities environmentally related technologies and similar approach and will include an
was naturally highly inter disciplinary but solutions and equally strong roster of guest speakers
no prior knowledge of finance or the evolving scope and sophistication of
economics was needed in the course s the global securities industry and the Martin Whittaker is the Managing
inaugural session in the fall of 2002 growth of sustainability and socially Director of Innovest Strategic Value
student backgrounds included forestry responsible investing Advisors For more information on this
business engineering planning public In terms of organization the course course please see the course outline at
administration and environmental studies examined how established practices and www utoronto ca env ies or contact
as well as finance and accounting Indeed tools from within the mainstream financial Martin Whittaker mwhittaker look ca
the intention was to introduce students to markets are being adapted to the pursuit of or Donna Workman Student Advisor
the basic concepts of environmental environmental and financial goals using d workman utoronto ca
real world examples and experiences
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 5
Environmental Information Office
U of T s environmental activities profiled online
By Judith Wilson Manager Environmental information for their courses The IES send information corrections updates to
Information Office courseware program provides such a ies proj response utoronto ca The
tool No knowledge of html Hypertext original matrix can be found at
The Environmental Information Office at Markup Language or even any special http www utoronto ca env res proj
IES uses web technology to virtually pull program to create html is needed The
together environmental research and instructor types or cut and pastes in 4 The IES Alumni Database
teaching activities from over twenty information and web pages are created The Environmental Information Office
academic units of the University of and published to the server computer helped with the development of the Web
Toronto The Environmental Research Any future distance education courses interactivity for the Alumni Database
and Teaching at the University of Toronto will likely make use of this technology Still in progress when fully developed
web site can be found at A tutorial has recently been developed this system will allow all IES alumni to
http www utoronto ca env for this courseware To view the course enter their own current information To
pages update your page and view the view the input page go to
Content Management tutorial go to http ies utoronto ca alumni
Systems Database Driven http ies utoronto ca iescourseware alumnipage htm Current information
can be found at
Web Sites 3 The Environmental Research http ies utoronto ca alumni list asp
Most of our efforts for the last year have and Teaching at Selected For more information on IES alumni
centred on the further development of four Universities Database please go to
Database Driven Web Sites These may be This is a large matrix of environmental www utoronto ca env ies people htm
viewed at http ies utoronto ca undergraduate and graduate degree then click on students
programs and research listed by faculty
1 The Environmental Research department centre or institute at various
and Teaching at U of T different Canadian U S and European Work Study Program
Faculty and Staff Directory universities The goal is to provide Undergraduate computer science student
This database includes contact current easily accessible information for Bencher Zhu was hired for 2002 2003
information and research interests of prospective students and researchers through the Work Study program of U of T
approximately 300 members of faculty around the world The interactive part Admissions and Awards He worked for
and staff of the University of Toronto of this database is still in development the most part on the Environmental
who are involved in environmental but partial information can be viewed at Research and Teaching at Selected
research http ies utoronto ca envstaff http ies utoronto ca universities and is Universities Database see above
The new interactive feature allows being updated manually It is hoped that
individuals to update their own the database will be expanded to include Judith Wilson has taken early retirement
information as many universities as want to and continues to assist IES
participate and to ensure the information Environmental Information Office See
2 The IES Courseware Site is current by giving each department the article on her 25 years at IES on page 7
Research in previous years indicated that ability to update their own information For more information please contact
faculty need an intuitive simple Currently all universities listed or Judith at judith wilson utoronto ca or
program to create and update web interested in participating are invited to 250 754 4754
Examples of various web pages and databases created by the Environmental Information Office
LEFT Environmental Research and Teaching at U of T http www utoronto ca env
CENTRE IES courseware site enables instructors to update and upload course information http ies utoronto ca iescourseware
RIGHT A database that provides links and compares environmental research and teaching at selected Canadian and international universities
http ies utoronto ca universities
6 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
Mona El Haddad
Communications and
Director s Assistant
416 978 6526
Centre and right photos Donna Workman
m elhaddad utoronto ca
In addition to being the Director s
Assistant Mona is the editor of the
IES Annual Report and Environews
newsletter and coordinator of the IES
seminar series and annual Research
Day see page 29 Mona also edits
the pages on the IES Web site which
include research projects faculty
student and staff information IES adminstrative staff from left Mona El Haddad Laurane Harding and Donna Workman
seminars and Environews
Laurane Harding Donna Workman
Graduate Student Advisor
Business Officer
416 978 7077 d workman utoronto ca
416 978 2584 laurane harding utoronto ca
Donna administers IES courses and its graduate collaborative
Laurane administers all of IES income and expenditures She is
programs She advises students on eligibility programs policies
responsible for budget reports and financial statements purchases
and procedures liaises with academic and administrative staff on
and leasing of equipment and setting up and monitoring of all
program and educational matters and is the program co ordinator
Institute accounts including all research contracts and grants and
for the distance learning Certificate in Environmental
payroll documentation for employees
Management See pages 3 5
Judy Wilson retires after over 25 years at IES
By Mona El Haddad
In September 2002 we said goodbye to
Judith Judy Wilson just before she
headed out to beautiful Vancouver Island
Judy moved to Nanaimo with her partner
John Holmes who was offered the
position of research scientist at the Pacific
Biological Station of Fisheries and Oceans
Canada During the last year she
continued working for IES at a distance
until her early retirement in July 2003
She now continues to work on a casual
basis for IES while living happily on the
side of Mount Benson with John and their
dog and two cats
Judy started at IES in 1973 just before it
changed its name from the Institute for
Environmental Sciences and Engineering
She managed the extensive collection at
Judy Wilson her partner John Holmes and new puppy Natasha Natty on their property in
IES Resource Centre until its closure in Nanaimo Mount Benson is in the background Photo by John Holmes
1995 when IES moved from the Haultain
Building to the Earth Sciences Centre many years of service on behalf of Governing Council in 2000 and ran
Before the Resource Centre was closed administrative staff She served as successfully for the position of Trustee on
she developed the Environmental Database President of the U of T Staff Association the newly formed Steelworkers Local 1998
and Networking Initiative later renamed from 1990 to 1993 She was then elected Executive Committee and also worked as a
the Environmental Information Office to the University s Governing Council in Steward for the local until 2003 In
which virtually pulls together U of T s 1995 as an administrative staff repre November 1998 when she received a pin
varied environmental research and sentative where she was a member of the for her 25 years at U of T Judy was asked
teaching activities Judy also created and Council s Executive Committee Business to give a small speech on behalf of
managed the IES web site as well as many Board Planning and Budget Committee administrative staff to a full house in Hart
web sites for IES collaborative partners and Elections Committee She also served House s Great Hall
See page 6 for more information on U of T s Environmental Protection We truly miss her and wish her and her
Others at U of T know Judy for her Advisory Committee She resigned from family much happiness in B C
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 7
Graduate Faculty
The following are members of IES Graduate Faculty primary affiliations or departmental appointments are shown
Research profiles of faculty who held administrative appointments were Instructors of IES courses and or
Prinicipal Investigators of IES research grants and contracts in 2002 03 are on pages 9 17 and 26 27
Full Members Ulrich Krull Chemistry Paul Bozek Gage Occupational
Jonathan Abbatt Chemistry Hy van Luong Anthropology Environmental Health Unit
Barry Adams Civil Engineering Scott Mabury Chemistry Donald Cole Public Health Sciences
Robert Andrews Civil Engineering John MacDonald Physiology David Etkin Environment Canada
David Bagley Civil Engineering Laurel MacDowell History A P Lino Grima Geography
Spencer Barrett Botany Virginia Maclaren Geography H Roland Hosein GE Canada Inc
Terry Blake Forestry IES Associate Director Research Andy Kenney Forestry
Rorke Bryan Forestry Heather MacLean Civil Engineering IES Graduate Coordinator
Michael Bunce Geography Scarborough Jay Malcolm Forestry Environmental Studies Graduate
Frances Burton Anthropology Loraine Marrett Public Health Sciences Program
Phil Byer Civil Engineering David Martell Forestry Sonia Labatt
Terry Carleton Forestry Botany Andrew Miall Geology Abdel Maarouf Environment Canada
Catherine Chalin Clark Public Health William Michelson Sociology Douglas Macdonald Innis College
Sciences G W Kent Moore Physics Patricia McCarney Political Science
Jing Chen Geography Glenn Morris Zoology Monirul Mirza Environment Canada
Joan Cherry Information Studies D Scott Munro Geography Mississauga Paul Muldoon Canadian Environmental
Rhonda Cockerill Health Administration Edmund O Sullivan Adult Education Law Association
Paul Cooper Forestry Community Development Barbara Murck Earth Sciences
Paul Corey Public Health Sciences Counselling Psychology OISE UT Mississauga
Ferko Csillag Geography Mississauga James Purdham Public Health Sciences David Powell Innis College
Helene Cyr Zoology Helen Rodd Zoology Scott Prudham Geography
Amrita Daniere Geography Rowan Sage Botany Pamela Robinson Innis College
Anthony Davis Geography Mohini Sain Forestry Stefan Salbach
George Dei Sociology Equity Studies K Richard Sandbrook Political Science Marie Sanderson Environment Canada
in Education OISE UT Andrea Sass Kortsak Public Health Beth Savan Innis College
Donald Dewees Economics Sciences Stephen Scharper Religion
Miriam Diamond Geography Lawrence Sawchuk Anthropology M Ronald Shimizu
James Eckenwalder Botany Scarborough Lesbia Smith Public Health Sciences
Margrit Eichler Sociology Equity David Selby Curriculum Teaching and Roger Street Environment Canada
Studies in Education OISE UT Learning OISE UT Peter Telford
Mark Engstrom Zoology ROM Barbara Sherwood Lollar Geology Peter Timmerman York University
Greg Evans Chemical Engineering Krystyna Sieciechowicz Anthropology Douglas Whelpdale Environment Canada
Applied Chemistry Frances Silverman Medicine Martin Whittaker Innovest Strategic Value
Roberta Fulthorpe Botany IES Associate Director Director Advisors
William Gough Environmental Science Environment Health Grad Program Mark Winfield Division of the
Scarborough Grace Skogstad Political Science Environment
Hugh Gunz Management Sandy Smith Forestry Cindy Woodland Pharmacology
Roger Hansell Zoology W Gary Sprules Zoology Barbara Zimmerman Forestry
Patricia Harper Hospital for Sick Ingrid Stefanovic Philosophy
Richard Stren Political Science
Susan Tarlo Public Health Sciences Members Emeriti
L Danny Harvey Geography Paul Aird Forestry
Grant Henderson Geology Vic Timmer Forestry
Carolyn Tuohy Political Science Ian Burton Environment Canada
D Linn Holness Public Health Sciences James Dooley
Tad Homer Dixon University College Willem Vanderburg Mechanical
Industrial Engineering David Dunham Zoology
Susan Horton Economics Donald Mackay Chemical Engineering
Ken Howard Physical Sciences Scar Frank Wania Physical Sciences
Scarborough and Applied Chemistry
Reiner Jaakson Geography currently at Trent University
Charles Jia Chemical Engineering Rodney R White Geography
IES Director Robert E Ted Munn
Applied Chemistry David Nowlan
Shashi Kant Forestry Ann Zimmerman Zoology
Henry Regier
Bryan Karney Civil Engineering D N Roy Forestry
Chris Kennedy Civil Engineering Associate Members Joseph Whitney Geography
J Gary Knowles Adult Education David Balsillie Forestry G Ronald Williams Biochemistry
Community Development Brad Bass Environment Canada
Counselling Psychology OISE UT Reina Bendayan Pharmacy Administrative cross appointment to IES
Nancy Kreiger Public Health Sciences Alana Boland Geography
8 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
Philip Byer Jing Chen Miriam Diamond
Department of Civil Engineering Department of Geography Department of Geography 100 St George
35 St George St 100 St George St tel 416 978 1586 fax St Office Room 201c 45 St George St
tel 416 978 5980 fax 416 946 7632 416 946 3886 chenj geog utoronto ca tel 416 978 1586 fax 416 946 3886
byer ecf utoronto ca www geog utoronto ca info faculty miriam diamond utoronto ca
www utoronto ca env Phil Byer Chen htm www geog utoronto ca deptinfo mld html
Phil Byer html B Sc Meteorology Nanjing Institute of B Sc Biology Toronto M Sc Zoology
S M Civil Eng S B Electrical Eng Meteorology China Ph D Meteorology Alberta M Sc Eng Mining Eng
Ph D Civil Eng Mass Inst of Reading University UK Queen s Ph D Chemical Eng and
Technology Professor Department of Geography Applied Chemistry Toronto
Professor Dept of Civil Engineering and Professor Department of Geography
IES Chair Division of Environmental Research Interests U of Toronto Full member IES Graduate
Engineering Remote sensing geographical information Faculty Instructor of joint Geography IES
Co Instructor of IES 1001H Environmental systems biogeochemical cycle modelling course JGE 1212H Contaminants in the
Decision Making hydrology micro meteorology Principal Environment
investigator of IES Geography Forestry Research Interests
Research Interests project Combating global warming Fate and transport of inorganic and organic
Environmental planning and decision enhancing China s capacity for carbon contaminants in the environment
making multiobjective project evaluation sequestration see pages 22 23 particularly lakes and urban areas
environmental assessment development of mathematical fate models
risk management environmental policy Recent Publications measurement of contaminants and fate
development solid waste management Chen J M J Liu S G Leblanc R processes in the environment
Lacaze and J L Roujean 2003 Multi Recent Publications
Recent Publications angular optical remote sensing for Hodge E M M L Diamond B E
Tam E K L and P H Byer 2002 assessing vegetation structure and carbon McCarry G A Stern and P A Harper
Remediation of contaminated lands a absorption Remote Sensing of 2003 Sticky windows chemical and
decision methodology for site owners Environment 84 516 525 biological characteristics of the organic
Journal of Environmental Management Chen J M W Ju J Cihlar D Price J film derived from particulate and gas
64 4 387 400 Liu W Chen J Pan T A Black and A phase air contaminants found on an
Byer P and E Tam 2001 Addressing Barr 2003 Spatial distribution of carbon urban impervious surface Archives of
new directions of globalization sources and sinks in Canada s forests Environmental Contamination and
environmental management systems and based on remote sensing Tellus B 55 2 Toxicology 44 421 429
sustainable development in the 622 642 Liu Q T R Chen B E Mccarry M L
curriculum Proceedings 12th Canadian Chen J M G Pavlic L Brown J Cihlar Diamond B Bahavar 2003
Conference on Engineering Education S G Leblanc H P White R J Hall D Characterization of polar organic
University of Victoria August 23 25 Peddle D J King J A Trofymow E compounds in the organic film on indoor
2001 pp 313 317 Swift J Van der Sanden and P Pellikka and outdoor building glass windows
Pontarollo J D Hooton and P Byer 2002 Validation of Canada wide leaf Environmental Science and Technology
2000 Environmental life cycle cost area index maps using ground 37 2340 2349
analysis of asphalt and concrete measurements and high and moderate Helm P A M L Diamond R Semkin
pavements CSCE 2000 6th resolution satellite imagery Remote Strachan C Teixeira and D Gregor
Environmental Specialty Conference Sensing of Environment 80 165 184 2002 A mass balance model describing
London June 7 10 2000 the multi year fate of organochlorine
compounds in a high arctic lake
Environmental Science and Technology
36 996 1003
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 9
James Dooley Adam Fenech A P Lino Grima
tel 416 499 9296 IES Office 1047A Earth Sciences Centre Institute for Environmental Studies 1048B
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B A Sc Hons Mechanical Eng M A Sc mailing address and fax on inside cover lino grima utoronto ca
and Ph D Industrial Eng Toronto Environment Canada Office Atmospheric http myprofile cos com grima
Associate Member IES Graduate Faculty and Climate Science Directorate mailing address and fax on inner cover
Co Instructor IES 1704H Risk Analysis Meteorological Service of Canada B A Hons Geography Manchester
and Management 4905 Dufferin Street Downsview Ontario Dip Ed London M A and Ph D
M3H 5T4 tel 416 739 4267 fax 416 Geography Toronto
Research Interests 739 4265 Associate Member Geography IES
Development of a unified set of concepts B A Hons Toronto M E S Graduate Faculty
in the risk field encompassing analysis Environmental Studies York Instructor of IES 1703H Water Resources
management and policy applicable to a Ph D Candidate Geography and IES Management and Co Instructor of IES
broad range of situations including health Toronto 1704H Risk Analysis and Management
safety and the environment Application Science Advisor Office of the Director
areas include corporate risk management General Atmospheric and Climate Science Research Interests
and environmental policy formulaton in Directorate Meteoro logical Service of Market mechanisms for sustainable
S E Asia Recent research is the Canada development water resource management
examination of the socio economic and demand management water and energy
environmental impact on villages as Research Interests resources risk communication and
traditional craft textiles evolve into a more Integrated environmental modelling management public participation
traditional economic sector in Thailand ecosystem changes international environmental education Great Lakes
Laos and Vietnam environmental agreements valuing ecological economics Member of
ecosystems and biodiversity land use research team of IES project Water
Publications change atmospheric change impacts of Resources Management Policies for the
Dooley J 1996 Risk Analysis and climate change on ecosystems monitoring Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Region see page
Management Training Manual prepared biodiversity environment and the media 23
for the Environmental Studies Centres ecological monitoring networks and
Development in Indonesia Project environmental information management Recent Publications
Translated into Bahasa Indonesia Co Director Integrated Mapping Grima A P S Horton S Kant 2003
Dooley J 1995 Regulations and Assessment Project lab at IES see page Introduction natural capital poverty and
Infrastructure to Monitor Compliance 24 development In S Horton S Kant A P
Report for the Canadian ASEAN Centre Recent Publications Grima and A Fenech eds Natural
Academic Support Program Fenech A J Foster K Hamilton and R I Capital Poverty and Development
Dooley J 1990 Risk Analysis for Health Hansell 2003 Natural capital in ecology special issue of Environment
and Environmental Management and economics an overview and R I Development and Sustainability pages 1
Environmental Management Hansell T M Hansell and A Fenech 18 In press See page 18
Development in Indonesia Project 2003 A new market instrument for Grima A P 2001 Demand management
Dalhousie University sustainable economic and environmental Effluent charges IJC Environmental
development Environmental Monitoring Programs and Action Plans State of the
and Assessment 86 1 2 3 17 203 209 Environment Reporting Encyclopaedia
Lumb A A Hopkin H Shear A Fenech of Global Environmental Change Vol 4
and Hague Vaughan eds 2003 John Wiley Sons Chichester U K
Monitoring Ecological Change in
Canada Part II special Issue of
Environmental Monitoring and
Assessment 88 1 3 In press
10 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
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Department of Zoology 25 Harbord St Department of Physical and Environmental Department of Chemical Engineering and
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Ph D California Riverside B Sc Hons Physics Geography www chem eng utoronto ca cqjia
Professor Department of Zoology and Exeter M Sc Ph D Hydrogeology B Eng M Eng Material Chongqing
IES Instructor of IES course 1433H Birmingham China Ph D Material Sci and
Regional Resource Ecology Professor Physical and Environmental Eng McMaster Associate Professor
Sciences Division U of T at Scarborough Chemical Engineering and Applied
Research Interests Groundwater Research Group Full Chemistry Full Member IES Graduate
Natural Capital and sustainability of Member IES Graduate Faculty Instructor Faculty Instructor of joint Chemical
ecosystem processes evolution of complex of joint Geology and IES course JGN Engineering and IES course JNC2503H
systems analysis of the processes by 2607H Advanced Techniques in Environmental Pathways
which systems increase in complexity Hydrogeology
through time response of Arctic and tree Research Interests
line communities to environmental change Research Interests Environmental applications of inorganic
the ecology and energetics of cities All aspects of hydrogeological research sulphur chemistry sulphate reducing
vertical gardens and green canopies for related to groundwater resources in bacteria SRB treatment and utilization of
urban environments Canada U S U K Mexico the industrial wastes fate and transport of
Recent Publications Caribbean Australia and pollutants in multimedia environments
Hansell R I C T M Hansell and A Africa Major ion minor ion and chemical kinetics and thermodynamics of
Fenech 2003 A new market instrument environmental isotope hydrochemistry multi phase systems
for sustainable economic and contaminant migration borehole and
environmental development surface geophysics recharge assessment Recent Publications
Environmental Monitoring and groundwater flow modelling impacts of Bejarano C C Q Jia K H Chung 2003
Assessment 86 203 209 urbanisation on groundwater resources and A mechanistic study on kinetics of
Scott P A R I C Hansell 2003 Arctic approaches to the management and carbothermal reduction of SO2 g by oil
ecotone Churchill Manitoba Arctic 21 protection of aquifers sand fluid coke Industrial and
pages In press Engineering Chemistry Research In
Fenech A B Taylor R Hansell and Recent Publications press
G Whitelaw 2002 Major road changes Howard K W F and R Israfilov eds Ahmed I B P K Gbor and C Q Jia
in southern Ontario 1935 1995 2002 Current Problems of Hydrogeology 2002 Effects of O2 on aqueous SO2
implications for protected areas In in Urban Areas Urban Agglomerates and leaching of Co Cu and Ni from discard
Bondrop Nielsen et al Managing Industrial Centres NATO Science Series smelter slag Canadian Journal of
Protected Areas in a Changing World IV Earth and Environmental Sciences Chemical Engineering 80 3 410 420
Science and Management of Protected Volume 8 Kluwer Dordrecht The Gbor P K I B Ahmed and C Q Jia 2002
Areas Association Acadia University Netherlands 504 pages See page 18 Evaluation of contribution of acid and
Wolfville Nova Scotia pages 365 383 Gerber R E and K W F Howard 2002 ligand to Ni Co and Fe dissolution from
Fenech A R Hansell A Isla and S Hydrogeology of the Oak Ridges non ferrous smelter slags in aqueous
Thompson eds 2000 Natural Capital Moraine aquifer system implications for sulphur dioxide Industrial and
Views from Many Perspectives Report protection and management from the Engineering Chemistry Research 41 7
of an April 23 1999 Workshop Duffins Creek watershed Canadian 1861 1867
Environmental Monograph No 16 Journal of Earth Sciences 39 1333 1348
Institute for Environmental Studies
University of Toronto Toronto 22 pages
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 11
Andy Kenney Scott Mabury Virginia Maclaren
Faculty of Forestry Room 1019 Department of Chemistry 80 St George Department of Geography 100 St George
Earth Sciences Centre 33 Willcocks St St tel 416 978 1780 fax 416 978 3596 St tel 416 978 1594 fax 416 946 3886
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current kenney htm B S Chemistry Northland College B A Geography Bishop s
B Sc F Forestry Lakehead M Sc Wisconsin Ph D Agricultural and M Pl Regional Planning Ottawa
Environmental Biology Guelph Environmental Chemistry California M S Ph D Regional Science Cornell
Ph D Forestry Toronto Davis Associate Professor Department of
Senior Lecturer Forestry IES Graduate Associate Professor and Chair Department Geography IES Associate Director
Coordinator Environmental Studies of Chemistry Research Full Member IES Graduate
Graduate Program Associate Member Full Member IES Graduate Faculty Faculty Instructor of joint Geography IES
IES Graduate Faculty Instructor of IES 1410H Analytical course JGE 1420H Urban Waste
Environmental Chemistry Managment An International Perspective
Research Interests Research Interests
Impacts of urban development on Research Interests Urban waste management environmental
woodland ecosystems and relationship Environmental photochemistry aqueous reporting and indicators environmental
between urban design and extent of urban oxidants their reactivity towards pesticides impact assessment environmental
forest canopies strategic planning in urban and concentrations under realistic management in developing countries
forestry and the involvement of environmental conditions role of fluorine Southeast Asia Principal Investigator of
stakeholder groups in its management in environmental fate of fluorinated IES project Waste Econ in Vietnam Laos
computerized urban forest inventory pesticides pharmaceuticals and industrial and Cambodia see pages 20 21
system used by community groups to chemicals analytical environmental Member of research team of project on
assess structure and condition of their chemistry and development of new China s capacity for carbon sequestration
urban forest methods of trace analysis see pages 22 23
Recent Publications Recent Publications
Tsarouhas V W A Kenney and L Zsuffa Recent Publications Maclaren V W and A T T Nguyen eds
2001 Variation in freezing resistance Lam M K Tantuco and S A Mabury 2003 Gender and Waste Management
during different phonological stages in 2003 PhotoFate a new approach in the Vietnamese and International
some Populus and Salix clones measurement of direct and indirect Experiences National Political Publisher
implications for clonal selection Silvae photolysis Environmental Science and Hanoi Vietnam 140 pages See page
Genetica 50 2 54 63 Technology 37 899 907 18
Kenney W A 2000 Leaf area density as Martin J S A Mabury K S Solomon Maclaren V W 2002 Blighted or
an urban forestry planning and D C G Muir 2003 Bioconcentration and booming An evaluation of community
management tool Forestry Chronicle tissue distribution of perfluorinated acids indicators and their creation Canadian
76 2 235 239 in Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus Journal of Urban Research 10 2 275
Kenney W A and C Idziak 2000 The mykiss Environmental Toxicology and 291
state of Canada s municipal forests Chemistry 22 196 204 Maclaren V W 2002 Concern for the
1996 to 1998 Forestry Chronicle 76 2 Ellis D A J W Martin D C G Muir and environmental effects of trade in
231 234 S A Mabury 2003 The use of 19F Canadian communities evidence from
Puric Mladenovic D W A Kenney and F NMR and mass spectrometry for the local indicator reports In J J Kirton and
Csillag 2000 Land development elucidation of novel fluorinated acid and V W Maclaren eds Linking Trade
pressure on peri urban forests a case atmospheric fluoroacid precursors Environment and Social Cohesion
study in the Regional Munic of York evolved in the thermolysis of North American Experiences Global
Forestry Chronicle 76 2 247 250 fluoropolymers Analyst 128 756 764 Challenges Ashgate Publishing
Aldershot pages 265 275
12 2002 03 Annual Report Institute for Environmental Studies
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LL B Ottawa M A Political Sci Ph D Michigan Program Counsellor and Placement
McMaster LL M McGill Professor Emeritus IES Coordinator Environmental Studies
Executive Director Canadian Program Innis College Associate
Environmental Law Association Toronto Research Interests Member IES Graduate Faculty Instructor
Associate Member IES Graduate Faculty Global environmental change air of IES 1705H Corporate Perspectives on
Instructor of IES 1701H Environmental pollution environmental policy the Environment
Law environmental impact assessment
Research Interests
Research Interests Recent Publications Environmental management systems and
Environmental law and policy regulation Munn R E and A Maarouf 2004 voluntary industry initiatives
of toxic chemicals public participation in Bioclimatology In J Oliver volume ed Environmental management consultant
environmental decision making Encyclopaedia of World Climates who provides strategic planning advice
environmental rights both federally and Kluwer Dordrecht The Netherlands program assessment management
provincially In press education and research services to
Maarouf A and R E Munn 2004 Global organizations that want to become more
Recent Publications environmental change impacts on environmentally responsible For the past
Muldoon P 2003 Bilateral and humans and the biosphere In J Oliver ten years he has worked on contract to the
multilateral dimensions of international volume ed Encyclopaedia of World Canadian Chemical Producers Association
environmental law In E Hughes A Climates Kluwer Dordrecht The CCPA to assist it with the initial
Lucas W Tilleman eds Environmental Netherlands In press development implementation and ongoing
Law and Policy Emond Montgomery Munn R E Editor in Chief 2001 updating of a protocol to verify that its
Publications Toronto In press Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental member companies have successfully
Muldoon P and R Nadarajah 1999 A Change 5 volumes 650 pages each implemented the codes of practice under
sober second look the regulatory John Wiley and Sons United Kingdom the CCPA s Responsible Care Program for
approach looks better when the context environment health and safety He is
and consequences of voluntary initiatives currently working as a verifier of CCPA
are taken into account In R B Gibson member companies under this program
ed Voluntary Initiatives The New and periodically assists in the development
Politics of Corporate Greening and delivery of training workshops for
Broadview Press Peterborough pages other verifiers and for member company
51 65 representatives He is a member of the
Billups S T Eder J Jackson P Muldoon Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO
and M Murray 1998 Treading water a TC207 SC1 Environmental Management
review of government progress under the Systems which provides Canada s official
Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement input to the Organization of International
Part I and Part II Toledo Journal of Standards on ISO 14001 and 14004
Great Lakes Law Science and Policy 91
Institute for Environmental Studies 2002 03 Annual Report 13

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