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Monsternomicon. The XP costs for such creations are replaced with a Wealth Check equal to the Craft DC less 5. Enhancers can be created for the Quick Power, Subtle Power and Widen Power Feats. The Craft DC for Enhancers is 15 + the bonus to fatigue DC (i.e.23 for Quick Enhancers, 17 for Subtle Enhancers and >I for Widen Enhancers).

losan All racial benefits that effect Scrying are Ogruns 2 bonus to AC and bonus HP are
replaced with removed NB large size now grants a 2 to
Toughness I Level Adjustment is removed
t 2 racial bonus to Sense Motive and Second When an Ogrun is disloyal to his sworn master
Sight to detect the Scrying Power he suffers I to Ability scores for each day he
t 2 racial bonus to the difficulty to use remains disloyal max 5 If the breach is
Scrying Power on an losan repaired the Ogrun recovers 1 each day until
t Supernatural Talent Scrying Power fully restored Ogruns may not take Arcane
Low Light Vision is replaces with the Night
Vision Feat Iosan may treat long swords long Trollkins DR against nonlethal damage is
bows short swords and short bows as simple removed and replaced with a 2 racial bonus to
weapons Toughness to non lethal damage Trollkins
recovery checks are reduced in time in the
Nyss May treat the Nyss Claymore as a martial manner described in the IKCG 1 Level
weapon Nyss bonuses and penalties to spell Adjustment is removed Trollkins may not take
based temperature effects apply to all Arcane Magic unless they are of the Sorcerer
corresponding temperature effects sub race Trollkin Sorcerers have I to Con not
All Classes and Prestige Classes have been Classes have given rise to new Skills Feats and
replaced with True 20 S three Roles However Powers
many Iron Kingdom Classes and Prestige
The following Skills have been added to the Craft no longer requires specialisation It covers
True o Skill list all mundane crafts It can also be used to create
a Wold wardens This requires the Imbue Item
t Alchemy Int Trained Only covers Feat Earth Shaping Power Imbue Life Power
Craft alchemy bone grinding Plant Shaping Power and 3 complex Craft
t Command Cha new skill covered in the checks one for each Power
Black Company Setting
t Craft Int Trained Only covers all Mechanika can be used to create a Mechanical
mundane Craft Skills Familiar This requires the Imbue Item Feat
t Knowledge science Int Trained Only Imbue Life Power and a complex Craft check
t Mechanika Int Trained Only covers
Craft mechanika Technology covers all uses of the Disable
t Technology Int Trained Only covers Device Skill It can be used to create a Magelock
Craft clockwork gunsmithing steam Pistols and Rune Bullets This requires the
engine tools and Disable Device Imbue Item Feat Gun Mage Feat and a complex
t Warcraft Int Trained Only covers or simple Craft check respectively A Magelock
Craft canoneer demolitions small Pistol is immune to all damage from using the
arms and Jack Handling Gun Mage Feat A Rune Bullet allows the gun s
damage to be added to the Power s damage
Alchemy is used for Bone Grinding creating when using the Gun Mage Feat They also grant
Enhancers and Tokens as set out in the a I to hit as they are considered mastercraft
Monsternomicon The XP costs for such ammunition
creations are replaced with a Wealth Check
equal to the Craft DC less 5 Enhancers can be Warcraft is used instead of Concentration to
created for the Quick Power Subtle Power and reload firearms The DC is equal to the DC of
Widen Power Feats The Craft DC for the Craft small arms Skill set for each firearm
Enhancers is 15 the bonus to fatigue DC i e 23 A PC with the Exotic Weapon Proficiency
for Quick Enhancers 17 for Subtle Enhancers Small Arms may use Ware raft untrained for
and I for Widen Enhancers loading guns
The following Feats are added to those available None Same benefit as the Exotic Weapon
in addition to those in True 20 The Feats grant Proficiency Small Arms Feat
the benefit listed in the IKCG as modified t For the Motherland General Prerequisites
below Society Membership Greylords Covenant
t Group Subdual General Prerequisites None
GENERAL t Inquisitor General Prerequisites Society
Membership Illuminated One H bonus to
t Advanced Synthesis General Prerequisites Knowledge Supernatural and Second Sight to
Society Membership Order of the Golden detect Power use
Crucible PC may increase Craft DC of t Mechanical Secrets General Prerequisites
Alchemic Items by 5 and reduce the time to Society Membership Steam and Iron Workers
create them by half Union PC may reduce Wealth DC on
t Adventurer s Zeal General It works in the Mechanika Skill rolls by 5
manner set out in the Adventuring Scholar t Mindfire General Prerequisites Cleric of
Prestige Class Dhunia and Fireshaping 6 ranks
t Calloused Hands General Prerequisites t Power Resistance General It grants against a
Craft Mechanika or Technology 6 ranks I bonus to all Saves to resist Powers
t Combat Loading General Prerequisites t Rite of Assessment General Prerequisites
None Works like the Improved Combat Cleric of Great Fathers
Loading Feat except it removes the need for a t Salvage Ammunition General Prerequisites
Warcraft Skill roll when reloading Ware raft 10 ranks
t Earth s Skin General Prerequisites Cleric of t Society Membership General Choose one
Dhunia and Earthshaping 6 ranks This Feat society or organisation This Feat grants the
doubles the pes Toughness bonus against acid benefits of the Connections Contacts and
cold electricity fire and sonic damage Wealthy Feats when dealing with that society
t Elemental Mastery General Prerequisites t Spring of Understanding General
Cleric of Dhunia and Shaping Power II ranks It Prerequisites Cleric of Dhunia and
works in the manner set out in the Blackclad Watershaping 6 ranks
Prestige Class However it can be taken for any t Steamo General Prerequisites Mechanika or
one element in with the PC has the Shaping Technology 4 ranks 4 Fortitude and
Power at Il ranks The Feat allows the PC to Toughness against heat damage
use the Shaping Power to communicate with t Strength of the Earth General Prerequisites
that element and travel through that element up Cleric of Dhunia and Earthshaping 6 ranks
to a distance determined in a manner set out in t Stronghammer Smith General Prerequisites
the Sense Mind Power Ogrun
t Faithful Resolve General Prerequisites t Summon Elemental General Prerequisites
Society Membership Illuminated One Cleric of Dhunia and Shaping Power 9 ranks
t Fell Calling General Prerequisites Trollkin Works as described in Blue Rose
It works in the manner set out in the Fell Caller t Summon Infernals General Prerequisites
Class The prerequisite is the PC must be a Corruption 1 and a Shaping Power 9 ranks
Trollkin The Feat grants access to Fell Calls Works as Summon Darkfiends does as
per day and can be taken a number of times described in Blue Rose
The existing prerequisites still apply the t Tall Tales General
damaging effects for Stunning Blast Sonic Blast t Thunderous Exaltation General Prerequisites
and Doom s Quaking Call are now Perform Cleric of Great Fathers
Fell Calling ranks Sonic Blast causes t Unbreakable Concentration General
deafness in addition to damage This imposes a Prerequisites Greylord and Concentration 8
4 to initiative and to Power usage Confusion s ranks
Call lasts for I minute and is negated by a Will t Undine Summons General Prerequisites
Save If effected the result is I wanders away Cleric of Dhunia and Watershaping 6 ranks
for I minute 2 6 does nothing for I round r9 t University Education General Prerequisites
attack nearest creature for I round 10 act Wealthy or Int H
normally for I round t Vigilance and Voice of Law General
t Firearms Training General Prerequisites Prerequisites Cleric of Great Fathers
t Wind Shroud General Prerequisites Cleric WARRIOR
of Dhunia and Wind shaping 6 ranks
t Witchhound General Sense Arcane Magic t Armour Proficiency Warcaster Armour
users with a Wis DC I5 Corruption Warrior
t Bayonet Charge Warrior Prerequisites
t Gunslinging Warrior Prerequisites Dex 1
t Gun Mage Adept It works in the manner set t Improved Combat Loading Warrior
out in the Gun Mage Class It allows the PC to Prerequisites Combat Loading Reduce the time
use Elemental Strike Power through a pistol so to load any gun by I standard action If the gun
that any feats benefiting gun use apply The can be reloaded with 1 standard action reduce
pistol takes damage equal to the Power ranks on the time to a move action
each shot t Sharp Shooter Warrior The PC may add Dex
as a damage bonus to any ranged weapon after
EXPERT taking an Aim action
t Bodging Expert It works in the manner set CHANGED FEATS
out in the Bodger Class The Feat allows the
Bodger to make bodged repairs at halve the The following feats are changed
time Wealth DC and Craft DC as normal
repairs However the item must be maintained Familiar Adept This Feat may now be taken
for hour a day or fall back into disrepair If the to bond with a Mechanical Familiar as set out in
Badger has access to junkyards the Badger may the Arcane Mechanic Class or a Magelock
replace the Wealth check with a Search check Pistol as set out in the Gun Mage Class with
F or normal construction and repairs a Badger the following changes
may use the feat to reduce the Wealth DC by 5
with a successful Search Skill check at DC 15 t Spell Link is now gained at levei3 4
t Fabricate Identity Expert It works in the t Ranged Touch and Touch is removed
manner set out in the Spy Prestige Class t Gun Scrye is performed as if it were the
t Jack Wrenching Expert It works in the Scrying Power at Adept level 3 ranks
manner set out in the Badger Class As an t The Pistol s bonus to HP is now a bonus
attack action a PC may make any mechanical for the PC s Will Save to resist the ill effects
device work for Id6 rounds This can be used on of the Wild Talent Elemental Strike
anyone device Id3 times If the PC has Taunt
Feat Jack Wrenching can be used at a range of Improvised Tools Expert This Feat now also
up to 30ft allows the PC to remove the penalty from using
t Rugged Mechanika Expert Prerequisites Improvised Weapons
Mechanika 14 ranks All Mechanika made by
the PC have 5 Toughness
The Armour Check Penalty from Armour also A user of Arcane Magic is called a Mage and
applies to any Power checks uses the Int Attribute for Powers Mages gain
Second Sight and Ward Powers for free All
A PC who takes the Wild Talent Feat uses Cha other Powers are accessible to Mages except
for that Power A user of Wild Magic is called a Purifying Light
Sorcerer A Sorcerer suffers from corruption as
a Mage A Cleric who takes the Wild Talent Mages suffer from Corruption when using any
feat is subject to both Corruption as a Mage as magic that upsets the natural order Healing
well as the strictures of his faith when using raising the dead corrupting or torturing others
that Power mentally enslaving others and dealing with
Infernals all give rise to Corruption When a
When a PC first takes the Power Feat he must person does an act of evil DC IO to 5 or a
decide whether the source of his Magic is arcane Mage uses Arcane Magic in evil ways DC IO
or divine If it is divine then the PC must decide ranks z the person must make a Will Save If
which God he is a follower he fails he gains a point of Corruption
Corruption acts as a bonus for Infernals to tMechanika Energy Shaping Tech Link
notice that person and a negative reputation Dominate Sense Minds Sleep
when dealing with Infernals A person can t Mendicant Cure Blindness Deafness Cure
remove this penalty by giving into Corruption Disease
and loosing his soul The person may now use t Mercantilism Object Reading Suggestion
Corruption as a positive Reputation when t Plant Nature Reading Plant Shaping
dealing with Infernals and also as the stat for all t Plunder Manipulate Object Move Object
Power usage Corruption can be reduced by t Predation Beast Link Dominate Pain
spending 10 Conviction earned from his Virtue Combat Sense
not Vice t Protection Psychic Shield Ward
t Righteousness Heart Shaping Psychic
A user of Divine Magic is called a Cleric and Weapon
uses the Wis Attribute for Powers Any Cleric t Seafaring Water Shaping Weather Shaping
may use any Power listed under their God s t Spring Cure Disease Enhance Others
Domains untrained and gains Purifying Light t Strength Body Control Enhance Self
as modified below Visions and Ward Powers t Summer Heart Reading Light Shaping
for free The Powers a Cleric may choose must t Travel Body Control Nature Reading
come from his God s domains Clerics do not t Trickery Illusion Manipulate Object
suffer from Corruption when using their God s t Tyranny Mind Touch Mind Reading Mind
Powers Shaping
t Undeath Drain Vitality Imbue Unlife
DOMAINS t War Harm Purifying Light
t Warrior Combat Sense Purifying Light
If a God has a Power listed more than once t Water Nature Reading Water Shaping
including Purifying Light Visions or Ward t Winter Cold Shaping Elemental Strike
then his Cleric s gain a 2 divine bonus to using
that power A follower of the Devourer Wurm who is also a
member of the Circle also receives the Druid
t Adventure Body Control Enhance Senses domain provided he has taken Earth Shaping
t Air Wind Shaping Weather Shaping and Plant Shaping for his Chaos and
t Animal Beast Link Bliss Calm Dominate Destruction domains
t Artifice Earth Shaping Metal Shaping Object NEW POWERS
t Assassination Manipulate Objects Psychic Energy Shaping Power is similar to
Blast Electrokinesis from the True 20 Modern
t Autumn Drain Vitality Wind Shaping Appendix with the following changes
t Chaos Anyone Power
t Dark Lore Scrying Second Sight t the Magnetokinesis application is removed
t Death Drain Vitality Harm t the Drain Power application may now be
t Destru ction Elemental Strike I Shaping reversed to charge power sources such as
Power accumulators see Mechanika below
t Druid Imbue Life also considered to have the
Imbue Item Feat to create Wold Wardens Metal Shaping
t Earth Earth Shaping Nature Reading Fatiguing
t Evil Mind Touch Dominate Pain You can shape metal A Metal Shaping check
t Farmstead Beast Link Calm Sense Minds can have one of the following effects
Nature Reading
t Fire Elemental Strike Fire Shaping t Sunder Metal Your can strike metal within
t Good Enhance Others Heart Reading sight and inflict damage equal to half your
t Healing Cure Cure Poison power rank rounded down
t Knowledge Object Reading Visions t Craft Metal You can add a bonus of your
t Law Mind Touch Dominate Truth Reading ranks 4 to any Craft Skill check involving
t Luck Any I Power an object that is substantially metal
t Madness Mind Touch Mind Reading Mind t Improve Weapons and Armour You can
Shaping improve weapons and armour A Metal
t Magic Second Sight Ward Shaping check grants the weapon or armour
a bonus to its base Damage bonus or Armour
bonus You can select a bonus lower than be more than just someone opposed to the
what you get on the table to reduce fatigue religion It applies to Clerics paladins temp lars
Difficulty which is 10 the bonus devout followers and supernatural entities
associated with enemy religions as well as being
Result Bonus that are anathema to the religion such as
Up t04 1 Undead and Infernals
15 24 3 Sense Minds Power now only applies to the
25 34 4 types of minds that the PC can contact For
35 5 example if the PC has Mind Touch it can sense
sentient minds Beast Link it can sense animal
Time Sunder Metal is an attack action Crafting minds and Tech Link it can sense technological
Metal and Improving Weapons and Armour are minds such as a Steamjack s cortex
move actions The bonus from Improving
Weapons and Armour lasts for 10 rounds r MECHANIKA
minute per use
A Mage may charge accumulators at the rate of I
Tech Link Power is used to contact charge for each level of fatigue suffered The
technological items including mechanika such Mage must make a Will Save DCI8 to stop
as Steamjacks Its usage is identical to Beast charging as normal
In addition a Mage may use Energy Shaping to
CHANGED POWERS get a more powerful charge The Energy
Shaping check result provides the following
The Fatigue rolls for using Cure Cure charges
Blindness Deafness Cure Disease Cure Poison
and Imbue Unlife Powers also act as a save Result Charge
against non lethal damage The non lethal 15 19 I
damage and fatigue effects are cumulative 20 24 2
Imbue Life Power has been altered and is now 30 34 4
only used in creating intelligent constructs 35 5
such as Woldwardens Mechanical Familiars
and Steamjacks The power field of Warcaster Armour may
absorb a number of Bruised and Hit results
equal to the bonus Hit Points 5 The absorption
Purifying Light Power has been altered to affect recharges at the rate of r per round
any enemy of the Cleric s religion This must
GP Wealth DC GP Wealth DC GP Wealth DC
1 2 1 j0 I99 19 I j 000 19 999 35
1 3 200 274 20 20 000 27 499 36
2 4 27 j 349 21 27 s w34 999 37
3 5 3 j0 499 22 35 000 49 999 38
4 6 j00 649 23 5o 000 64 999 39
5 6 7 65o 899 24 65 000 89 999 40
7 8 8 900 I I99 25 90 000 II9 999 41
9 n 9 1 200 1 429 26 I20 000 J49 999 42
12 14 10 1 j00 l 999 27 150 000 199 999 43
15 19 11 2 000 2 749 28 200 000 274 999 44
20 26 12 2 7 j0 3 499 29 275 000 349 999 45
27 34 13 3 5 00 4 999 30 350 000 499 999 46
35 49 14 5 000 6 499 31 5 0 000 649 999 47
50 6 4 15 6 s00 8 999 J2 6 j0 000 899 999 48
65 8 9 16 9 000 n 999 33 900 000 1 199 999 49
9 0 II 9 17 12 000 14 999 34 1 200 000 50
120 149 18
Race Religion Nationality
Virtue Vice Conviction
o Dodge 10
DEX Ref F Parry
M Total Combat A ttr Size Mise
Total Item Attr Mise Size
CHA Bruised
FEATS FATIGUE Winded 0 0 Fatigued Exhausted
SKILLS Total Rnk Au Mise SKILLS Total R k An Mise
Bluff LanguageO
Command Mechanikao
Concentration Notice
Craft Perform
Diplomacy Rideo
Disguise Search
POWERS Total Rnk An Mise
Escape Artist Sense Motive
Gather Info Sleight of Hando
Handle Animal Stealth
HealO Survival
Intimidate Swim
Jump TechnologyO
KnowledgeO WarcraftO

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