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The Open University 2012
ISBN 978 1 78007 489 4
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Page 9 The Open University
Page 11 Financial Times Ltd
Page 14 from Nussbaum M Gomez F Mena J Imbarack P Torres A
Singer M Mora M E 2009 Technology Supported Face to Face Small Group
Collaborative Formative Assessment and Its Integration in the Classroom In Preiss
D D Sternberg R J eds Innovations in Educational Psychology Perspectives
on Learning Teaching and Human Development Springer pp 295 324
Page 16 The Open University
Page 20 Giulia Forsythe http www flickr com photos gforsythe 6185054720
Page 28 from Dawson S 2010 Seeing the learning community
An exploration of the development of a resource for monitoring online student
networking British Journal of Educational Technology 41 5 736 752
Page 30 from Anastopoulou A Sharples M Ainsworth S Crook C O Malley
C Wright M 2012 Creating personal meaning through technology supported
science learning across formal and informal settings International Journal of Science
Education 34 2 251 273
Page 33 from Drugs and Medicines of North America 1884 1887 by John Uri Lloyd
and Curtis G Lloyd
Suggested citation
Sharples M McAndrew P Weller M Ferguson R FitzGerald E Hirst T Mor
Y Gaved M and Whitelock D 2012 Innovating Pedagogy 2012 Open University
Innovation Report 1 Milton Keynes The Open University
Institute of Educational Technology
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
Executive summary 3
Introduction 6
New pedagogy for e books
Innovative ways of teaching and learning with next generation e books 8
Publisher led short courses
Publishers producing commercial short courses for leisure and
professional development 11
Assessment for learning
Assessment that supports the learning process through diagnostic
feedback 13
Badges to accredit learning
Open framework for gaining recognition of skills and achievements 16
Massive open online courses 19
Rebirth of academic publishing
New forms of open scholarly publishing 21
Seamless learning
Connecting learning across settings technologies and activities 24
Learning analytics
Data driven analysis of learning activities and environments 27
Personal inquiry learning
Learning through collaborative inquiry and active investigation 30
Rhizomatic learning
Knowledge constructed by self aware communities adapting to
environmental conditions 33
Executive summary
This series of reports explores 1 New pedagogy for e books As e book
technologies evolve they will offer new ways
new forms of teaching learning
of interacting with massively shared adaptive
and assessment for an interactive and dynamic books Teachers will be able
world to guide teachers and to write alternative versions of text embed
policy makers in productive graphs and simulations showing live data add
innovation The first report summarization and use tools such as timers
proposes ten innovations that are and calculators to support structured learning
and formative assessment Students will be
already in currency but have not
able to share annotations or contact other
yet had a profound influence on people reading the same page of a book New
education To produce it a group forms of learning with e books could include
of academics at the Institute crowd authoring where textbooks are produced
of Educational Technology in by students for students embedded tutoring
The Open University proposed where readers offer to explain or discuss a
difficult passage or co reading where readers
a long list of new educational
are automatically put in contact with others
terms theories and practices currently reading the same page
We then pared these down to
ten that have the potential to 2 Publisher led short courses These are short
courses offered by publishers either in affiliation
provoke major shifts in educational with recognised educational providers or
practice particularly in post independently The publisher s incentive is
school education We have not to understand learners in the subject areas
deliberately excluded school covered by their regular publications and
education but that is not our area to engage consumers in extended learning
activities For the learner these courses offer
of expertise Lastly we drew on
self directed learning for professionals with
published and unpublished writings institutional affiliation providing respectable
to compile the ten sketches of new leisure learning products
pedagogies that might transform
education These are summarised 3 Assessment for learning Assessment
can support the process of learning not just
below in rough order of immediacy measure its outcomes In diagnostic testing
and timescale to widespread with rapid feedback the results of summative
implementation computer based assessment are provided
immediately to learners and teachers then used
as a basis for addressing misconceptions and
Executive summary 3
providing supplementary teaching Research
from computer games has explored how
6 Rebirth of academic publishing There
are two commonly used approaches to open
continuous feedback can guide performance access publishing the Gold route whereby
and improve motivation This requires the author or research funder pays a publisher
software to monitor how learners progress for the cost of making an article open and
through the course materials diagnose the Green route where the individual author
misconceptions know when to intervene and self archives the article Some journals
offer appropriate advice A teacher can be have begun to experiment with open review
provided with a dashboard that displays the where the reviewers comments are made
progress of each student and offers a range public and not anonymised Others adopt
of actions from simple automated prompts to a low threshold for acceptance replacing
online student tutor conversation Students peer review selection with post publishing
can be offered open learner models that commentary
show their progress in relation to peers
7 Seamless learning Seamless learning
4 Badges to accredit learning Badges offer
a way of accrediting non formal learning
occurs when a person experiences a
continuity of learning across a combination
A badge analogous to a Scout badge is of locations times technologies or social
awarded when a learner completes a task settings Previous work on seamless
or challenge that demonstrates a learning learning has focused on designing software
achievement Badges may be awarded by for mobile devices that allow people to carry
authorities by peers or may be automatically their learning with them and to switch quickly
assigned on completion of certain tasks from one learning activity to another Recent
Badge systems have been used to studies have also examined how to support
encourage participation in online help forums learning journeys These are extended
and to acknowledge expertise in gaming learning projects that can be accessed on
environments New approaches support multiple devices flow across boundaries
the collection and validation of badges for between formal and informal settings and
learning and work is in progress to develop continue over life transitions such as school
an infrastructure to award manage and to university and workplace
validate badges
8 Learning analytics Learning analytics
5 MOOCs Massive open online courses
are attempts to create open access online
involves the collection analysis and reporting
of large datasets about learners and their
courses that provide no constraints on class contexts in order to improve learning and
size They run over a defined period of time the environments in which learning takes
and are open to all The early instantiations place for example visualisations and
followed a pattern of let s put on a course recommendations that can influence student
here right now More recent offerings take behaviour while a course is in progress
the form of free courses based on existing Current research is attempting to identify
university teaching materials freely available key indicators that show when a student is
online with computer marked assessment making good progress or is struggling From
and certificates of completion Some courses a practical perspective systems need to
have engaged over one hundred thousand allow real time analysis of disparate data and
participants generate timely reports
4 Innovating Pedagogy 2012
9 Personal inquiry learning Typically
personal inquiry learning involves active
10 Rhizomatic learning This invokes the
metaphor of a rhizome a plant stem which
exploration of an open question with the sends out roots and shoots that allow the plant
student taking ownership of the inquiry to propagate itself through organic growth into
process Mobile phones can become the surrounding habitat Seen as a model for
inquiry toolkits A typical inquiry might start the construction of knowledge rhizomatic
in a formal setting with a tutor helping processes suggest the interconnectedness of
students to refine their questions continue ideas as well as boundless exploration across
at home or outdoors with the students many fronts from different starting points For
collecting and viewing data then return the educator supporting rhizomatic learning
to the formal setting to share and present requires the creation of a context within which
results Inquiry learning can extend existing the curriculum and knowledge are constructed
online or classroom learning It also has by members of a learning community and
the potential to catalyse citizen science which can be reshaped in a dynamic manner
experimentation in response to environmental conditions
The learning experience may build on social
conversational processes as well as personal
knowledge creation linked into unbounded
personal learning networks that merge formal
and informal media
Executive summary 5
We all know that global society has been and disruptive form of education that transcends
transformed by interactive technology including boundaries between formal and informal settings
personal computers the worldwide web and institutional and self directed learning and
mobile phones How this technological innovation traditional education providers and commercial
has influenced the education system is the subject organisations
of much debate with claims that it has transformed
schools and extended universities or conversely
that new technology has signally failed to improve the innovations
educational standards
are not independent
Less well known are the innovations in teaching
learning and assessment over the past fifty years but fit together into a
Arguably the introduction of social constructivist
methods into schools and the foundation of
new and disruptive
universities based on methods of open distance
form of education that
learning have done far more to enhance education
than putting computers into classrooms The transcends boundaries
pedagogic innovations of experiential learning
networked learning constructionism peer teaching
The report has been written by a small group of
formative assessment and cognitive apprenticeship
academics in the Institute of Educational Technology
deserve to be as well known and discussed as
and the Faculty of Mathematics Computing and
Wikipedia iTunesU and Google Scholar But to
Technology at The Open University It is not the
debate the relative influence of technology and
product of expert focus group meetings Delphi
pedagogy is to miss the point Education is now
studies or scenario planning workshops Rather
inextricably tied to technology whether through
it is based on knowledge acquired from leading
teaching with electronic whiteboards in class or
research projects reading and writing educational
sharing ideas with friends over social networks
research papers and blogs holding conversations
Our aim is to produce a series of reports that with colleagues worldwide and surveying published
explore new pedagogies for an interactive world and unpublished literature We compiled the report
The reports are intended for teachers policy by first producing a long list of new educational
makers academics and anyone interested in how terms theories and practices then paring these
education may change over the next ten years down to ten that have the potential to provoke
By pedagogy we mean the theory and practice major shifts in educational practice particularly in
of teaching learning and assessment This first post school education We have not deliberately
report proposes ten innovations in pedagogy that excluded school education but that is not our area
are already in currency but have not yet had a of expertise Lastly we drew on published and
profound influence on education Whether or unpublished writings to compile ten sketches of
when they will do so depends on many factors not new pedagogies that might transform education
least on whether policy makers and practitioners We acknowledge inspiration from the NMC Horizon
come to understand their significance In compiling Reports as well as other future gazing reports
the report it became clear that the innovations on education Those explore how innovations in
are not independent but fit together into a new technology might influence education we examine
6 Innovating Pedagogy 2012
how innovations in pedagogy might be enacted in with a personal computer is being overcome
an age of personal and networked technology New smartphones and netbook computers are
powerful affordable tools for learning The second
In a report written in 1993 to the UK National
obstacle of developing more user friendly and
Commission on Education David Wood offers
useful technology for learning is also being
a scenario of A Day in School 2015 AD It is
addressed through an increased awareness of
remarkably prescient with regard to technologies for
the importance of good design and usability But
education including fieldwork projects supported
the final impediments relate to pedagogy rather
by mobile wireless devices learning with pen
than technology and are as important now as they
tablet computers collaboration through computer
were then that schools colleges and universities
networks and tools for teachers to analyse the
are attempting to teach knowledge and skills for
progress and outcomes of learning Then having
jobs that no longer exist and that teachers are
offered a picture of a bright technology enhanced
not fully involved in educational innovation and
future for education the report states if the recent
curriculum development In our report the first in
past can be taken as a reliable guide to the near
a series of annual briefings we explore current
future then one can have little confidence that even
and emerging innovations in education for the
if considered desirable the kinds of developments
21st century in the hope that it will guide teachers
in education that have been described will come
and policy makers in making informed decisions
about The reasons for such pessimism back in
about curriculum design course development and
the early 1990s are revealing The main obstacle
teaching strategies
indicated in that report of providing each learner
NMC 2012 Horizon Project to chart the landscape David Wood 1993 The Classroom of 2015
of emerging technologies for teaching learning National Commission on Education Briefing No 20
research creative inquiry and information October 1993 London National Commission on
management Education
http www nmc org horizon project
Introduction 7
New pedagogy for e books
Innovative ways of teaching and The next generation of e book readers and
tablets should overcome some of these technical
learning with next generation
problems so e books become more like dynamic
printed texts that can be annotated and compared
The HTML5 format will also allow dynamic media
Potential impact high
such as video and simulations to be embedded in
Timescale short 0 2 years the text Publishers are also developing software
for authors to update their published textbooks and
for academics and teachers to customise the books
Students in higher education are rapidly adopting
of other authors While this may enrich books and
e books for leisure reading and some are
alter the publishing process not necessarily for the
using their e book readers e g the Kindle or
better if authors find their texts being mangled by
tablets e g the iPad to read course texts and
others the real benefits will come from new forms
supplementary materials in pdf format Surveys
of teaching and learning through dynamic and
of student use of iPads indicate convenience
shared books
availability and portability as benefits of electronic
books and documents compared to printed texts One opportunity is to link a book illustration to the
A few institutions are responding by publishing data or computer code that generated it so that
their course materials in standard e book format these can be viewed or modified The aim is to
However several US surveys of student use of provide the reader with confidence that a graph
Kindles found a wide gap between their use for or visual simulation is accurate by inspecting the
personal reading and for academic study The underlying data and with an educational opportunity
devices did not support the students current study to explore the consequences of changing the
practices such as having several documents open data or modifying the computer code This is part
on a desk simultaneously annotating pages using of a broader drive towards a more transparent
sticky notes and bookmarking approach to academic publishing through
reproducible research where an author publishes
not only a finished text but also all the elements
the real benefits will such as source materials data and computer code
that would allow others to fully understand and
from new forms reproduce the findings
of teaching and learning Dynamic books can also enable a more social
form of study with a group of students working
through dynamic and together on reading annotating and comparing
one or more texts on the same topic Each student
shared books can see the text on their e book reader and also
the annotations and comments on the text being
created by the other students For example in the
8 Innovating Pedagogy 2012
student e books on similar principles to Wikipedia
The Wikiversity site is an indication of what could
be achieved with over 18 000 current learning
resources These are currently in a limited and
somewhat unattractive wiki format but could be
developed as complete open authored multimedia
textbooks The Rebirth of Academic Publishing
section indicates how such open textbooks might
be reviewed and published
Another approach to innovation with e books is to
exploit the functions built into the reading devices
for exploratory learning Tablet computers not
Demonstration interactive e book from The Open only have high resolution screens but also a set
of inbuilt tools including a voice recorder camera
timer GPS position locator accelerometer
compass and tilt sensor An e book for inquiry
Concept Grid method each student reads part of a
based science learning could guide the reader
study text and highlights key concepts The system
through experiments and explorations such as
extracts these key words or phrases as electronic
understanding properties of light and colour using
sticky notes The students must work together to
the device s camera or sound with the recorder or
put the notes into a 4x4 or larger grid with similar
Newton s Laws of Motion by attaching the device
concepts placed together They also connect
to a pendulum or cart In other subject areas
the concepts by clicking between the notes and
captions for video and audio allow mixed media
identifying the relations between them The activity
to be searched and compared while live updates
requires all the students to compare and discuss
to graphs and tables can assist in understanding
their reading and to explain the concepts to each
changing events in economics politics or sociology
Online lexical systems such as WordNet and Forvo
On a larger scale many thousands of readers could offer opportunities for learning based on e books
share the same virtual text leaving highlights so a person reading a book in a foreign language
notes and scribbles for other readers These could can get immediate advice about an unknown word
be filtered by time topic or reader to provide or phrase for example a dictionary definition a
layers of shared annotation Further social tools pronunciation from multiple speakers or examples
could allow a reader to contact the note maker of the word used in other contexts
asking for clarification or help in understanding the
A third area of opportunity is to embed assessment
text perhaps for a small payment Each student
into e books This could be as simple as reporting
could also see who else is currently reading that
which pages the student has read or as complex
section of the text and request a real time chat
as providing diagnostic feedback and advice to
about its content
students based on their reading habits notes and
A logical extension to this mass sharing of requests for help There has been over 30 years of
comments is for students to write additions to research into live help systems that track a user s
textbooks offering their own interpretations interactions and offer personal and contextual
explanations and examples which they can advice The challenge is to create a hybrid system
then publish alongside pages of the book Book that can offer simple or complex assistance or
publishers would need to set up a simple system of perhaps a link to a human tutor where needed
publishing and reward for such book extensions embedded into the structure and content of a study
This could lead on to crowd authoring of complete text
New pedagogy for e books 9
Princeton Kindle DX Pilot Fomel S and Claerbout J 2009 Guest Editors
http www princeton edu main news archive Introduction Reproducible Research Computing in
S26 64 38E35 Science and Engineering 11 1 5 7
iPad Study Released by Oklahoma State University DynamicBooks the next generation of interactive
Executive Summary 3 May 2011 textbooks
https news okstate edu images documents ipad http dynamicbooks com
research exec summary pdf
Economist LeanBack 2 0 aims to examine discuss
Darden School of Business Kindle Pilot and track the impact that new digital reading
http www darden virginia edu web Media Darden devices particularly tablets are having on both
News Articles 2010 Darden Shares Results of reader behaviours and media businesses
Kindle Experiment http www economistgroup com leanback
Reed College Kindle DX Pilot Reed College THUZE is a collaborative environment for students
summary report to interact with e textbooks
http www reed edu cis about kindle pilot index html http www thuzelearning com
10 Innovating Pedagogy 2012
Publisher led short courses
Publishers producing commercial
short courses for leisure and
professional development
being able to offer an
Potential impact medium makes publisher led
Timescale short 0 2 years courses credible as leisure
The traditional business of educational publishing
learning products and
is being disrupted by new types of online content legitimate as evidence of
and a revolt from their institutional subscribers
over unsustainable charging models and CPD activity
practices Some traditional media companies are
responding by marketing mini courses either in
using commercial assessment products such as
affiliation with recognised educational providers
Pearson Assessments provide an opportunity for
or independently The aim is to sustain deep and
further sales as do courses that include training
persistent engagement of students adding value
around specific toolkits or applications such as
to a publisher s wares The courses may operate
those offered by Microsoft Google and Pearson
online at a distance such as the Economist
education courses or involve scheduled face to
face sessions such as the Guardian masterclasses
For the learner these mini courses may offer
Some compete directly with the further and higher
opportunities for non formal learning previously
education sector such as the Cond Nast College
provided by vocational evening classes In
of Fashion Design year long Vogue Fashion
the business sector they may be marketed
Foundation Diploma
to professionals and fill a need for Continuing
The courses are marketed as premium offerings Professional Development CPD Being able to
with high prices compared to university fees the offer an institutional affiliation makes publisher
UEA Guardian masterclass in creative writing led courses credible as leisure learning products
runs over six months with a weekly three hour and legitimate as evidence of CPD activity even
tutorial and costs 4000 The ten week Vogue though they may not be credit bearing The appeal
Fashion Certificate is 6 600 and the year long
Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma is 19 560
Economist Education online courses are priced
around 500 for a four hour course or 2500 for a
twenty hour course
One incentive for publishers to invest in short
courses is that they develop an appreciation of
learners as consumers in subject areas covered
by their regular publications so engaging them
at a deeper level than as readers of magazines
or textbooks Courses based around set texts Financial Times MBA Newslines annotation tool
Publisher led short courses 11
comes from being offered as attractively packaged Whilst academia currently benefits from the cachet
consumer products that satisfy immediate learning of recognisable and highly valued qualifications
needs academic and education publishers are involved
in training and examination businesses operating
Publishers are exploring innovations in education at global scale For example in the UK Pearson
from several other directions including integrating operate EdExcel for the assessment of GCSE
their content into courses community building GCE A level and BTEC vocational qualifications
and running events that generate new content Pearson has recently bought vocational trainers
The Financial Times Education MBA Newslines Education Development International and
product provides a means for integrating global assessment and testing providers Centiport If
financial news into the classroom The Guardian education is ripe for disruption it may be that
Higher Education Summit provided a CPD the assessment of training and the offering of
certified networking event for HE managers and examination services at higher levels of education
policy makers that not only made news but helped will provide a route by which publishers can
deepen engagement with the Guardian Higher develop credibility in the assessment and award of
Education Network Several O Reilly conferences an ever wider range of qualification products based
act both as live events and as generators of video around their content offerings
lecture content that can be sold after the event
Guardian Masterclasses e g writing photography Pearson assessments
computing gardening http www pearsonassessments com pai
http www guardian co uk guardian masterclasses
uea guardian masterclasses Microsoft certification
http www microsoft com learning en us certification
Economist Education courses for international mct aspx
business managers
http economisteducation com courses Google qualifications
http support google com adwords certification bin
Financial Times Education e g MBA Newslines static py hl en page examstudy cs
integrating FT global news into the classroom
http education ft com O Reilly conferences
http conferences oreillynet com
Cond Nast College of Fashion Design
http www condenastcollege co uk These can be contrasted with a grassroots
approach such as
Guardian Higher Education Summit CPD Certified http schoolofeverything com
http www guardian co uk higher education
Pearson Clinical
http www pearsonclinical co uk Education
Education aspx
12 Innovating Pedagogy 2012
Assessment for learning
Assessment that supports Each of these principles can be assisted by
the learning process through technology For example good performance could
diagnostic feedback be clarified by providing students with interactive
walk throughs of successful solutions to problems
Potential impact high
Technology enabled feedback can include
Timescale medium 2 5 years immediate automated responses to open
assignments and written student reports The
computational technique of latent semantic analysis
We have the opportunity to move beyond measuring
processes a corpus of text such as previous
the results of learning and taking snapshots
student work over a range of marks or a set of
of students performance towards integrating
model answers to uncover similarities in meaning
assessment fully into the learning process The
between words and phrases then uses this to
most immediate benefits can be made from giving
simulate human judgements of the coherence and
students advice for action on how to narrow the gap
style of a new piece of student writing
between their current and desired performance In
this computer based assessment is embedded Other techniques adapted from computer
into the teaching materials with constructive games can motivate students by providing visible
feedback provided immediately to learners and indications of their performance over time their
teachers then used as a basis for addressing level of achievement and their performance in
misconceptions and providing supplementary relation to peers The software tracks the student s
teaching perhaps followed by re assessment performance and produces an open learner model
of performance that is shown to the student as a
The general approach is that students already
bar chart or a graph of progress across topics
attempt to monitor their own performance so
feedback should build on this process of self Such methods must be used with caution They
regulation Nicol and Macfarlane Dick offer seven cannot provide the precision or the insight of a
principles of feedback to promote self regulated human response and there is a danger that giving
learning each supported by evidence from continual feedback will channel a student into
research These are continually adjusting performance to match the
response rather than planning and then engaging
1 Clarify what good performance is
in a fluent piece of work Rather than the student
2 Facilitate self assessment just viewing the feedback or learner model a more
useful approach may be to have the student and
3 Deliver high quality feedback information the system and in some cases a human tutor
4 Encourage teacher and peer dialogue cooperate to produce an agreed representation of
the student s skill knowledge and performance
5 Encourage positive motivation and self
In this way the student takes a more reflective
approach to self regulation and managing
6 Provide opportunities to close the gap
7 Use feedback to improve teaching
Assessment for learning 13

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