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Guidance for Death in Service for Non FTEs

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Guidance for Death-in-Service for Non-FTEs . The following checklist was developed and approved by the Office of Intramural ... Division of International Services ...

with the IC Communications Office If the OCPL is involved they will
coordinate their efforts with the IC Communications Office
Notify NIH Employee Assistance Program EAP to meet with employees staff if
requested by the IC or program area The IC POC will discuss the circumstances
within the program area to see if assistance is needed from EAP for existing
employees EAP will assist the program employees through distribution of
brochures or counseling services
Assist program area if they wish to schedule a memorial service The IC POC
will assist the program area to schedule a memorial service giving NIH staff
opportunity to grieve as a group The service may be scheduled in the Building
10 Chapel or the most appropriate location For example if the person attended a
local university it may be more appropriate to hold the memorial service at the
Prepare an NIH Record notification of death if appropriate The IC POC
should work with their communications office to prepare an article for the NIH
Record if appropriate and notify the family when the article appears
Take up a collection or establish a children s fund for the deceased s family if
appropriate FAES will establish an account if you choose to use their services
Discuss termination date within the IC Enter termination into Fellowship
Payment System FPS but consider the actual date of termination There may be
several reasons to enter a different termination date other than the actual date of
o A mentor may wish to allot time for leave that was never taken
o If the death occurred anytime after the first of the month the mentor may
wish to consider entering a term date after the first of the next month to
continue health benefits This will allow the family to obtain new
insurance if this is the only existing plan The IC should request this
through their Scientific Director Division Director or Director
If appropriate request Gift Funds to reimburse family s travel expenses
through the IC Executive Officer and IC Director
1 Travel orders for Non NIH Affiliated can be prepared Obtain flight and
hotel receipts
2 Prepare letters for the family members to sign granting permission for a
designee to get check from cashier s office to mail to them
3 If foreign note the cashier s office can only write checks for up to 2 500
Anything above that amount needs to be handled through the Travel
Payment office to obtain a Treasury check
Death while on official travel orders If the person was on official Government
travel at the time of death a voucher will need to be prepared for the travel
authorization and any other outstanding travel authorizations Talk with other
members of the program area or others on the same type of travel to determine
voucher details Policy issues and guidance can be found in the HHS Travel
Manual 8 00 Travel and Transportation Expenses Connected With the Death of
Employees Under Certain Circumstances pages 185 188 and the Federal Travel
Regulations Chapter 303 Part 303 70
o If the deceased was driving to the temporary duty station or returning and
died in an automobile accident a lawyer may want to refer to information
on the Federal Driver s Act 28 USC 26 79A E which is an act established
to protect Government employees while driving on official business the
Compensation Specialist will coordinate this effort with the IC POC
Address administrative matters
o Notify FPS Certifying Official The supervisor should coordinate the
certification of the person in the FPS and the termination date with the
FPS Certifying Official once a decision has been made by the IC as to the
appropriate date This coordination should be in writing and filed in the
AO s official file of record
o Request a waiver of debt If an advance has been given to the fellow in
the FPS or if a partial stipend is owed the IC may request a waiver of this
debt from the Office of Financial Management A sample OIR approved
memo is available
o Package personal belongings to return to family The IC POC will work
with the program personnel to remove personal belongings from the
deceased s workspace and arrange with the family to return the articles by
courier shipment or pick up by the family next of kin
o Recover government property as appropriate The AO should work with
the property representative and family to recover property assigned to the
deceased such as cell phones laptops CPUs etc Equipment assigned to
the individual in the PMIS will need to be re assigned to the appropriate
o Cancel accounts as appropriate
Virtual Private Network or parachute account Notify IC Local
Area Network LAN Support to cancel the account s
E mail IC LAN Support may put a notice on the email address
stating the IC POC information
Computer accounts IC LAN Support should be notified to cancel
Cell phone accounts The appropriate procurement official or AO
should be notified to cancel the account
Blackberry accounts The appropriate procurement official or AO
should be notified to cancel the service
Telephone service The program area personnel should work with
CIT to put the IC POC information on the voice mail for a set
period of times established by IC policy and then cancel the
telephone service
o Deactivate in FPS NED or other IC personnel tracking systems
TO Christine Major
Director OHR NIH
Director OFM NIH
FROM Area Principal Investigator Lab Division IC
THROUGH Scientific Director Division IC
Area AO Administrative Officer Division IC
SUBJECT Waiver of Debt on Behalf of Fellow Fellow
IC is requesting that the overpayment of 000 to the estate of Dr Fellow s Name not be
collected by NIH
A brief description of what transpired and why you are requesting this should be written
Thank you for your consideration
Christine Major Director OHR NIH
Ken Stith OFM NIH
Christine Major Director OHR NIH
Ken Stith OFM NIH
cc Fellowship Payment Office

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