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GGR338 2016 Syllabus Environmental Problems in

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6 Grades 13% Mid-term Test (In class October 17th) 22% Weekly Reading notes, preparation for classroom discussion (10 x 2.2%) 35% Group project

development or modernization interventions by states supra national organizations
and non governmental actors We will challenge our own pre existing conceptions of
the environment development and the poor so that we can understand these
concepts in relational historical socio cultural and geographical terms We will come to
understand how the ability to frame the environment and development as problems
is an act of power that legitimizes particular solutions i e which simply reproduces
prevailing social relations and the misallocation of environmental costs and benefits
Learning Objective
The overarching learning objective of the course is for you to identify and challenge your
personal relationship to environmental problems in developing countries I will ask you
to think about how are you implicated or engaged in these problems across multiple
scales due to your positionality as a Canadian or international student Toronto Ontario
resident migrant Indigenous person consumer producer voter artist etc Asked
differently how do you and others benefit from environmental problems in developing
countries Do we have a responsibility to try to solve these problems If so what
possibilities exist to work in alliances with those in developing countries most harmed by
these environmental problems
Learning Outcomes
Through your individual reading and writing assignments participation in classroom
discussion and group work I expect you will have five learning outcomes
1 To be able to critically reflect on how your everyday life is bound up in multi scalar
socio ecological processes of privilege oppression and political possibilities
2 To use social theory to ask more critical questions during group discussions and
for written assignments
3 To become an active reader and film reviewer who can ask critical questions
while you read or watch a film For example become better at identifying and
weighing an author s claims against the evidence they provide and relate your
insights to broader courses themes classroom discussion and other areas of your
life Or to question the narration voice used by a documentary filmmaker
4 To improve your ability to listen to your colleagues and to accept as well as offer
constructive criticism while working as part of a group
5 To become more confident facilitating or participating in oral discussions
Required Textbook
Robbins Paul 2012 Political Ecology A Critical Introduction Second Edition
Wiley Blackwell Chichester West Sussex Available at the UofT Bookstore
Week 1 Canadian Values Home and Abroad
Monday September 12th
Classroom Sid Smith 1071
Bruce Campion Smith 2016 Canadians favour screening would be immigrants
for anti Canadian values poll shows The Toronto Star September 10th
http www thestar com news canada 2016 09 10 canadians favour
screening immigrant values poll shows html
Week 2 Environmental Problems in Developing Countries Overview
Monday September 19th
Classroom Sid Smith 1071
Hardoy J E Satterthwaite D 1991 Environmental problems of Third World
cities a global issue ignored Public Administration and Development 11 342
Husssen Ahmen 2013 Part V Environmental sustainability in developing
countries In Hussen A Principles of environmental economics and
sustainability An integrated economic and ecological approach p 359 391
United Nations Environment Programme 2014 UNEP Year Book 2014
Emerging issues in our global environment
http www unep org yearbook 2014
Will be distributed for reading during class
Week 3 Imperialism Colonialism and the making of the environment
Monday September 26th
New Classroom OISE 2 212
Grove Richard 1992 Origins of Western Environmentalism Scientific
American 267 1 42 47 Available on Blackboard
Power M 2003 Development thinking and mystical kingdom of abundance
Rethinking Development Geographies London Routledge pp 71 94
Supplementary Reading Escobar A 1995 Sustainable Development The
Death of nature and the rise of environment In Encountering Development
The making and unmaking of the third world Princeton pp 192 199
Available on Blackboard
Textbook Box 5 2 p 115 Box 6 2 p 139
Week 4 Manufactured Landscapes Consumption as Violence
Monday October 3rd
Classroom OISE 2 212
Rees William E Westra Laura 2003 When consumption does violence Can
there be sustainability and environmental justice in a resource limited world
In Julian Agyeman Robert D Bullard and Bob Evans Eds Just
sustainabilities Development in an unequal world MIT Press Cambridge pp
99 124 Available on Blackboard
Textbook Chapter 1
October 10th No Classes Holiday
Week 5 The Critical Tools of Political Ecology
Monday October 17th
Mid term Test
Textbook Chapters 2 pp 25 28 only 3 4
Week 6 Resisting Multinational Mining and Tourism Projects
Guest Lecture Lazar Konforti
Monday October 24th
Textbook Chapters 8 10
Week 7 The Right to Shit
Monday October 31st
McFarlane C Desai R Graham S 2011 Everyday Sanitation A comparative
study of Mumbai s informal settlements Durham University
https www dur ac uk geography everyday sanitation
Galvin Mary 2015 Talking shit is Community Led Total Sanitation a radical and
revolutionary approach to sanitation WIREs Water 2 9 20
Monday November 7th No classes Reading Week
Week 8 The Political Ecology of Climate Change
Monday November 14th
Bachram Heidi 2004 Climate fraud and carbon colonialism the new trade in
greenhouse gases Capitalism Nature Socialism 15 4 5 20
Bohm S Misoczky M C Moog S 2012 Greening Capitalism A Marxist Critique
of Carbon Markets Organization Studies 33 11 1617 1638
Week 9 War on Earth Ships to Mars
Monday November 21st
William Bryant and C S Lewis 1995 The Re Vision of Planet Earth Space Flight
and Environmentalism in Postmodern America American Studies 36 2 Fall pp
43 63 http www jstor org myaccess library utoronto ca stable 40642725
Karl Mathiesen 2014 What s the environmental impact of modern war The
Guardian November 6th
https www theguardian com environment 2014 nov 06 whats the
environmental impact of modern war
Arsenault Chris 2006 Collateral Damage Canada s Vietnam THIS Magazine
March April
https www hatfieldgroup com wp
content uploads AgentOrangeNewsCoverage This Collateral pdf
Ron Garan c 2013 Why Spend Money on Space Exploration When We Have So
Many Problems Here on Earth https unreasonable is why spend money on
space exploration when we have so many problems here on earth
Week 10 Group led Facilitation
Monday November 28th
Textbook Chapter 11
Week 11 Group led Facilitation
Monday December 5th
Textbook Chapter 12
Week 12 Group led Facilitation Course Wrap Up
Wednesday December 7th
Make up Monday Class
13 Mid term Test In class October 17th
22 Weekly Reading notes preparation for classroom discussion 10 x 2 2
35 Group project
13 5 Weekly Group Meetings Attendance 9 x 1 5
6 5 Mid term Group Report
15 Final Group Facilitation Presentation
30 Final Exam
Late Assignments
Reading notes are to be submitted at the very beginning of class before 3 10pm Late
submissions will not be accepted without proper medical documentation
http www illnessverification utoronto ca or for non medical emergencies please
submit a letter from your college registrar Be aware that submitting a note that has
been altered or obtained under false pretenses is considered a very serious offence by
the University
Please read my teaching philosophy statement that is posted on Blackboard I expect
that you will come to class prepared to discuss the readings and to participate in class
activities I prefer a back and forth participatory learning environment I know that this
can be terrifying for more introverted students but I hope that as the course
progresses everyone will feel comfortable contributing to classroom discussion I try to
reduce the anxiety of speaking in class by having you work in pairs or small groups
before presenting to the class The onus is on the entire class to create a space where
everyone can feel comfortable voicing their ideas
I will also be giving you questions to help guide your readings If you find talking in
public terrifying the best thing you can do is come to class having completed your
reading class preparation notes Remember that I am not evaluating your language
skills or oratory showmanship in class rather I am most concerned with the substance
of your ideas and arguments Similarly if you really enjoy talking in class keep in mind
how much space you re taking up so that others can have a chance to contribute
My goal in this course is that you actually learn This may seem obvious but it is
amazing how easy it is to go through school even doing well on exams without actually
learning It will not be enough to simply memorize lecture slides since learning is a
process of critical engagement with the course material other learners and society
more broadly It is not enough to simply learn facts I want you to be able to use the
critical tools social theory to ask critical questions
Please note that we will not be grading you on what your opinion is but rather how well
your support your opinion with arguments and evidence
We will use an iterative learning process as a way for you to develop your critical
thinking writing and speaking You will engage at least three or four times with the
readings First you will read the readings before lecture identifying key concepts and
questions Second we may discuss the reading in lecture or classroom discussions
Third you use the readings to help inform your group project Fourth the final exam will
draw directly on the readings It should therefore become obvious to you that doing the
readings will really help you to learn and do well in this course
It is your responsibility to check Blackboard frequently once or twice a week You
MUST have a your name mail utoronto ca or utoronto ca email address indicated on
ROSI to properly receive messages from the instructors through Blackboard You can
access the Blackboard site here https portal utoronto ca webapps portal frameset jsp
Writing and Plagiarism
The University of Toronto is committed to the principles of academic integrity Please
review the University s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
There are many tools to help you improve your writing Please make an appointment
with your college s writing centre and check out the following
website www utoronto ca writing Plagiarism is an extremely serious academic offence
and we will be taking measures to identify plagiarized assignments It is your
responsibility to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it Please see
http www writing utoronto ca advice using sources how not to plagiarize
Accessibility Needs
The University of Toronto is committed to accessibility If you require accommodations
for a disability or have any accessibility concerns about the course the classroom or
course materials please contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible
disability services utoronto ca or http studentlife utoronto ca accessibility
For grading regulations and other rights and responsibilities consult the course
calendar http www artsandscience utoronto ca ofr calendar rules htm
Last Updated September 12 2016

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