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Joe Lee Larry Elmore Bruce Whitefield Phil Foglio Steve Peregrine DRAGON magazine is published monthly by Dragon Publishing, a division of TSR Hobbies, Inc. Subscription orders and change-of-address notices should be sent to Dragon Publishing, P.O. Box 110, Lake Geneva WI 53147. Tele-phone (414) 248-8044. DRAGON magazine is available at hundreds I

March 1982 Dragon
Dragon Vol VI No 9
Vol VI No 9 March 1982
There are a lot of nice things about product worth its price That decision is Publisher Jake Jaquet
Editor in Chief Kim Mohan
writing for a magazine that s read by a up to the customer In this case all we
Editorial staff Bryce Knorr
few hundred thousand people One of can really do and should have done Marilyn Mays
the less obvious nice things is this If four issues ago is to let you know all Gali Sanchez
we make a mistake it doesn t go unno the facts when there s a choice to be Sales Debbie Chiusano
ticed At least one of those hundreds of made Circulation Corey Koebernick
thousands of people will let us know we I m far from convinced that SPELL Office staff Cherie Knull
goofed and then we get a chance to set BINDERS is an attempt to reap obscene Roger Raupp
things straight profits from ignorant gamers Orisek Contributing editors Roger Moore
Case in point Lauren Kingman of Industries is a small company that pro Ed Greenwood
Hyde Park N Y wrote us to unmask duces relatively small quantities of its This issue s contributing artists
what he called an attempt to reap ob products When you don t manufacture James Holloway Roger Raupp
scene profits from ignorant gamers and very many copies of something each Joe Lee Larry Elmore
to successfully con the DRAGON s editor one costs quite a lot to make The com Bruce Whitefield Phil Foglio
in chief panies that make normal easel back Steve Peregrine
His gripe is with SPELLBINDERS a binders presumably have a much larger
product of Orisek Industries The set of market for their product and can afford DRAGON magazine is published monthly by
Dragon Publishing a division of TSR Hobbies
notebook binders was one of several to produce more copies at a much lower Inc Subscription orders and change of address
new game related accessories reviewed price per unit Lauren has a right to com notices should be sent to Dragon Publishing
by yours truly in issue 55 of DRAGON plain about the price in a comparative P O Box 110 Lake Geneva WI 53147 Tele
phone 414 248 8044
Magazine The largest of the set bearing sense but not the right to accuse any
an 8 95 price tag is in Lauren s words body of making obscene profits DRAGON magazine is available at hundreds
of hobby stores and bookstores throughout the
neither original new or unique I can Surely other readers reacted the same I United States and Canada and through a limit
detect no difference between SPELL way as Lauren when they read the review ed number of overseas outlets Subscription
rates are as follows with all payments to be
BINDERS and what are known in the sta of SPELLBINDERS I assume that to be made in advance 24 for 12 issues sent to a U S
tionery trade as easel back presentation so even though he was the only person or Canadian address 50 U S for 12 issues sent
binders who called the mistake to our attention via surface mail or 95 for 12 issues sent via air
mail to any other country
Lauren chides me and rightfully so If the stationery store in Hyde Park
for characterizing the product as N Y is the only place easel back bind A limited quantity of certain back issues of
DRAGON magazine can be purchased directly
original Honest I never heard of an ers are sold I ve just made a fool of my from the publisher by sending the cover price
easel back presentation binder until I self twice over To Lauren and the oth plus 1 50 postage and handling for each issue
ordered Payment in advance by check or mo
got his letter And now that I know I ers like him I apologize for my ignor ney order must accompany all orders Payments
cringe when I scan the part of the review ance And this ignorant editor owes a cannot be made through a credit card and
that says Orisek Industries is a com greater apology to all ignorant gamers orders cannot be taken nor merchandise re
served by telephone Neither an individual cus
pany that makes How come nobody out there who might have been misled by tomer nor an institution can be billed for a sub
thought of that before products what was said or not said in the review scription order or back issue purchase unless
prior arrangements are made
Apparently somebody had thought of
that before and it was presumptuous of The issue of expiration for each subscription
is printed on the mailing label for each sub
me to suggest that the concept of the scriber s copy of the magazine Changes of ad
easel back binder originated at Orisek dress for the delivery of subscriptions must be
Industries I hasten to point out that the received at least 30 days prior to the effective
date of the change in order to insure uninter
company made no such claim rupted delivery
Secondly Lauren takes issue with the All material published in DRAGON magazine
price These binders have made my becomes the exclusive property of the publisher
DMing easier for a long time he writes upon publication unless special arrangements
to the contrary are made prior to publication
They can be bought at most stationery DRAGON magazine welcomes unsolicited sub
stores for about 4 I suggest that a missions of written material and artwork how
DM buy an easel back presentation ever no responsibility for such submissions can
be assumed by the publisher in any event Any
binder and take the 5 he just saved and submission which is accompanied by a self
apply it towards a game accessory whose addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size
will be returned to the contributor if it cannot be
price is justified by development and published
production costs
DRAGON is a trademark for Dragon Publish
Since I ve never seen an easel back ing s monthly adventure playing aid All rights
binder in a stationery store I don t know on the contents of this publication are reserved
what Lauren s getting for his four dollar and nothing may be reproduced from it in whole
or in part without prior permission in writing
investment Maybe the SPELLBINDERS from the publisher Copyright 1982 by TSR
notebook is significantly stronger or larg Hobbies Inc USPS 318 790 ISSN 0279 6848
er or more durable than the average Second class postage paid at Lake Geneva
easel back binder Maybe the differen Wis and at additional mailing offices
ces if there are any make the Orisek
March 1982 Dragon
his issue of DRAGON Magazine is specially for We don t need a fortune teller to be sure that A D Rogan s
those of you whose versions of fantasy have more article on gypsies will be well accepted by AD D gamers The
to do with planets than planes of existence more historical and legendary characteristics of gypsies combine to
with lasers than longbows Counting the cover make a potent and playable new character type Speaking of
painting and a spread of 23 pages inside this maga potent check out the Demonic Knights of Doom as described
zine has more science fiction material in it than we ve ever used by Rob Kuntz in the debut of a new regular feature about
in a single issue before happenings in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK Fantasy Setting
Our center 16 pages are filled with Exonidas Spaceport a When one of these guys asks you whose side you re on you d
setting described in meticulous detail by author Jeff Swycaffer better have a quick answer and it better be the right one
and designed for use in Traveller games Rather than present Following in the format of his articles on dwarves in our last
ing one narrow situation for characters to figure their way into issue contributing editor Roger Moore presents The halfling
and out of Exonidas is a package of opportunities an environ point of view and The gods of the halflings Just in back of
ment from which dozens of different sorts of adventures could that seven page section is a detailed story on particular poi
spring Everything we and Jeff could think of is included in the sons from Larry DiTillio s campaign that we hope you ll find
package all the way from a diagram of the entire solar system easy to swallow
down to where everyone sits in the offices of Torman and Son Making up monsters is easy Making up good monsters is
Jim Holloway and his talented airbrush or maybe that something else altogether as Lew Pulsipher points out in
should be talented Jim Holloway and his airbrush provided Make monsters not monstrosities After you ve read about
this month s cover a portrayal of the climactic scene from Lew s guidelines turn to the Bestiary and see how well you
Skitterbugging a science fiction tale which precedes the Exon think this month s monster makers have done
idas section Between the story and the spaceport is a page A quintet of characters from famous fiction ranging from the
devoted to descriptions of the people and things from the story almost ordinary to the extraordinary are offered for your
in Traveller terminology Further connections are left for you to edification in Giants in the Earth
make Could the skitterbuggers prosper in a place like Hori Reviewer Tony Watson gives his evaluations of Starfire III
theur Are there mist wasps holed up in the hills of Theury Empires and Demonlord in Dragon s Augury Chris Henderson
All that talk about outer space doesn t mean there isn t plenty looks at new releases from the world of literature in the most
of material inside for fans of the D D and AD D games First colorful installment of Off the Shelf we ve ever published and
and foremost among the fantasy features is From the Sorcer two more pages worth of miniatures and other game accesso
or s Scroll wherein Gary Gygax introduces you to the magic of ries are covered in Figuratively Speaking And miniatures are
cantrips and provides official descriptions of two new AD D also on Phil Foglio s mind as you ll see in What s New Now
items the Advanced Illusion spell and the Philosopher s Stone get the lead out and start reading KM
SPECIAL ATTRACTION Giants in the Earth
Exonidas Spaceport An adventure Sir Roger de Tourneville 11
for Traveler characters 33 Harold Shea 12
Anthony Villiers 13
OTHER FEATURES Mark Cornwall 14
Gypsies A curse or a blessing or both 16 Sniveley 15
The Great Kingdom and the Knights of Doom 24 Dragon s Bestiary
Skitterbugging Futuristic fiction 26 Bleeder 21
Translating skitterbuggers into Traveller 32 Stymphalian birds 22
The halfling point of view 49 Spriggan 22
The gods of the halflings 52 Convention schedule 67
Poison The toxins of Cerilon 57 Figuratively Speaking 68
Make monsters not monstrosities 62 Dragon s Augury
Starfire III Empires 72
Out on a Limb Letters from readers 4 Off the Shelf 75
From the Sorcerer s Scroll The magic of cantrips 6 What s New 78
Advanced Illusion and Philosopher s Stone 10 Dragon Mirth 80
Dragon Vol VI No 9
PC demigods the DMG explaining in essence that after all
AD D is only a game and that compro
feels he can use to further his own ends A
thief will need fighter cover in an adventure to
Dear Editor mises must be made The paragraph then help him survive an assassin will welcome the
Enough is indeed enough A hearty thanks goes on to state that real fighters would get help of spell casters and other adventurers to
to Greg Fox for his letter of protest issue 55 real experience by exercising riding smit cover his assassination attempts and an evil
concerning player character demi gods i e ing pelts and tilting at the lists Somehow I warlord will surround himself with other char
those PCs stronger than Moradin faster than believe that one would gain a bit more exper acters to prevent personal injury from ene
Corellon and possessing magical items to ience by battling a troll than by fencing with a mies Also evil characters must advance in
rival those of Thoth I have recently encoun friend levels and will travel with a party and cooper
tered a player DM with the following charac Mr Gygax has made an unforgivable mis ate in hopes of receiving treasure and exper
ter NPC a 20th 25th level human fighter take here and that mistake is underrating his ience As for being well played an assassin
magic user all stats between 18 and 25 heav own gaming system In my experience AD D may indeed backstab when an adventure is
ily weighted toward the upper end of course is the best role playing game on the market over for the extra experience and a thief may
who owns an army of 1 000 dragons special and no Mr Gygax concessions do not have very well pick party pockets with the party
hybrids each using two different types of to be made It in no way harms characters to none the wiser Of course a thief who has
breath weapons an ogre magi astride each receive gold without the experience that sup sprung traps and opened locks for a party as
one When asked what possible use this reptil posedly goes along with it after all the two well as surprising opponents will definitely be
ian armada could be put to he related his can never be mutually exclusive I have never appreciated if not trusted
plans for attaching a cable to each one and encountered the smallest pile of copper that Mr Blume also says that when an evil char
using them to move his castle to a nearby was not guarded by something which consi acter begins to dominate other party mem
island And finally among his hundreds of dered it valuable and that something is bers the group will dissolve in chaos In the
magical items he has a rod of curinglresur worth experience points group I am DM for the only evil player charac
rection with an infinite number of charges Bill Knorpp ter in the bunch is the second most powerful
Ugh And as if that weren t enough when I DeSoto Mo character in the group next to a druid He
related this to a friend of mine he merely plays very independently and is often away
sneered derisively and began telling me about from the party but he does benefit them in
what his 50th level ranger D 30 S 35 would some ways He also keeps the other charac
do to such a wimp I began to feel dizzy
So having had personal experience with
Spice and intrigue ters on their toes which keeps them from
getting too lax His presence is appreciated in
the PC demigod problem I must applaud the Dear Editor the campaign In another campaign my friend
first part of Mr Fox s letter His observations I read an article in Up on a Soapbox in and I play a pair of neutral evil characters who
concerning experience points however are DRAGON 57 that upset me greatly It was the happen to be twin brothers We are by a small
not indisputable article about how no intelligent AD D margin the two most powerful characters in
Mr Fox tells us that gasp a player actually player would deliberately choose to play a the party The party itself is almost exclusively
egad wanted experience points for being hit character of evil alignment I have had many evil and all the players are very independent
in combat What s the big deal As you rise in experiences with evil player characters both No one trusts anyone else past basic bodily
levels you not only progress on the combat as a Dungeon Master and as a player and I defense and party treasure is a rarity All
tables but you gain hit points and as we are have found that evil characters not only have the players and the Dungeon Master agree
told on page 82 of the DMG these increasing the most fun but they add spice and intrigue this campaign is one of the best they have
hit points do not reflect an ability to sustain an to the campaign which helps the other play ever known
increasing amount of physical damage but ers enjoy it more Christopher Miller
the skill and fatigue involved in avoiding dam Brian Blume the author said that in real Grove City Pa
age Therefore a character who is hit in melee life evil characters are ostracized from socie
has gained if he survives nearly as much ty that no one trusts them or cooperates with
experience ah next time I dodge thus and them In real life who are the evil people Are
parry so as a character who hits I tend to give
these characters one half share of experience
they the thieves and robbers who terrorize
people and roam the streets Yes sometimes
Weapon skill
points providing they were not rendered un but evil also abounds in government big bus Dear Editor
conscious in which case I doubt they were iness and many other respectable profes The Leomund s Tiny Hut article concerning
paying attention to their combat abilities sions Evil and criminal are not always syn the use of sword and shield 57 was a com
This is not an unrealistic interpretation of onymous Evil merely implies that the person mendable article and it set me to thinking
experience especially in light of some other is out for his own good and he doesn t care For quite some time I have been using a wea
methods of gaining experience points such who gets trampled in the process There are pons skill system that I others might be inter
as finding treasure Here we find a rule that thousands of people who fit this description ested in One of the enormous improvements
the AD D game could do without Characters who have not been ostracized from the com between the D D and AD D game systems is
in my milieu get no experience points for trea munity Many are the most trusted members the proficiency rules However although
sure and advance quickly enough anyway I of corporations and businesses these rules provide for the process of learning
suppose there may be an explanation some He stated that no one can trust the evil to use different weapons there is no way for a
where as to why this system was ever incorpo character because the evil character will not character to excel in any one weapon With
rated but I have been unable to find it only cooperate with anyone On the contrary the the system I devised an individual may gain
in an ill thought out paragraph on page 85 of evil character will cooperate with anyone he Turn to page 66
March 1982
Dragon Vol VI No 9
magic user The stuff of base servitude and inferior status
would be cast aside for the heady power of actual spells How
ever as I worked on the list of cantrips which might be possible
to apprentices I was struck by the real usefulness of many of
them Why not allow the magic user the option of retaining
cantrips Would it unbalance play if a number of cantrips could
be substituted for a single first level spell A few days of addi
tional work detailing the powers of cantrips and determining
their possible effects gave the answer Not only did the addition
not adversely affect the game the inclusion of cantrips made
the play of low level magic users very much more interesting
and challenging The following regarding cantrips is from my
AD D expansion manuscript
Cantrips are merely 0 level magic user spells the spells
learned and used by apprentices during their long rigorous
and tedious training for the craft of magic use Most cantrips
are simple little spells of no great effect so when the individual
becomes a journeyman 1st level magic user the knowledge
and information pertaining to these small magics are discarded
in favor of the more powerful spells then available However a
magic user may opt to remember up to four cantrips in place of
one 1st level spell This assumes that the magic user has in
fact retained his or her book of cantrips a tome as large as a
good sized book of higher level spells
by Gary Gygax The number and types of cantrips known and recorded is
determined by random use of the tables given below The ex
ception is the table of useful cantrips those which were
employed to make apprenticeship less wearisome An apprent
1982 E Gary Gygax AIl rights reserved ice will have one useful cantrip for each point of intelligence
and is allowed free choice from the list of 20 offered
All cantrips are 0 level have a 1 range a generally small area
Elsewhere in this magazine is a new column That Gentle
of effect require only soft simple verbal and somatic compo
Reader is where news of the WORLD OF GREYHAWK Fanta
nents and are cast in a very short 1 10th to 1 2 segment time
sy Setting as well as material for new adventures therein will
Only those which involve living creatures afford any saving
be aired This separation is made to avoid any confusion He
throw The common cantrips are
rein will be found material for adventures in any ADVANCED
D D campaign and occasionally DUNGEONS DRAG Useful
ONS material too The new column will adhere strictly to the No Cantrips Reversed 2 8 Legerdemain 2 5
Greyhawk campaign and what goes on there So if you are bent 1 Chill Curdle Change
on immediate news from the Flanaess please look elsewhere 2 Clean Dirty Distract
What follows is strictly in the AD D gaming realm 3 Color Dusty Hide
This is not to say that no further word from me will be read in 4 Dampen Hairy Mute
the columns pertaining to Greyhawk for I am still laboring on 5 Dry Knot Palm
the updating as well as on don t faint T2 and a pair of other 6 Dust Ravel Present
modules The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun a scenario 7 Exterminate Sour
connected to S4 and Wasp Nest The City State of Stoink 8 Flavor Spill
More or less concurrently I am attempting to plug away at two 9 Freshen Tangle
new volumes for AD D gaming The next book of monsters 10 Gather Tarnish
will be the one to be released last 1984 possibly 11 Polish Untie
With plenty of labor and even more luck there will be an 12 Salt W ilt
ADVANCED DUNGEONS DRAGONS expansion volume 13 Shine
next year It will be for both players and DMs with several new 14 Spice
character classes new weapons scores of new spells new 15 Sprout
magic items etc What will follow here in the next few issues is a 16 Stitch
sampling of the material slated for inclusion in the expansion 17 Sweeten
I have often wondered why no player or DM has asked me 18 Tie
about what apprentice magic users actually do The very 19 Warm
thought always conjures up visions of Mickey Mouse having 20 Wrap
troubles with brooms marching endlessly with buckets of water
Walt Disney really outdid himself when he made Fantasia No Person 2 8 Personal 2 8 Haunting 2 5
That aside I have always reasoned that apprentice dweomer 1 Belch Bee Creak
crafters had to fulfill the dual role of menial and student per 2 Blink Bluelight Footfall
forming chores all day and then studying late into the night 3 Cough Bug Groan
After a certain point an apprentice would begin to acquire 4 Giggle Firefinger Moan
sufficient magical acumen to employ minor magics mainly to 5 Nod Gnats Rattle
lighten his burden of drudgery but also to create some amuse 6 Scratch Mouse Tap
ment at times The petty spells gained by an apprentice magic 7 Sneeze Smokepuff Thump
user are cantrips 8 Twitch Spider Whistle
Previously the acquisition of first level spell ability sub 9 Wink Tweek
sumed that lesser magics would be ignored by the fledging 10 Yawn Unlock
March 1982 Dragon
Useful Cantrips
Chill Evocation A cantrip of this nature allows the
A of E 1 cube caster to cause liquid or solid material
CT segment to become about 40 F cooler than it
was subject to a minimum temperature
of freezing If the subject is living mat
ter the cantrip will be only half as ef
fective and will not lower temperature
more than 10 below normal for that
creature Verbal component is a soft
whistling somatic is a downward
thrust thumb
Clean Abjuration This cantrip removes heavy soil dirt
A of E 4 sq yds and like foreign objects from floors
CT segment walls dishes windows etc The sub
ject surfaces are then spotless but care
must be taken in removal of pigments
and the like so usually only one type of
material will be treated in a single ap
plication Verbal component is a low
outrush of air somatic is a circular
hand motion
Color Evocation This brings color to an object It can
A of E 1 cubic yd be used to restore faded hues or to
CT segment tinge those already colored with a dif
ferent hue Thus dull or faded fabric
can be brightened pigments restored
or even hair or skin changed to another area of up to cubic foot can be rid of
color The effect must be renewed ev pests The somatic gesture is a pointed
ery 30 days Verbal component is a finger while the caster verbalizes a low
humming somatic is a back and forth zzzt sound
or wringing hand motion
Flavor This cantrip enables the caster to
Dampen When a cantrip of this sort is cast Enchantment give the subject a superior or better or
Evocation the subject area is permeated by a fog A of E 1 object different flavor Thus much can be
A of E 1 cubic yd like dampness which leaves all material CT segment made to taste as if it were lobster
CT segment within it damp to the touch It is useful bisque but the dweomer will not actu
for many sorts of things It is hard on ally affect the quality or wholesome
parchment and it similarly makes it ness of the subject Spoiled food re
and like substances hard to set aflame mains spoiled a poisoned drink would
Verbal component is a low hooting or a still be deadly The verbal component
hummed ditty somatic is a hand ges is a muttered lip smacking sound the
ture upwards with writhing fingers somatic gesture is a shaking motion
Dry Abjuration The cantrip removes dampness and Freshen By means of this cantrip the caster
A of E 1 cubic yd escess moisture from materials within Enchantment brings new life or freshness to the ob
CT segment the subject areas It is useful for cloth A of E 1 object ject desired The magic applies to food
herbs and cleaning chores Verbal CT segment and drink items such as milk beer
component is similar to that of the meat and raw vegetables It also works
dampen cantrip and the somatic is a with cut vegetables flowers herbs etc
two handed wringing motion Although it will remove a slight taint of
spoilage restore drooping flowers and
Dust Abjuration This removes all fine dust and tiny so on it lasts for but an hour The sub
A of E 10 r grit particles from exposed surfaces ject must be of relatively small size i e
CT segment such as floors shelves walls etc a small cask of liquid a sheep a bushel
Material so removed is transported el of vegetables etc Verbal component is
sewhere but new dust can accumulate an mmmmmm sound while the hand
of course Verbal component is a con makes a mystic symbol with thumb and
tinuous in drawing of breath somatic forefinger forming a circle and the oth
is a back and forth hand motion er fingers upright and apart
Exterminate When this cantrip is used the caster Gather Alteration This cantrip enables the caster to
Abjuration may kill a small pest such as a fly A of E 1 sq yd neatly gather numerous small objects
A of E One very mouse rat beetle or the like It is use CT 1 6 segment into a stack or pile For instance if
small creature ful for indoors and outdoor applica nails nuts coins papers or like ob
CT 1 10 segment tions If the subject is very small an jects were spilled the magic would
Dragon Vol VI No 9
bring them together It can be used se flower etc Fruits and vegetables can
lectively for instance to separate one be caused to ripen or actually go past
type of material from another but only ripening to spoilage by this cantrip A
the selected type would be gathered susurrant sound is verbalized while the
neatly The caster verbalizes the type of caster s hand makes hoeing motions
material to be gathered while making a
gathering motion Stitch Alteration This cantrip magically sews seams in
A of E Special cloth or leather It will make new ones
Polish Alteration When this cantrip is employed the CT segment or repair old work About 20 yards of
A of E 1 object caster magically smooths and brings a cloth can be thus stitched but only
CT segment luster to materials such as wood metal about 2 yards of leather The seam thus
stone leather or ceramic Naturaily created is neither stronger nor weaker
the desired object must be relatively than a seam done without magic Usu
clean in order for the cantrip to be ef ally a brief rhyme is recited as the hand
fective The object affected must be of makes a sewing motion
reasonable size a floor of up to 1 000
square feet an armoire etc It works Sweeten This cantrip is the same as a spice
Evocation cantrip except that the result is the ev
better on smaller objects of course
such as boots mirrors crystal contain A of E 1 object ocation of a sweetener sugar honey
ers etc The caster hums a ditty while CT segment or even a syrup Components are a
making a buffing motion buzzing sound and a stirring motion
Salt Evocation This causes a sprinkling of fine salt Tie Alteration By means of this cantrip the caster
A of E 1 object to magically appear and descend upon A of E 1 object can magically cause the object
CT 1 6 segment CT segment thread string cord rope or even cable
the desired object a stew some
troublesome weed patch or a barrel to tightly knot itself to either its oth
full of stock fish to be preserved The er end or an end of a similar object
object must be a reasonable size up within 1 of it The resulting knot will be
to perhaps 4 square yards in area or a normal one such as a square knot
about 30 gal liquid volume Care must half hitch running bowline or whatev
be taken to avoid over salting if the ob er the caster desires The caster verbal
ject involved is smaller and if the ob izes the knot name desired while hold
ject is larger it will not receive much ing up three fingers
salt Verbal component is a labial Warm Evocation This cantrip is the same as chill ex
smacking while the hand makes a A of E 1 cube cept that the magic brings a warming
sprinkling motion CT segment of the liquid or solid The temperature
Shine Alteration Similar to the polish cantrip above will rise at most about 40 F The can
A of E 1 object this magic allows the caster to remove trip will never cause living creatures to
CT segment tarnish rust corrosion and like sub become warmer than their normal body
stances from the desired object This temperature Components are an aah
cantrip brings about a mirror bright sound while the hands are rubbed
shine to objects capable of such caus briskly together
ing their surfaces to be smooth and Wrap Alteration When a wrap cantrip is employed
unmarred A piece of jewelry for in A of E 1 cubic yd the caster creates a strong and sturdy
stance would be made more attractive CT segment wrapping around the subject desired
and even its gems better 1 on die a bit of herbs a heap of flour a bundle
rolls A single object up to about 1 of cloth etc The material of the cantrip
cubic yard in volume can be treated by is of a suitable type and thickness for
this cantrip Verbal and somatic com the item s to be wrapped Thus a few
ponents are similar to polish ounces of fine powder will be con
Spice Evocation Unlike the flavor cantrip this magic tained in a waxy tissue gem stones in a
A of E 1 object actually brings a particular spice to the felt like envelope meal in cloth and so
CT segment object food or drink Thus ginger forth The wrapping can be opened
pepper and like spices can be brought normally but the caster can just as eas
to add zest or disguise Herbs like bay ily order it to open so the cantrip is
leaf garlic parsley etc can likewise be often used to enfold the material com
evoked by this The quantity is suffi ponents of a spell The caster verbal
cient to spice food or drink for about a izes a general class of wrapping de
dozen people The spice or herb ap sired while making folding motions
pears over the object vessel as a fine with his hands
powder or flake falls upon it and adds
its substance to the dish or drink A dit Reversed Cantrips
ty is hummed while the hand makes a
crumbling and sprinkling motion Curdle This cantrip is broader in effect than
Enchantment its name for it affects many food and
Sprout Alteration By means of this cantrip the caster A of E 1 object drink items The magic curdles milk
A of E 1 cubic yd causes acceleration in the growth of CT 1 6 segment and hastens spoilage or wilting It has a
CT segment plants particularly with respect to the permanent effect on the object It is
germination of plant seeds Upon cast otherwise similar to freshen The caster
ing the cantrip will cause seeds to verbalizes a retching sound while point
shoot forth tiny sprouts buds to ing the thumb downward
March 1982 Dragon
Dirty Evocation The opposite of clean cantrip this Knot Alteration This cantrip is a permutation of the
A of E 4 sq yds lets casters soil spot and sully walls A of E 1 object tie It causes the thread string cord or
CT 1 6 segment floors dishes garments etc Verbal CT segment rope to knot itself in such a manner as
component is a spitting sound made to be very difficult to untie and from 2
while shuffling and stamping the feet 8 rounds minus dexterity bonus for
reaction of the individual untying the
Dusty Evocation By means of this cantrip the caster knot to undo It works even on material
A of E 10 r causes a film of dust and grime to set already affected by a tie spell The cast
CT 1 6 segment tle upon all exposed surfaces within the er verbalizes a low zizzing sound
cantrip area of effect Verbal compo while moving the arm forward with
nent is a low humming while the hands strong wrist motion
make shaking motions
Ravel Alteration This cantrip is the reverse of a stitch
A of E Special It will work only if there is a loose or
Hairy Alteration While this cantrip is not actually one
CT 1 10 segment broken thread in the seam or fabric to
A of E 1 object of the standard useful ones which
be affected except for material magic
CT 1 10 segment apprentices reverse for mischievous
ally stitched by the appropriate cantrip
ness it is one which is generally used
When the latter sort of seam or material
for no good purpose It causes hair fur
is involved the ravel cantrip will always
or hair like growth to thicken and leng
work except in the case where the sub
then Thus a head of hair a peach a
ject is otherwise magical i e a bag of
beard a cat or whatever could be af
holding a cloak of protection boots of
fected The growth will cause the sub
elvenkind etc The name of the cantrip
ject material to increase from 2 12
is verbalized while the fingers make a
inches in length The subject material
plucking motion
must be trimmed or cut to remove the
cantrip s effect This cantrip can be Sour Evocation When this cantrip is employed the
reversed to shorten growth or effective A of E 1 object caster causes the subject food or drink
ly shave but as the effect on short CT segment to take on a sour taste not unlike vi
material growth under 1 inch in negar of the appropriate sort While it is
length is complete absence of growth typically used to spoil wine beer or
for 2 12 days it is not often used The some pastry the sour cantrip can be
caster verbalizes snicking sounds while used to useful purpose The magic ac
making massaging motions for growth tually causes about a pint maximum
or scissoring motions for removal of vinegar to appear over the subject
Dragon Vol VI No 9
This can be an empty container in The object must be of about 1 cubic
which such liquid is desired The caster yard or less in volume Verbal compo
purses the lips and makes a whooshing nent is a spitting sound while the hand
sound while clenching the hand makes a sprinkling motion
Spill The opposite of a gather cantrip this Untie Alteration This permutation of a tie cantrip is
Alteration enables the caster to cause the con A of E 1 object simply the reverse of the magic The
A of E 1 container tents of a container to spill out The ob CT 1 3 segment caster selects an object thread
CT 1 6 segment ject container is actually tipped by the string cord etc which is knotted or
cantrip and as it is not powerful con tied The cantrip removes the knot or
tainers of more than about gallon size tying Note that the untie cantrip will
or magical ones will not be affected by cause a tangle to be nullified The can
the cantrip Solids and or liquids within trip will not remove both a knot and a
the object container will spill out pro normal tying normal knot or one
viding the container is not securely caused by a tie cantrip but it will
closed or capped The caster verbalizes cause the former to disappear so that
an oh oh sound while making an only a normal tying remains Somatic
abrupt hand motion and verbal components vary according
to desired result In general a popping
Tangle Alteration A permutation of the tie cantrip this
sound is made while the hands are
A of E 1 object magic allows the caster to cause fine
pulled apart either as if a knot were
CT 1 6 segment material such as thread hair small
being untied or a cord snapped
grass and the like to become twisted
and entwined in a tangle It will not Wilt A reverse of the freshen cantrip
work on heavy material such as rope Enchantment which affects only vegetable material
Untangling subject material will take 3 A of E 1 object whether growing or picked Thus a
12 rounds unless it is roughly done CT segment plant can be made to wilt or possibly
and the material is broken and snapped wither if it is not very healthy or a
in the process torn loose etc The can bunch of cut flowers sag and droop
trip will tangle mixed materials such as Verbal component is a descending
grass and string hair and threads and hum while the forefinger is slowly
so forth A buzzing is verbalized while curled from an upright position
the finger makes a stirring motion
Tarnish The reverse of a shine cantrip this Sorry Gentle Readers but that s all there is room for in this
Alteration causes a covering of rust corrosion issue Next month we will pick up where we left off and finish all
A of E 1 object verdigris or the like to cover an object of the explanations as well as give a brief note on casting
CT segment normally subject to such tarnishing cantrips Until then
Advanced Illusion and Philosopher s Stone
by Gary Gygax Explanation Description This spelI ity is lined with a quicksilver that ena
1982 E Gary Gygax All rights reserved is essentially a spectra forces spell bles the transmutation of the base
that operates through a program sim metals iron and lead into silver and
It seems that TSR gets the cart in
ilar to a programmed illusion spell gold Either an alchemist or a magic
advance of the horse fairly often
the caster determines Thus the illu user will be required to effect such
Thanks to the kind offices of DRAG
sionist must concentrate on the spell transmutation however From 50 to
ON Magazine we don t have to keep
for longer than 5 segments after cast 500 pounds of iron can be made into
everyone in suspense for months be
ing it as the program has then been silver or from 10 to 100 pounds of
cause of premature actions I refer
started and will continue The illusion lead can be turned into gold from a
specifically to the mention of an illu
has visual full audial olfactory and single philosopher s stone Better still
sionist spell advanced illusion in the
thermal components If any viewer two additional substances are possi
FIEND FOLIO Cyclopedia and to
actively disbelieves the dweomer he ble within such a stone The first is a
the mention of the magic item philo
she or it gains a saving throw versus greenish crystalline salt which will al
sopher s stone Here is the informa
magic If any viewer successfully dis low the manufacture of from 1 to 4
tion you need to handle both items
believes and communicates this fact potions of longevity and has a 75
Just to keep our Gentle Readers well
to other viewers able to comprehend probability of occurring within the
informed they will eventually appear
the communication each such viewer stone The second is a pure white
in a tome of material expanding AD
gains a saving throw versus magic powder which when mixed with a po
with a 4 bonus The material compo tion of longevity can actually restore
games that should be ready in 1983
nents for this spell are a bit of fleece life to a dead human or even a demi
Advanced Illusion Illusion Phantasm and several grains of sand human if administered internally with
in one week of his or her demise Cf
raise dead spell There is a 25
Range 6 1 level Philosopher s Stone This rare and
chance the white powder is present
Duration 1 round level magical object appears to be an ordi
Area of Effect 4 sq 1 sq level nary rather blackish and sooty piece
X P Value 1 000
Components V S M of rock It radiates a faint dweomer If
Casting Time 5 segments broken open a geode like cavity will G P Sale Value 10 000 payable
Saving Throw Special be discovered The interior of this cav only for an unopened stone
March 1982 Dragon
Poul Anderson s nearest colony world of the Wersgorix captured starships to other worlds bat
SIR ROGER DE TOURNEVILLE instead of to France hoping the trouble tling the Wersgorix wherever he found
some English would meet their match them and allying his forces with those of
10th level fighter and be done with other civilizations who hated the Wers
ALIGNMENT Neutral good Such was not to be Sir Roger was gorix as well Sir Roger does not dare
HIT POINTS 91 quick to grasp the essentials of the alien cease his war with the aliens since he
ARMOR CLASS 0 technology and his knowledge of me knows if he did so the Wersgorix would
NO OF ATTACKS 3 2 dieval combat and his knack for trickery destroy the humans and try to seek out
DAMAGE ATTACK 1 8 3 saved the ship s company many times the lost Earth to destroy or enslave it as
HIT BONUS 1 He led cavalry charges against armed well
MOVE 6 15 alien forces that succeeded because of Sir Roger is a typical lusty battle
PSIONIC ABILITY Nil the very unexpectedness of the assault hungry Englishman whose personal man
STRENGTH 18 12 and his own leadership ners do not quite reach the ideals of chi
INTELLIGENCE 15 Even when it became apparent that valry or of his wife Lady Catharine He is
WISDOM 13 none of the Englishmen would ever re grey eyed has blond hair that he keeps
DEXTERITY 17 turn to Earth he refused to admit defeat shaved on the sides and maintains a
CONSTITUTION 16 confident and happy appearance even
CHARISMA 15 when faced with tremendous adversity
If he perceives he is dealing with power
Sir Roger de Tourneville was a baron ful opponents he is skilled at bluffing
in England in the year 1345 who was and never reveals his fear He tends to
gathering an army at the village of Ansby interpret sophisticated technology in
to aid King Edward Ill s war against terms of magic and other unholy forces
France Unexpectedly Ansby was also being the medieval Christian that he is
selected as the landing site of an inva He still holds Edward III to be his king
sion force of the Wersgorix a blue though he has no idea where Earth is any
skinned alien race bent on conquering more and he plans to add all the worlds
Earth and adding it to the growing num he s conquered to the holdings of Eng
ber of subject planets in their empire A land when he returns after the final tri
2 000 foot long starship landed near the umph over the Wersgorix
village and was quickly surrounded by If encountered in an AD D universe
the English warriors who believed it to it is likely that Sir Roger has landed his
be sent from either heaven or hell The ship somewhere nearby and is out with
Wersgorix tried to frighten the humans his men searching for aliens to fight He
with their advanced weapons but this wears plate mail and carries a longsword
proved a mistake The Englishmen at and lance when astride his black heavy
tacked in a berserk fury with hand to warhorse He may also possess various
hand weapons and bows and decimated weapons of advanced technology the
the ship s crew which had never fought Mark V Blaster and several Energy Gre
in close combat before and had never He overran a local starport successfully nades from the GAMMA WORLD game
expected to fight the humans anyway defending it from alien infantry and ar are suggested His men may also have a
When Sir Roger and his men gained mored attacks and improvised new stra variety of advanced and archaic wea
control of the starship though he had tegies as he went along At one point his pons though Sir Roger and his forces
very little idea of what it was or what it forces launched nuclear weapons from prefer good old fashioned hand to hand
did Sir Roger proposed that the ship be trebuchets and fought off anti gravity melee There is a 50 chance when Sir
used against the French and eventually assault boats with longbows and ballis Roger is outside the ship that he will be
against the Moslems to recover the Holy tae The Wersgorix thoroughly unfamil accompanied by Lady Catharine 5th
Land His plan was enthusiastically re iar with such tactics and continually un level fighter and by Brother Parvus a
ceived by nearly all the townsfolk and derestimating the English and Sir Roger medieval cleric 6th level of small sta
2 000 people with all their worldly pos continued to withdraw With captured ture Whether he finds any aliens in the
sessions and livestock boarded the ves alien weaponry Sir Roger laid siege to AD D world is up to the DM
sel for the trip However a captured alien the main starport destroyed all other BIBLIOGRAPHY The High Crusade
who had showed Sir Roger and others alien estates on the world and eventual paperback Berkley Publishing Corpo
how to work the ship and its weapons ly conquered the planet ration by Poul Anderson
tricked them into making a voyage to the In time Sir Roger led expeditions on Written by Roger E Moore
Dragon Vol VI No 9
L Sprague de Camp Fletcher Pratt s
7th level fighter with
special spell abilities
ALIGNMENT Chaotic good
DAMAGE ATTACK By weapon type
WISDOM 14 carry a straight bladed epee in an im Once all the requirements have been
DEXTERITY 17 provised scabbard treat as a short sword met the success of the casting may be
CONSTITUTION 17 for to hit and damage He will not wear measured The three factors to consider
CHARISMA 15 armor are the exact wording of the poem in
Harold is an adequate fighter though much the same way one would consider
Harold Shea served for many years as somewhat mediocre by heroic standards a wish the quality of the poem and the
a staff psychologist at the Garaden Insti His principal skill in fighting comes from type and quality of material component
tute somewhere in Ohio Although rea his acquaintance with fencing in the used The outcome of the spell may
sonably competent in this position he real world Due to his limited practice range from more than the caster intended
felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled Basically and training Harold will be unfamiliar to some entirely unexpected effect
romantic in nature he attempted to com with most weapons and will suffer a 5 Since the system described above can
pensate for his unexciting life by taking penalty when attempting to use anything be too difficult or time consuming for
on rather affected roles and dress much but a sword dagger or crossbow many DMs to use an alternative method
to the amusement of his friends and Harold Shea s greatest power is his would be to allow Harold Shea a never
co workers special magic ability When in a magical ending use of limited wish However
Finally his chance to escape everyday universe he can attempt to create any there would be a 40 chance that the
life came when an elder scientist Reed effect he desires through the applica spell would backfire regardless of word
Chalmers developed the theory of inter tion of mathematical laws concerning ing and the normal guidelines for word
universal apportation based on mathe magic When he desires to cast a spell ing wishes would still apply Any back
matical logic Harold wasted no time put he must first describe the desired effect fires will not kill or directly harm Harold
ting the theory into practice and suc and then compose a poem about the Shea but may place him in a very diffi
ceeded in dumping himself into the cen spell The poem must make a compari cult position
ter of Norse mythology Since that time son between the desired effect of the There is an 80 chance that Harold
he has had several adventures in the spell and some thing or event that is will be accompanied by his wife Belle
worlds of myth and fantasy As such his somehow similar to it The poem must be phebe a 12th level ranger and a 40
arrival into any AD D universe could at least 4 lines long with the first line chance that Reed Chalmers will be with
be either through choice or accident rhyming with the third and the second him treat him as a sage skilled in mathe
Harold Shea is a young man slightly with the fourth Secondly Harold must matics and metaphysics If Harold s wife
taller and thinner than normal with a also have something to use as a material is not with him he will be searching for
dark complexion and hair There is a 70 component Neither the spell nor the her and may ask the party to aid him
chance that when encountered he will be material component have to be among BIBLIOGRAPHY The Complete En
dressed in clothes fitting to the world he those things found in the AD D rules chanter Wall of Serpents Ballantine
is in otherwise his dress will be that of a The DM may choose to use other poetic Books The Green Magician The Drag
20th century businessman or psycholo forms since Harold was not always con on 15 16 all by de Camp and Pratt
gist suit and tie If he is armed he will sistent in the type of poem used Written by David Cook
March 1982 Dragon
INTELLIGENCE Average to high
Attack Defense modes Nil
As a race trogs are confined to their
own planets having in the past nearly
defeated humans in an interstellar war
and are considered dangerous Only
about 50 individuals of the race are al
lowed to engage in interstellar travel
Torve a trog of high 13 intelligence
Alexei Panshin s Villiers is a fairly short dashing man in with 36 hit points is not one of these few
ANTHONY VILLIERS his late twenties or early thirties He he travels on false papers forged so
dresses with little regard for current fa well that discovery is nearly impossible
10th level ranger 7th level thief shion even in his natural setting and will 1 or 2 chance each time his papers
ALIGNMENT Neutral good appear quite outlandishly attired in any are checked
HIT POINTS 42 campaign How he reaches the DM s Among trogs coloration is significant
ARMOR CLASS 6 campaign world is a matter for careful of profession Peasants are gray or gray
NO OF ATTACKS 3 2 consideration while Villiers is known ish olive soldiers are white striped with
DAMAGE ATTACK By weapon type to occasionally travel to planets deemed black and scholars are solid brown
HIT BONUS Nil closed by the Empire he is not fool Torve is predominantly brown but has a
MOVE 12 hardy and will be able to leave the planet white belly and faint black stripes on his
PSIONIC ABILITY Nil quickly if danger is present He thrives back meaning that he is unpredictable
STRENGTH 15 on confusion and intrigue but exercises but essentially harmless
INTELLIGENCE 17 careful judgement Rather he is an artist Much of Torve s
WISDOM 16 He usually carries with him a Curdler time is spent composing various works
DEXTERITY 18 a gun or wand like weapon that kills of art or frobbs as he calls them The
CONSTITUTION 14 through nervous shock unless the vic actual production of one of these works
CHARISMA 17 tim successfully saves versus wands af of art sets up a series of resonant thurbs
ter a period of confusion as the spell which have a hypnotic calming and
Anthony Villiers a remittance man lasting for 1 6 turns Although he is soft charming effect on some humans A sav
became a wanderer only partly against spoken charming and self assured even ing throw versus spells is required for a
his wishes He is in fact the Viscount when treated badly many take his atti viewer or witness to one of Torve s art
Charteris paid regularly by his father to tude for arrogance Villiers has many works to avoid being charmed
travel It is Villiers s father who to a great friends but just as many enemies Torve is usually quiet and although he
extent determines to which of the mil He is proficient in the use of both the prefers to stay in the background his
lions of worlds in the Nashuite Empire he Curdler and a second unique weapon unusual nature and appearance often
will travel by including instructions for the Tingler This device reserved largely bring him a great deal of attention He
reaching the destination of the next pay for duelling appears to be a rod or a speaks a broken version of the common
ment in each communication to his son cane However it destroys nerves on tongue in sharp contrast to the eloquent
To Villiers interstellar travel is a fringe contact so that a blow will cause 2 8 hit speech of Villiers His penchant if it can
benefit of his position he treats it as both points of damage to any creature having be said to be one is for jellied white
a game and a pastime a nervous system The loss is permanent worms the only meat he allows himself
Under occasional surveillance by Em and can only be counteracted by a Re to eat Meat is his natural diet and any
pire officials he moves about steadily to generate Limited Wish or Wish spell thing else but fruit rinds and some starch
keep them guessing And since he has a Villiers will not use his thieving skills to es would be undigestible to him
large number of casual and intimate ac directly increase his wealth He is espe He appears as a large furry man frog
quaintances scattered about the uni cially good at Reading Languages Hid his features tending more to the latter
verse he enjoys short visits ing in Shadows Moving Silently and than to the former Many humans find
Among his closer human friends is a Opening Locks all at 5 and less him charming and comforting
man travelling under the name Fred skilled than normal 5 in the other When faced with a fight Torve will re
whose situation is similar to that of Villi abilities treat calmly if possible but if cornered
ers since he is the son of the Emperor Villiers travels everywhere with Torve along with Villiers he can demonstrate
Fred like Villiers is a Chief in the Big the Trog Trogs distinctly different from his proficiency in the use of the Curdler
Beavers an organization whose ideal is troglodytes as depicted in the AD D or the Tingler
to enter a wilderness and create a semb rules have these characteristics BIBLIOGRAPHY Starwell The Thurb
lance of civilization from it and is rough Revolution and Masque World all by
ly equivalent to a 12th level ranger al FREQUENCY Very rare Alexei Panshin paperbacks Ace Books
though he lacks the usual spell casting NO APPEARING 1 Written by Andrew Dewar
ability of that class ARMOR CLASS 9

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