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2 | DIS QUICK LINKS GUIDE. IMMIGRATION RESOURCES. In addition to sponsoring immigration status, the Division of International Services (DIS) also provides immigration-

In addition to sponsoring immigration status the Division
of International Services DIS also provides immigration
related advising to NIH sponsored foreign national scientists
related to their NIH stay Please contact us at any time with
questions related to yourself or your dependents
HelpDesk http dis ors od nih gov
Telephone 301 496 6166
Fax 301 496 0847
Additional information about U S immigration policies and
procedures can be found on the website of the U S Citizenship
and Immigration Services http www uscis gov and the U S
Department of State http www state gov
Before making your journey to the NIH review information
about coming to the NIH including security driving and park
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Arizona PHX
ing information This is available at http skyharbor com
NIH Visitor Information Missoula International Airport MSO
http www nih gov about visitor index htm http www flymissoula com
AIRPORTS Public transportation is widely available in the Washington D C
There are three major airports that serve the Washington D C area and is a popular way to travel for work or pleasure The
area Please consult the website of the airport that you will be NIH is located at the Medical Center stop on the Washington
using to learn more about Ground Transportation Options D C Metrorail s Red Line Many buses also stop at this location
from each airport to the NIH We also provide some select transit links for those at NIH facil
ities outside the D C area
Washington Dulles International Airport IAD
http www metwashairports com dulles dulles htm Washington D C Metrorail and Metrobus
http www wmata com
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport DCA
http www metwashairports com reagan reagan htm Montgomery County Maryland MD Ride On Bus
http www montgomerycountymd gov tsvtmpl asp url
Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall content dot transit index asp
Airport BWI
http www bwiairport com en Maryland Transit Administration MTA
http mta maryland gov
For those at NIH facilities outside the D C area here are some
select airports TransIT Services of Frederick County MD
http www frederickcountymd gov index aspx NID 105
Raleigh Durham International Airport North Carolina RDU
http www rdu com MARC Maryland Regional Train
http mta maryland gov marc train
Alexandria Virginia VA DASH Bus Washington Area Bicyclist Association
http www dashbus com http www waba org
Virginia Railway Express VRE Regional Train Go Triangle North Carolina Cyclist Resources
http www vre org http www gotriangle org bike walk cyclist resources
Durham Area Transit Authority DATA North Carolina Phoenix Arizona Bicycling Information
http DATA durhamnc gov Index DATA cfm http phoenix gov transportation around bicycling
index html
Go Triangle North Carolina Transit Options
http www gotriangle org Montana Bicycle Information
http www mdt mt gov travinfo bikeped
Phoenix Arizona Transit Options
http phoenix gov transportation transit index html HOUSING
The Washington D C area has one of the highest cost of living
Montana Transit Options
indices in the United States which means that common living
http www mdt mt gov travinfo public trans shtml
costs such as housing are higher than those in most other U S
cities typically 35 45 of your income after taxes When con
sidering renting an apartment please prepare enough funds for
If you wish to drive a motor vehicle in the United States you
the common practice of paying an additional month s rent as a
must obtain a Driver s License from the authorities in the state
security deposit when signing a rental contract
where you reside Please consult DIS s Driver s License Guidance
http dis ors od nih gov resources dis driver license pdf
NIH Recreation and Welfare R W Association Hous
BEFORE your visit these offices ing Information
http www recgov org housing housing html
Washington D C Department of Motor Vehicles
http dmv dc gov Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
http www mdhousing org Website Default aspx
Maryland Motor Vehicle Association
http www mva maryland gov D C Housing Search
http www dchousingsearch org
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
http www dmv state va us Virginia Housing Development Authority
http www vhda com Pages Home aspx
North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
http www ncdot org dmv NIEHS North Carolina Moving Guide
http www niehs nih gov careers research fellows mov
Arizona Motor Vehicle Division ing to rtp pdf
http www azdot gov mvd
Arizona Department of Housing
Montana Motor Vehicle Division http www azhousing gov
http www doj mt gov driving default asp
Montana Housing Search
BICYCLIST INFORMATION http mthousingsearch com
The Washington D C area is also home to numerous bicycle
routes and trails However safety is important Learn more at NCI Frederick Housing Resources
the following web sites http ncifrederick cancer gov Programs General Housing
NIH Bicycle Commuter Club
http www recgov org r w nihbike index html
You may also search the following national Apartment listings The Weather Channel
http www weather com
Apartment Search
http www apartmentsearch com WeatherBug
http weather weatherbug com
Apartment Guide
http www apartmentguide com U S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA
http www noaa gov
Apartments com
http www apartments com Celsius Fahrenheit Converter
http www celsius fahrenheit com
My Cheap Apartments
http www mycheapapartments com
My Apartment Map
http www myapartmentmap com Living in the U S particularly in the Washington D C area
can be expensive If the NIH is funding your stay it is important
Apartment List that you have enough funds to live on for at least one month
http www apartmentlist com Allow two to four weeks for your first payment to be issued
http www rent com Currency in paper form consists of bills and coins Provided
you have an account with a financial institution U S currency
cash is typically accessible by visiting a U S bank or through
http www move com apartments main aspx
an Automated Teller Machine ATM ATMs can provide many
banking services deposits cash withdrawals account balanc
CLIMATE es Note however that many financial institutions may charge
The Washington D C area experiences all four seasons and a a fee if you use an ATM that is not associated with your bank or
wide range of weather conditions Winters are cold and rainy other financial institution
with a moderate amount of snow Summers are hot and humid
Autumn also known as Fall and Spring seasons are mild and Information about U S currency is available at
pleasant but can be rainy Climate in others parts of the U S
can vary Temperatures in the U S follow the Fahrenheit scale U S Department of Treasury
http moneyfactory gov uscurrency html
Currency Converter
http www xe com ucc
An online search of Cost of Living can lead you to various web
sites such as
http cgi money cnn com tools costofliving costofliving html
http www homefair com
BANKING The White Pages
Banks and Credit Unions offer many kinds of financial ser http www whitepages com search Banks
vices such as checking and savings accounts foreign currency
conversion money orders credit cards and loans However The NIH has a Credit Union in Bethesda the NIH Federal
each financial institution offers slightly different services and Credit Union NIHFCU that you can choose for your banking
charges different fees Before opening an account carefully needs including loans and credit cards
research the services and fees as well as the bank s various
NIH Federal Credit Union
locations and ATMs You should consider institutions that are
https www nihfcu org
backed by the U S Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDIC http www fdic gov or the National Credit Union
Association NCUA http www ncua gov SPOUSES CHILDREN
When opening a bank account banks are required under the Education in the United States is generally compulsory for
U S Patriot Act to verify your identity At a minimum banks children between the ages of 5 and 16 Your children may be
will ask for your name street address date of birth and a tax or eligible for free elementary and secondary education provided
other identification number In many cases banks will ask for by the local public school district However eligibility restric
a U S Social Security Number SSN as the identification num tions apply and some schools such as those in Montgomery
ber However other identification numbers can be used such County Maryland may charge a fee known as tuition For
as a passport number Although banks may prefer the SSN it more information contact the appropriate school office for
is possible to still open an account without this number Banks your city of residence
may have you sign other forms such as a Form W 8 BEN to
Maryland Public Schools
certify your eligibility to open an account in lieu of the SSN
http www marylandpublicschools org msde
There are a wide variety of financial institutions that offer ser
Washington D C Public Schools
vices locally and or throughout the country An online search of http dcps dc gov portal site DCPS
banks can lead you to many web sites such as
Virginia Public Schools
The Yellow Pages http www doe virginia gov
http www yellowpages com search Banks
North Carolina Public Schools however may also be full time students or apply to the U S
http www ncpublicschools org Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS for special
permission to work or apply for a change to a working status
Arizona Public Schools Please contact the DIS to discuss these options
http www ade az gov schools schools districts asp
Montana Public Schools HEALTH INSURANCE
http opi mt gov Resources Directory Index html HEALTH CARE
CHILD CARE It is necessary for you to obtain health insurance coverage for
Pre school for younger children or day and after school care yourself and any dependent family members during your stay at
for children of any age may be available from many sources the NIH Those sponsored as J 1 Exchange Visitors are required
for a fee The NIH maintains its own Child Care Center on the under immigration regulations to have specific insurance
Bethesda campus but there may be a long waiting period to be coverage for themselves and J 2 dependent family members
eligible to use the center However the NIH Child Care Center Check with your Institute Center s IC administrative office to
can also assist with referrals to other child care options learn if you will receive health insurance coverage during your
stay at the NIH
NIH Child Care Center
www ors od nih gov pes dats childcare Pages index aspx
The U S does not have a nationalized health care system To
NCI Frederick Play and Learning Station PALS protect yourself against exorbitant medical costs it is best to
http ncifrederick cancer gov Programs General Pals obtain a comprehensive health insurance plan if you are not
eligible for coverage at the NIH Insurance coverage at the NIH
First Environments Early Learning Center North Carolina whether covered by your IC or not is available through
http www firstenvironments org Foundation for the Advanced Education in the Sciences
EMPLOYMENT http www faes org health insurance
The primary purpose of a dependent is to accompany the prin
cipal status holder in the United States Some dependents
If you plan to purchase your own insurance in the U S be HEALTH CARE
aware that there are different types of insurance plans The fol If you have a life threatening emergency dial 911 for an am
lowing information adapted from http www usa gov topics bulance or seek care from an Emergency Room ER of the
health health insurance choosing shtml describes typical U S nearest hospital
insurance plans and can help you make the best choice for your
situation Non emergency medical care is typically provided by a phy
sician of your choice often referred to as a Primary Care
Traditional fee for service health insurance plans are usually Physician Other care is provided by specialists urgent care
the most expensive choice But they offer you the most flexi
centers and or hospitals Check with your health insurance
bility when choosing healthcare providers
plan for available physicians that accept your insurance plan
Using physicians that participate with your insurance carrier
Health Maintenance Organizations HMOs offer lower
co payments and cover the costs of more preventative care known as in network providers may be less expensive You
but your choice of healthcare providers is limited The may also do an online search for physicians that can lead you
National Committee for Quality Assurance http www to various web sites such as
ncqa org evaluates and accredits HMOs You can find out
whether one is accredited in your state by calling 1 888 275 The Yellow Pages
7585 You can also get this information as well as report cards
http www yellowpages com search Physicians
If you require certain medications or drugs you may need writ
Preferred Provider Organizations PPOs offer lower co pay
ments like HMOs but give you more flexibility when select ten authorization known as a prescription from your physi
ing a provider A PPO gives you a list of providers you can cian Other medications do not require a prescription known
choose from as over the counter or OTC Prescription medication can only
be obtained at a pharmacy or drug store Check with your insur
When choosing among different plans you ll need to read the ance plan if they provide coverage for prescription medications
fine print and ask questions such as OTC medications are typically not covered by insurance plans
Do I have the right to go to any doctor hospital clinic or phar
macy I choose
The United States is a vast and diverse country no matter where
Are specialists such as eye doctors and dentists covered you are working we encourage you to explore your temporary
home as much as possible
Does the plan cover special conditions or treatments such as
pregnancy psychiatric care and physical therapy Washington D C Tourism Board
http washington org
Does the plan cover home care or nursing home care
State of Maryland Tourism
Will the plan cover all medications my physician might http visitmaryland org Pages Welcome aspx
Commonwealth of Virginia Tourism
What are the deductibles Are there any co payments http www virginia org
What is the most I will have to pay out of my own pocket to State of North Carolina Tourism
cover expenses http www visitnc com
If there is a dispute about a bill or service how is it handled State of Arizona Tourism
In some plans you may be required to have a third party de http www arizonaguide com
cide how to settle the problem
State of Montana Tourism
http visitmt com
Shuttle Bus Bethesda
http www ors od nih gov pes dats transportation Pages
transportation aspx
There are also many offices at the NIH dedicated to supporting
your professional success such as
Office of Intramural Research OIR responsible for over
sight and coordination of intramural research training and
technology transfer conducted within the NIH laboratories
and branches
http sourcebook od nih gov oir oir staff htm
NIH Guidelines on Conduct of Research set forth the general
principles of research conducted within the NIH laboratories
and branches
http sourcebook od nih gov ethic conduct Conduct 20
NIH SERVICES Research 206 11 07 pdf
With over 18 000 employees on its Bethesda campus alone the
NIH is larger than many U S cities NIH offers many services Office of Intramural Training and Education OITE
Research Training and Career advising for scientists
to support this population including
http www training nih gov
NIH ID Badge
Office of Research Services ORS Scientific and regulatory
http www idbadge nih gov
support programs
http www ors od nih gov Pages home aspx
Occupational Medical Service OMS
http www ors od nih gov sr dohs OccupationalMedical
Fellows Committee FELCOM Group committed to en
Pages oms main aspx
hancing the experience of all postdoctoral researchers at NIH
http felcom od nih gov Default aspx
Foundation for the Advanced Education in the Sciences
NIH Visiting Fellows Committee VFC Sub group of
http www faes org
FELCOM devoted to postdoctoral Visiting Fellows issues
https www training nih gov felcom visitingfellows2
NIH Library
http nihlibrary nih gov Pages default aspx
Research Training and Scientific Resources Office
Clearinghouse for research support services
NIH Recreation and Welfare Association R W
http www nih gov science
http www recgov org r w
In cases of a scientific or personal conflict NIH also offers
NIH Division of Amenities and Transportation DATS
http www ors od nih gov pes dats Pages index aspx several free confidential resolution resources
NIH Dining Services Bethesda Center for Cooperative Resolution CCR independent re
http www ors od nih gov pes dats food Pages index aspx source for resolution of scientific disputes
http ombudsman nih gov
NIH Federal Credit Union Banking Services
https www nihfcu org Employee Assistance Program EAP counseling for work
and family concerns
http www ors od nih gov sr dohs EAP Pages index aspx
Fitness Services Bethesda
http www ors od nih gov pes dats fitness Pages index aspx
C I V I L program to help prevent workplace violence ha WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS
rassment intimidation etc The United States is the last major country in the world to con
http hr od nih gov hrguidance civil
vert to the metric system Although some aspects of the U S
use the metric system it is less common in everyday life in the
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management
U S An online search for U S weights and measurements and
OEODM assists with equal employment opportunity
conversion can lead you to various web sites such as
EEO issues such as discrimination on the basis of race
ethnicity gender age sexual orientation
U S National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST
http oeodm od nih gov
http www nist gov pml wmd metric metric program cfm
RELIGION http www convert me com en
The United States Constitution guarantees freedom of religion
for everyone and prohibits the establishment of a state religion Online Conversion
http www onlineconversion com
Many of the world s religious faiths have places of worship
throughout the country The following web sites can help you
find a local place of worship
The Yellow Pages
http www yellowpages com
The White Pages
http www whitepages com
The Church Finder
http www thechurchfinder com
Local Worship
http www local worship com
It is a general U S practice to pay a small additional fee or tip
for a service performed for you such as for taxi cabs restau
rants bars pubs barber beauty hair salons baggage handling
and hotel services The amount of the tip can vary Tips howev
er should never be offered to U S police government employ
Communications in the U S have become more electronic
ees or public officials An online search of tipping can lead
from cellular telephones to email to Internet telephone and vid
you to various web sites such as
eo services Online searches can help you find the right commu
CNN Money nication style for yourself The U S Federal Communications
http money cnn com pf features lists tipping Commission FCC http www fcc gov regulates our com
munications infrastructure from radio television wire sat
Wikipedia ellite and cable
http en wikipedia org wiki Tip gratuity United States
For mailing documents and packages the U S Postal Service
VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY https www usps com offers many delivery services includ
Electric currents and plugs are different in the U S The U S ing international shipping for a fee Private couriers are also
electric current is 110 volts 60 hertz You must use a converter available for your shipping needs
or adapter if you bring small appliances to the U S Otherwise
you may consider purchasing such appliances after your arrival
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS by immigration tax and other scams Do not disclose personal
Crime in the United States particularly in the Washington D C information e g name date of birth Social Security Number
area is an unfortunate reality and certain precautions should passport number etc without verifying the source as well as to
be taken both inside and outside the NIH If you experience a confirming why it is necessary We recommend that you avoid
safety emergency dial 911 for police fire or ambulatory assis email when submitting information or documents with person
tance The following web sites can assist in making your stay at al information such as a passport Please take a few moments
the NIH safer to read more about identity theft and imposter web sites
NIH Work Place Safety U S Federal Trade Commission FTC
http www ors od nih gov sr dohs Pages default aspx http www ftc gov bcp edu microsites idtheft
NIH Security and Emergency Resources U S Department of State DOS
http www ors od nih gov OD Pages ad ser aspx http travel state gov visa immigrants types types 1749 html
Montgomery County MD Police U S Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS
http www montgomerycountymd gov poltmpl asp url http www uscis gov avoidscams
content pol index asp
Internal Revenue Service IRS
City of Baltimore Police Department http www irs gov uac Report Phishing
http www baltimorepolice org
Frederick MD Police Department This is particularly important as the majority of individuals in
http www cityoffrederick com index aspx nid 99 the U S rely on automobiles as their primary mode of trans
portation Take a few minutes to view an NIH video regard
Maryland State Police ing pedestrian safety available at http www youtube com
http www mdsp org
watch v Bz0HJ4wm3s0 Please also read the following tips for
pedestrian and driver safety
Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
http mpdc dc gov
Virginia State Police
http www vsp state va us
North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety
http www nccrimecontrol org Index2 cfm a 000003
Arizona Department of Public Safety
http www azdps gov
Montana Department of Justice Law Enforcement
https doj mt gov enforcement
Identify theft involves the stealing of your personal informa
tion It is unfortunately a growing crime in the U S due to
online and other electronic accessibility Protect yourself from
imposter web sites that try to steal your identity or money Non
immigrant and other foreign national visitors are often targeted
Cross streets at a corner using traffic signals and cross walks Always be prepared to stop for pedestrians not just in
always try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing cross walks
in front of them
Scan the roads and sidewalks ahead for potential pedestrians
Look left right then left again before crossing continue to
look while crossing Drive slowly and be prepared to stop when approaching a
Walk on sidewalks or paths
Yield for pedestrians in crosswalks whether marked or
Watch for cars turning or backing up unmarked
Be predictable stay off freeways and restricted zones Do not attempt to pass other drivers who are stopped for
Don t expect a driver to stop
Look all directions for pedestrians before making a turn
Never run across a street
Never drive distracted
The web sites provided in this guide are for informational purposes only to assist in your transition to the U S and the NIH The DIS NIH does not necessarily endorse
the views expressed nor verify attest to the content and facts presented on web sites outside the NIH Further the NIH does not endorse any commercial products that
may be mentioned on these sites Please address comments about this guide to dis mail nih gov
Revised June 2013 DIS QUICK LINKS GUIDE 11

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