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This series attempts to document alphabetically, some of the acronyms and abbreviations used in dentistry and the health services, for ready reference by busy members of the dental team. This is especially important for internationally qualified members of the team, who often struggle with terminology. The meaning of acronyms can nowadays often be found from Internet search engines such as www ...

Acronyms Volume 2
Understanding Health Services
Acronyms and other abbreviations
Welcome to the updated supplement of Acroynms first published by Dental Update in 2010 Acronyms are a part of life but they can cause
confusion by too much simplification of the full text title to which they refer The painstaking task of putting together this document has
been undertaken by Professor Crispian Scully and Daljit Gill When Professor Scully suggested this I envisaged a page or two but it has
become a comprehensive reference text of immense value to all who read dental papers write letters to patients indeed to all members of
the dental team Great thanks are due to Crispian for all his work in putting together this excellent source of information
We would also like to thank Denplan in granting Dental Update an educational grant for this project enabling Dental Update to
produce a fine separate supplement to the Journal of reference to all clinicians from all forms of Dentsitry
FJ Trevor Burke
This series attempts to document alphabetically some of the acronyms and abbreviations used in dentistry and the health services for
ready reference by busy members of the dental team This is especially important for internationally qualified members of the team who
often struggle with terminology The meaning of acronyms can nowadays often be found from Internet search engines such as
www google com but such searches may elicit confusing lists not always relevant to health care
Acronyms from the Greek across extremity and onyma word and initialisms are words formed from the initial letters
of a name or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words Acronyms are in widespread use usually to abbreviate names of
organisations or frequently used terms Wikipedia Why else these abbreviations should be used appears to be for convenience laziness
or more dubious reasons such as to convey superiority15 but they are certainly widely used in dentistry17 and health care in general
The use of acronyms however can be irritating in dentistry9 as elsewhere refs and more seriously they can also be the source
of significant confusion For example BDA can imply British Dental Association or British Diabetic Association and the acronym NHS has
67 meanings http www acronymfinder com Military and Government NHS html
Excellence Awards
Acute Care Common Stem
ADEA American Dental Education
A W Alive and well Training ADEE Association for Dental
A E Accident and Emergency ACDA Advisory Committee on Education in Europe
A P Anterior and Posterior repair Distinction Awards ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
A G Albumin Globulin ratio ACDP Advisory Committee on Disorder
A4C Agenda for Change Dangerous Pathogens ADJ AmeloDentinal Junction
Aa Actinobacillus Aggregatibacter ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ADL Activities of Daily Living
actinomycetemcomitans ACEI Angiotensin Converting ADSS Association of Directors of
aa Of each Enzyme inhibitor Social Services
AAA Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ACEVO Association of Chief Executives AED Automated Electronic
AAC Advisory Appointments of Voluntary Organisations Defibrillator
Committee ACGT Advisory Committee on Generic AF Atrial Fibrillation
ABC Antibiotic Cover Testing AFA Association for Facial Aesthetics
abd Abdomen ACJ AmeloCemental Junction AFB Acid Fast Bacillus
ABG Arterial Blood Gases ACO Association of Course AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis
ABPI Association of the British Organisers AGMETS Advisory Group on Medical
Pharmaceutical Industry ACRA Advisory Committee on Education Training and Staffing
AC Audit Commission Resource Allocation AHF Anti Haemophiliac Factor
ac Before meals ACT Additional Costs of Teaching AHP Allied Health Profession al
ACAD Ambulatory Care And ad lib Freely AHSC Academic Health Science
Diagnostic unit AD Autosomal Dominant Centre
ACC Ambulatory Care Center ADA American Dental Association AI Aortic Insufficiency
ACCEA Advisory Committee on Clinical ADAP After Dental Action Plan AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency
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Volume 2 Acronyms
Syndrome ASA Acetyl Salicylic Acid aspirin BDA British Diabetic Association
A K Above Knee amputation ASA American Society of BDAP Before Dental Action Plan
AL Advance Letter Anesthesiologists BDDG British Doctors and Dentists
ALARA As Low As Reasonable ASB Assisted Spontaneous Breathing Group
Achievable ASCT Asylum Seeker Co ordination BdentSci Bachelor of Dental Science
ALARP As low As Reasonably Possible Team BDHA British Dental Hygienists
ALB Arm s Length Body ASD Atrial Septal Defect Association
alb Albumin ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber BDHF British Dental Health
A Level Advanced Level Line Foundation
ALI Acute Lung Injury ASHD ArterioSclerotic Heart Disease BDJ British Dental Journal
ALK PASE Alkaline Phosphatase ASME Association for the Study of BDPMA British Dental Practice Managers
ALL Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia Medical Education Association
ALS Advanced Life Support ASOT AntiStreptolysin O Titre BDRA British Dental Receptionists
ALT Alanine Transaminase AST ASpartate Transaminase Association
am In the morning ATC Around The Clock BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
AM Assembly Member Wales ATN Acute Tubular Necrosis BDSc Bachelor of Dental Science
AMA Against Medical Advice ATS AntiteTanus Serum BDTA British Dental Trade Association
amb Ambulation AUG Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis BE Barium Enema
AMI Acute Myocardial Infarction AV Arteriovenous Bee Basal energy expenditure
AML Acute Myeloid Leukaemia AVC Additional Voluntary bd twice a day
ANF AntiNuclear Factor Contribution BiPAP Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure
Angio Angiology AWP Assessment of Workforce BIPP Bismuth Iodoform Paraffin
ANK Appointment Not Kept Priorities Paste
ANS Anterior Nasal Spine Bis GMA Bisphenol A diMethAcrylate
ANUG Acute Necrotising Ulcerative biw Twice a week
Gingivitis B B K Below Knee amputation
AOCB Any Other Competent Business BLS Basic Life Support
AODM Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus B m Beta 2 Microglobulin bm Bowel Movement
AP Aggressive Periodontitis B F Black Female BMA British Medical Association
AP AnteroPosterior B M Black Male BME Black and Minority Ethnic
AP Apical Pulse BA Bachelor of Arts BMJ British Medical Journal
APC APC is a gene chromosome 5 BADN British Association of Dental BMMP Benign Mucous Membrane
APF Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Nurses Pemphigoid
APTT Activated Partial BADT British Association of Dental BMP Bone Morphogenic Protein
Thromboplastin Time Therapists BMS Burning Mouth Syndrome
AR Autosomal Recessive BAOMS British Association of Oral and BMT Bone Marrow Transplantation
ARC AIDS Related Complex Maxillofacial Surgeons BNF British National Formulary
ARCP Annual Review of Competence BAMM British Association of Medical BOP Bleeding On Probing
Progression Managers BOS British Orthodontic Society
ARDS Acute Respiratory Distress BASCD British Association for the Study BP Blood Pressure
Syndrome of Community Dentistry BPC British Pharmacopoeia
ARF Annual Retention Fee GDC BBV Blood Borne Virus BPE Basic Periodontal Examination
Acute renal failure Bcc Blind copy BPH Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
AROM Active Range Of Motion BCG Bacille Calmette Guerin vaccine BPMDE British Postgraduate Medical
ART Anti Retroviral Therapy against TB and Dental Education
ART Atraumatic Restorative Bch Bachelor of Surgery BPMF British Postgraduate Medical
Technique BChD Bachelor of Dental Surgery Federation
ARV AIDS RetroVirus BCSH British Committee for Standards Bps Bits Per Second
AS Aortic Stenosis in Haematology BRA Bite Raising Appliance
As Tol As Tolerated BDA British Dental Association BRONJ Bisphosphonate Related
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Acronyms Volume 2
OsteoNecrosis of Jaw CABG Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Schools see DSC
BRP BathRoom Privileges CAC Chronic Atrophic Candidosis CDE Continuing Dental Education
BS Bachelor of Surgery CAD Coronary Artery Disease CDH Congenital Dislocation of Hip
BS Behcet Syndrome CADCAM Computer Assisted Design CDO Chief Dental Officer
BS Blood Sugars Computer Assisted Manufacture CDR Compact Disk Recordable
BS British Standards CADO Chief Administrative Dental CDROM Compact Disc Read Only
BSA Business Services Agency of Officer Memory
NHS CAH Chronic Active Hepatitis CDRW Compact Disk Read Write
BSC Business Services Centre NHS Cal Calorie CDS Community Dental Services
Wales CAL Clinical Attachment Loss CDSM Committee on Dental and
BSc Bachelor of Science CAL Computer Assisted Learning Surgical Methods
BSDH British Society of Disability and CAMHS Child And Adolescent Mental CDT Clinical Dental Technician
Oral Health Health Services CDU Central Decontamination Unit
BSDHT British Society of Dental Cap Capsule CE Chief Executive
Hygiene and Therapy CAPD Continued Ambulatory CEA Clinical Excellence Award
BSRD British Society for Dental Peritoneal Dialysis CEAC Clinical and Excellence Awards
Research now BSODR CASP Critical Appraisal Skills Committee Northern Ireland
BSE Bovine Spongiform Programme CEJ CementoEnamel Junction
Encephalopathy CAT Computerised Axial CEMACH Confidential Enquiry into
BSL Blood Sugar Level Tomography scan Maternal And Child Health
BSO Bilateral SalpingoOphorectomy CBC Complete Blood Count CEOG Clinical Effectiveness and
BSODR British Society for Oral and excluding red cell count Outcomes Group
Dental Research CBE Commander of the British Ceph Cephalogram
BSOM British Society of Oral Medicine Empire CERK Clinical Examination and Record
BSOMP British Society of Oral and CBCT Cone Beam Computed Keeping
Maxillofacial Pathology Tomography CESR Certificate of Eligibility for
BSP BromSulfalein test CBD Case Based Discussion Specialist Registration
BSP British Society of CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CfH Connecting for Health NHS IT
Periodontology cc Carbon copy CfHSc Centre for Health Sciences
BSR British Standard Ratio cc Chief complaint Inverness
prothrombin index cc Cubic centimeter CFHIPOV Cleared from Head Injury Point
BSSO Bilateral Sagital Split Osteotomy CCD Charged Coupled Device Of View
BST Basic Specialist Training CCF Congestive Cardiac Failure CFSMS Counter Fraud and Security
BST Basic Surgical Training CCIT Consultant Contract Management Service of NHS
BTP Back To Practice GBTP Getting Implementation Team CFT Complement Fixation Test
Back to Practice CCPS Certificate of Current CG Clinical Governance
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen Professional Status CGST NHS Clinical Governance
BW BiteWing CCRS Central Consultant Registration Support Team now defunct
Bx Biopsy Services CGWT Care Group Workforce Teams
BZP BenZodiazePine CCSC Central Consultants and CHAI Commission for Healthcare
Specialists Committee Audit and Inspection previous
CCST Certificate of Completion of name for the Healthcare
C Specialist Training Commission
CCT Certificate of Completion of CHC Community Health Council
C Complement Training now defunct
c With CCU Coronary Care Unit CHCP Community Health and Care
c c Completed case CD Clinical Director Partnership Scotland
c o Complaining of CD Clinical Directorate CHD Coronary Heart Disease
CA CArcinoma CD Computer Disk CHD Congenital Heart Disease
Ca OH 2 Calcium Hydroxide CDDS Council of Deans of Dental CHF Congestive Heart Failure
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Volume 2 Acronyms
CHI Community Health Index CO Complaining Of Dissemination
Scotland COAD Chronic Obstructive Airways CRE Committee for Racial Equality
CHI Commission for Health Disease now EHRC
Improvement Now Healthcare COCET Committee Of Continuing CREST Calcinosis Raynaud s
Commission Education and Training Esophageal Scleroderma
CHIMP Commission for Health dentistry Telangiectasia
IMProvement CoCr Cobalt Chromium CRF Chronic Renal Failure
CHIQ Centre for Health Information COG Clinical Outcomes Group CRHP Council for the Regulation of
Quality COMARE Committee On Medical Aspects Healthcare Professionals
ChM Master of Surgery of Radiation in the Environment CRP C Reactive Protein
CHMS Central Health and COMEAP Committee On the Medical CRS Care Records Service
Miscellaneous Services Effects of Air Pollutants CRT Conventional RadioTherapy
cho Carbohydrate CONSORT CONsolidated Standards Of CRST Calcinosis Raynaud s
CHP Community Health Partnership Reporting Trials Scleroderma Telangiectasia
Scotland COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary CRT Cardiac Resynchronization
CHRE Council for Healthcare Disease Therapy capillary refill time
Regulatory Excellence COPDEND Committee Of Postgraduate CQC Care Quality Commission
CHx CHlorhexidine Dental Deans And Directors CS Conscious Sedation
CIC Community Interest Company COPDEUK Conference Of Postgraduate CSA Common Services Agency
CIMP Clinical Information Dental Education in the UK CSACC Chair of the Committee of SAC
Management Programme COREC Central Office for Research Chairs
CIO Chief Information Officer Ethics Committees UK CSAG Clinical Standards Advisory
CIP Cost Improvement Programme COS Chairside Oral Scanning Group
CIS Clinical Information Systems COSHH Control Of Substances CSCI Commission for Social Care
CIT Continuous Improvement Tool Hazardous to Health Inspection
CJD Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease COSLA Convention Of Scottish Local CSF CerebroSpinal Fluid
CLD Certain Lethal Dose Authorities CSM Committee on the Safety of
CLIMP CLinical Information CPA Care Programme Approach Medicines
Management Programme CPA Clinical Policy Adviser CSP Coordinated System for gaining
CLL Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia CPC ClinicoPathological Conference NHS Permission NIHR NIHR
CLP Cleft Lip Palate CPD Continuing Professional CSR Comprehensive Spending
CLRN Comprehensive Local Research Development Review
Network CPDA Continuing Professional CSSD Central Sterile Supplies
CMC Chronic Mucocutaneous Development Allowance Department
Candidosis CPE Continuing Professional CST Council for Science and
CMDE Continuing Medical and Dental Education Technology
Education CPITN Community Periodontal Index CSV Comma Separated Values a
CME Continuing Medical Education of Treatment Need type of file format
CMHT Community Mental Health Team CPK Creatine PhosphoKinase CT Computerised axial
CMI Cell Mediated Immunity CPM Continued Passive Motion Tomography scan
CML Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia CPME Council for Postgraduate CT Care Trust
CMO Chief Medical Officer Medical Education CT Clinical Tutor
CMV Controlled Mechanical Or CPPIH Commission for Patient and CTA Clinical Trial Authorisation
Continuous Mandatory Public Involvement in Health CTCAE Common Terminology Criteria
Ventilation CPR Child Protection Register for Adverse Events
CMV Cytomegalovirus CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation CTI Computer Technology
CNO Chief Nursing Officer CPU Central Processing Unit Integration
CNS Central Nervous System cr Creatinine CTO Compulsory Treatment Order
CNST Clinical Negligence Scheme for CRB Criminal Records Bureau CV Curriculum Vitae
Trusts CRD NHS Centre for Research and CVA CerebroVascular Accident
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