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BiBle Sampler. FIRST PROOFS OLD TESTAMENT 9780310442417_int_01_gen_deut_niv_lenses_FIRST PROOFS.indd 1 4/5/13 12:03 PM. FIRST PROOFS spotlight on about T he purpose of this first book of the Bible is to begin the story of God and his con-tinuing relationship with his creation, including his disappointments and the actions he takes to overcome obstacles. God showed his mastery as he created ...

spotlight on
key concepts
The covenant is God s program of revelation
The focus of creation is the establishment and
maintenance of order and operation
The stories in the Bible are stories about God
about to provide a means by which God could reveal
himself to the world through Abraham and
he purpose of this first book of the Bible
his family and how the entire world could be
is to begin the story of God and his con
blessed through them The covenant blessings
tinuing relationship with his creation including
that served as benefits to Abraham and his fam
his disappointments and the actions he takes to
ily were extensions of the original blessings in
overcome obstacles God showed his mastery as
Genesis 1 The patriarchal narratives in Genesis
he created order in the cosmos and brought order
12 50 trace the advance of the covenant and its
to his relationship with people through the cov
blessings and at the same time show the many
enant Though God created everything just right
obstacles As these obstacles were overcome one
sin alienated people from God so that they no lon
by one God demonstrated his mastery
ger had an accurate idea of what he is like This is
why God made a covenant with a chosen people
key verses
Abraham and his family a relationship that gave
Genesis 1 28 Be fruitful and increase in
God a means for giving people an accurate pic
ture of what he is like Genesis tells how despite
Genesis 12 3 All peoples on earth will be
many obstacles the covenant was established
blessed through you Abraham
Genesis 1 11 traces the blessing recorded in
Genesis 1 28 30 The genealogies show people Genesis 50 20 You intended to harm me but
God intended it for good to accomplish
being fruitful and multiplying At the same time
the saving of many lives
these chapters depict the advance of sin first
in the disobedience of Adam and Eve then in key teachings
Cain s murder of his brother Abel and finally
God established and maintains order in the
in the escalation of violence and corruption that cosmos
resulted in the flood After the flood the people God overcomes obstacles to carry out
not only continued their movement away from his purposes
God but also made a vain attempt to reestablish God reveals himself to his people
his presence by building a stairway for him to God s grace exceeds all logic
come down from heaven and be worshiped on
earth the Tower of Babel key terms
Now in addition to the problem of bringing Fall The result of the disobedience of Adam
people back to God Eden problem there was and Eve that brought sin into the world and
the problem of restoring the lost knowledge of alienated God from the human race
what God is like Babel problem Human initia Flood God s judgment on the world due
tive first by Adam and Eve then by the build to the lawlessness and violence of humanity
ers of Babel had devastating results God s cov Only Noah a righteous man and his family
were spared
enant with Abraham represents God s initiative
Tower of Babel Building project that Covenant God s agreement with Abraham
offended God and prompted him to confuse and his descendants by which he would bring
the language blessing to the world
Patriarchs The founding ancestors of the
people to know
nation of Israel Abraham Isaac and Jacob
Adam and Eve p XXXX Isaac p XXXX
Birthright The material inheritance given to
Cain and Abel p XXXX Rebekah p XXXX
children on the death of their father It usually
Noah p XXXX Esau p XXXX
went to sons with the firstborn receiving
Abraham p XXXX Jacob p XXXX
twice what the other sons received
Sarah p XXXX Rachel p XXXX
Yahweh The personal name for God Ishmael p XXXX Laban p XXXX
Lot p XXXX Joseph p XXXX
WHEN DID THESE THINGS HAPPEN 2200 BC 2100 2000 1900 1800 1700 1600 1500 1400
8 Middle EastCreation
Persia Fall
The Tower of Babel
Abraham s life c 2166 1991 BC
Isaac s life c 2066 1886 BC
Jacob s life c 2006 1859 BC
Joseph s life c 1915 1805 BC
Book of Genesis written c 1446 1406 BC
The Nations of Isaiah
ISRAEL Samaria
Jerusalem A
P B Per s i a n
0 300 km Sea
0 300 miles
The Beginning 20 And God said Let the water teem with liv
1 In the begin ning God created the heav ing creatures and let birds fly above the
ens and the earth 2 Now the earth was earth across the vault of the sky 21 So God
form less and empty dark ness was over the created the great creatures of the sea and
sur face of the deep and the Spir it of God every liv ing thing with which the water
was hover ing over the waters teems and that moves about in it accord
ing to their kinds and every winged bird
3 And God said Let there be light and there accord ing to its kind And God saw that
was light 4 God saw that the light was it was good 22 God blessed them and said
good and he sepa rated the light from the Be fruit ful and increase in number and
dark ness 5 God called the light day and fill the water in the seas and let the birds
the dark ness he called night And there increase on the earth 23 And there was
was evening and there was morning the eve ning and there was morn ing the
first day fifth day
6 And God said Let there be a vault between
the waters to sepa rate water from water
7 So God made the vault and sepa rated the
water under the vault from the water above
it And it was so 8 God called the vault
sky And there was evening and there Are These Literal 24 Hour Days
was morn ing the second day Ge 1 3 31
9 And God said Let the water under the sky be
gathered to one place and let dry ground
appear And it was so 10God called the dry R egardless of whether the days of creation
were figurative or literal 24 hour periods this
passage is a truthful description of what took place
ground land and the gathered waters he
called seas And God saw that it was good It indicates that there is intelligence meaning and
11 Then God said Let the land produce purpose behind all existence In other words the
vegetation seed bear ing plants and trees word of God directed the method of creation as well
on the land that bear fruit with seed in it as the source of creation see Ps 33 6 9 Heb 11 3
accord ing to their var ious kinds And it Yet human beings have been given the privilege of
was so 12 The land produced vegetation exploring through scientific investigation how
plants bear ing seed ac cord ing to their God may have engineered these events and how
kinds and trees bear ing fruit with seed in long he took to do so
it accord ing to their kinds And God saw Many understand the six days of creation as
that it was good 13 And there was evening representing long periods of time because the sun
and there was morn ing the third day which marks a 24 hour day wasn t created until the
14 And God said Let there be lights in the vault
fourth day And the word day is used in chapters
of the sky to sepa rate the day from the 1 2 in three distinct ways 1 as approximately 12
night and let them serve as signs to mark hours of daylight see Ge 1 5 2 as 24 hours see
sacred times and days and years 15 and let
Ge 1 14 and 3 as a period of time involving at the
them be lights in the vault of the sky to give
very minimum the whole creative activity from
light on the earth And it was so 16 God
made two great lights the greater light day one to day seven see Ge 2 4 where the word
to govern the day and the lesser light to that is translated when is the same word that is else
govern the night He also made the stars where translated day The light see Ge 1 3 could
17 God set them in the vault of the sky to not have come from the earth s sun if the sun was
give light on the earth 18 to govern the day not created until the fourth day The light could
and the night and to sepa rate light from have come from other sources that God provided
dark ness And God saw that it was good in the universe prior to the creation of the sun We
19 And there was evening and there was can only speculate about what the atmospheric
morn ing the fourth day conditions might have been at that time QSB
1 3 God said Merely by issuing his royal decree God possible In the OT it is also symbolic of life and bless
brought all things into being Ps 33 6 9 148 5 Heb 11 3 ing see 2Sa 22 29 Job 3 20 30 26 33 30 Ps 49 19 56 13
Let there be light God s first creative word called forth 97 11 112 4 Isa 53 11 58 8 10 59 9 60 1 3 Paul uses this
light in the midst of the primeval darkness Light is nec word to illustrate God s re creating work in sin dark
essary for making God s creative works visible and life ened hearts 2Co 4 6
4 G e n e s i s 1 2 4
Ancient Creation Narratives Ge 1
ation stories from Mesopotamia Egypt and Syria Palestine do far more than try to explain
how the physical world came into being Creation myths often elevated the particular god of
a particular shrine to supremacy over all other gods in order to validate the prestige of that
deity that shrine or the city in which the shrine was located
For example Egyptian creation myths tend to assert that a primordial mound or
Island of Creation arose from a primeval ocean and that a specific god created all
things from that location Several Egyptian shrines however claimed to be the site
of that primordial mound and asserted that the god of their respective shrine was the
great creator god
Common motifs in creation myths include a spontaneous generation of gods sexual repro
duction among gods and the deification of nature e g of the sun and moon A creation myth often
focuses on geographic and other elements unique to the shrine associated with the myth An Egyptian
myth for example may pay special attention to the creation of the Nile
Sometimes creation myths relate battles between gods and the monsters of a primeval watery chaos
through which one or more deities rises to supremacy Sometimes creation occurs when a god defeats
a primeval monster and divides its body into two parts which become heaven and earth or earth and
Humans in creation myths from various sources are typically created as drudges to perform the
gods dirty work Some myths depict humans as the gods slaves whose primary function it is to feed
them with their sacrifices
The Genesis account implicitly challenges the claims of these ancient creation myths by affirming
God s unity and sovereignty by portraying the heavenly bodies and great sea creatures as his creations
and by presenting humans as God s stewards and indeed image bearers rather than as an after
thought born of divine need or laziness ASB
24 And God said Let the land produce liv ing 27 So God created mankind in his own image
creatures according to their kinds the live in the image of God he created them
stock the creatures that move along the male and female he created them
ground and the wild an i mals each ac 28 God blessed them and said to them
cord ing to its kind And it was so 25 God
made the wild an imals accord ing to their Be fruit ful and increase in number fill
kinds the live stock ac cord ing to their the earth and subdue it Rule over the fish
kinds and all the creatures that move in the sea and the birds in the sky and over
along the ground according to their kinds every liv ing creature that moves on the
And God saw that it was good ground
29 Then God said I give you every seed
26 Then God said Let us make man kind
in our image in our likeness so that they bearing plant on the face of the whole earth
may rule over the fish in the sea and the and every tree that has fruit with seed in
birds in the sky over the livestock and all it They will be yours for food 30 And to all
the wild an i mals a and over all the crea a 26 Probable reading of the original Hebrew text see Syriac
tures that move along the ground Masoretic Text the earth
1 26 us our our God speaks as the Creator King represent God s claim to kingship over his creation and
announcing his crowning work to the members of 2 to bring its full potential to realization to the praise
his heavenly court see 3 22 11 7 Isa 6 8 see also 1Ki of the Creator s glory In the ancient Near East kings
22 19 23 Job 15 8 Jer 23 18 image likeness No dis marked their conquest of lands by setting up images of
tinction should be made between image and like themselves in the conquered territories as a sign of their
ness which are synonyms in both the OT 5 1 9 6 and authority rule Humans are the climax of God s creative
the NT 1Co 11 7 Col 3 10 Jas 3 9 Since human beings activity and God has crowned them with glory and
are made in God s image they are all worthy of honor honor and made them rulers over the rest of his cre
and respect Image includes such characteristics as ation Ps 8 5 8 Since they were created in the image
righteousness and holiness Eph 4 24 and knowl of the divine King delegated sovereignty kingship was
edge Col 3 10 Believers are to be conformed to the bestowed on them
likeness of Christ Ro 8 29 and will someday be like 1 28 God blessed them fill subdue Rule Human
him 1Jn 3 2 so that they may rule Within the realm of kind goes forth from the hands of the Creator under
his visible creation God places a creature capable of act his divine benediction flourishing filling the earth
ing as his agent in relationship to other creatures 1 to with their kind and exercising dominion over the other
G e n e s i s 2 7 5
the beasts of the earth and all the birds Adam and eve
in the sky and all the creatures that move 4 This is the ac count of the heavens and the
along the ground every thing that has the earth when they were created when the Lord
breath of life in it I give every green plant God made the earth and the heavens
for food And it was so
31 God saw all that he had made and it 5 Now no shrub had yet ap peared on the
was very good And there was evening earth a and no plant had yet sprung up for
and there was morn ing the sixth day the L ord God had not sent rain on the earth
and there was no one to work the ground 6 but
2 comThus the heavens and the earth were
pleted in all their vast ar ray
streams b came up from the earth and watered
the whole surface of the ground 7Then the Lord
2 By the seventh day God had fin ished the God formed a man c from the dust of the ground
work he had been doing so on the seventh and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
day he rested from all his work 3 Then God and the man became a liv ing being
blessed the seventh day and made it holy a 5 Or land also in verse 6 b 6 Or mist c 7 The Hebrew
because on it he rested from all the work for man adam sounds like and may be related to the Hebrew
of creat ing that he had done for ground adamah it is also the name Adam see verse 20
earthly creatures see v 26 2 15 Ps 8 6 8 Human cul fect very good 1 31 It did not have to be repeated
ture accordingly is not anti God though fallen human repaired or revised and the Creator rested to com
beings often have turned their efforts into proud rebel memorate it
lion against God Rather it is the activity of those who 2 4 Lord God Lord Hebrew YHWH Yahweh is the
bear the image of their Creator and share as God s ser personal name of God see note on Ex 3 15 emphasiz
vants in his kingly rule As God s representatives in the ing his role as Israel s Redeemer and covenant Lord see
creaturely realm they are stewards of God s creatures note on Ex 6 6 while God Hebrew Elohim is a general
They are not to exploit waste or despoil them but are term Both names occur thousands of times in the OT
to care for them and to use them in the service of God and often as here they appear together clearly indi
and humankind cating that they refer to the one and only God
2 2 finished rested God rested on the seventh day 2 7 breath of life Humans and animals alike have the
not because he was weary but because nothing form breath of life in them see 1 30 Job 33 4 the man be
less or empty remained His creative work was com came a living being The Hebrew phrase here translated
pleted and it was totally effective absolutely per living being is translated living creatures in 1 20 24
They were the first human beings on earth all marriages Marriage led to parenthood
part of God s original creation As such Adam though the very first child Cain brought pain
and Eve set the standard for everything that as well as joy
followed Their lives illustrate what God loves First to sin against God Although they
in human beings as well as what he loathes only had to follow directions they failed In
First ecologists Adam was the first to name response to their sin they hid from God and
animals the first to tend a garden the first to blamed each other In the end the first two
be placed in charge of all the creatures Adam human beings were banished from Paradise
and Eve took on the huge task of caring for the and driven out into a world full of problems
earth and guiding its proper use God had never intended for them to confront
First to form a relationship with God Adam In that as in everything these two led the way
and Eve were made in God s image God con for all of us
versed with them and gave them responsibili
ties When they failed God they felt ashamed Life Questions
and feared meeting him Are you in a position to set an example for
First married couple God himself made the others
introductions and gave the first couple the de What can you learn from Adam and Eve s
light of each other body and soul As Genesis experience SB
2 24 suggests this suitability is the basis for
G e n e s i s 11 8 15
map 01 10 nations 66 6 6 width
T Bl ack Se a
Ae ge an RM Mt Ca s p i a n
O GA Ar a r a t Sea
dit RCO D A N I M A Calah
err A ELISHAH Arvad
T K I T T I M Hamath U
an S O R Akkad E
e a RPI M Sidon L
S H E M rs
TUBAL Descendants of Japheth
PUT Descendants of Ham S HI
ARAM Descendants of Shem SHEBA VE
0 300 km ABT
0 300 miles HAVILAH
25 Two sons were born to Eber east ward b they found a plain in Shi nar c and
One was named Peleg a because in his settled there
time the earth was divided his brother 3 They said to each other Come let s make
was named Joktan bricks and bake them thorough ly They used
26 Jok tan was the father of brick instead of stone and tar for mor tar 4 Then
Almodad Sheleph Ha zar maveth Jerah they said Come let us build ourselves a city
27 Hadoram Uzal Dik lah 28 Obal Abim
with a tower that reaches to the heavens so that
ael Sheba 29 Ophir Hav i lah and Jobab we may make a name for ourselves other wise
All these were sons of Joktan we will be scattered over the face of the whole
30The region where they lived stretched from Me earth
5 But the Lord came down to see the city and
sha toward Sephar in the eastern hill country
31 These are the sons of Shem by their clans the tower the people were building 6 The Lord
and languages in their ter ritories and nations said If as one people speak ing the same lan
guage they have begun to do this then noth
32 These are the clans of Noah s sons accord
ing they plan to do will be impossible for them
ing to their lines of descent with in their na 7 Come let us go down and con fuse their lan
tions From these the nations spread out over guage so they will not understand each other
the earth af ter the flood 8 So the Lord scat tered them from there over
all the earth and they stopped building the city
The Tower of Babel
11 Now the whole world had one language
and a common speech 2As people moved
a 25 Peleg means division
east c 2 That is Babylonia
b 2 Or from the east or in the
11 6 If then If the whole human race remained unit rebellion against God A godless human kingdom would
ed in the proud attempt to take its destiny into its own displace and exclude the kingdom of God
hands and by its self centered efforts to seize the reins 11 8 scattered See v 4 9 1 19 God dispersed the
of history there would be no limit to its unrestrained people because of their rebellious pride Even the
20 G e n e s i s 14 19
out bread and wine He was priest of God Most Do not be afraid Abram
High 19 and he blessed Abram say ing I am your shield a
Blessed be Abram by God Most High your very great reward b
Creator of heaven and earth 2 But Abram said Sovereign Lord what can
20 And praise be to God Most High
who delivered your enemies into your you give me since I remain child less and the
hand one who will in her it c my estate is El iezer of Da
mascus 3 And Abram said You have given
Then Abram gave him a tenth of every thing me no children so a ser vant in my household
will be my heir
4 Then the word of the L ord came to him
This man will not be your heir but a son who
MYSTERY MAN is your own flesh and blood will be your heir
Ge 14 18 5 He took him out side and said Look up at the
Melchizedek appeared to Abraham without sky and count the stars if indeed you can
warning received tremendous honor and then count them Then he said to him So shall
disappeared Yet hundreds of years later he your offspring d be
6 Abram believed the Lord and he cred ited it
earned mention in Psalm 110 and hundreds
of years after that in Hebrews 7 11 17
to him as righteousness
7 He also said to him I am the L ord who
Melchizedek remains a mysterious figure
brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give
but he does set an important precedent for
you this land to take possession of it
the Messiah demonstrating that the same man 8 But Abram said Sovereign L ord how can I
can serve as both priest and king Jewish know that I will gain possession of it
priests came from one tribe and kings from 9 So the Lord said to him Bring me a heifer a
a different tribe Though Melchizedek goat and a ram each three years old along with
did not have the proper family lineage his a dove and a young pigeon
spiritual power impressed Abraham 10 Abram brought all these to him cut them
the father of Judaism SB in two and ar ranged the halves opposite each
other the birds however he did not cut in
half 11 Then birds of prey came down on the
21 The king of Sodom said to Abram Give carcasses but Abram drove them away
12 As the sun was set ting Abram fell into a
me the people and keep the goods for yourself
22 But Abram said to the king of Sodom With deep sleep and a thick and dreadful dark ness
raised hand I have sworn an oath to the Lord came over him 13 Then the Lord said to him
God Most High Creator of heaven and earth Know for cer tain that for four hundred years
23 that I will ac cept noth ing belong ing to you your descendants will be strangers in a country
not even a thread or the strap of a sandal so not their own and that they will be en slaved
that you will never be able to say I made and mistreated there 14 But I will pun ish the
Abram rich 24 I will accept noth ing but what nation they serve as slaves and af ter ward they
my men have eaten and the share that belongs will come out with great possessions 15 You
to the men who went with me to Aner Eshkol however will go to your ancestors in peace and
and Mam re Let them have their share be bur ied at a good old age 16 In the fourth gen
eration your descendants will come back here
The Lord s Covenant With Abram
a 1 Or sovereign b 1 Or shield your reward will be very
Af ter this the word of the Lord came to great c 2 The meaning of the Hebrew for this phrase is
Abram in a vision uncertain d 5 Or seed
14 19 God Most High Creator of heaven and earth The hood is therefore in the order of Melchizedek not in the
titles most high lord of heaven and creator of earth order of Aaron Heb 7 11 see Ps 110 4
were frequently applied to the chief Canaanite deity in 14 22 With raised hand A standard oath taking practice
ancient times But Abram by identifying Melchizedek s in ancient times see Dt 32 40 Rev 10 5 6
God Most High with the Lord see v 22 bore testi 15 3 4 Ancient documents uncovered at Nuzi near
mony to the one true God Kirkuk on a branch of the Tigris River as well as at other
14 20 Abram gave him a tenth of everything A tenth was places demonstrate that a childless man could adopt
a king s share see 1Sa 8 15 17 By offering Melchizedek one of his own male servants to be heir and guardian of
a tenth Abram responded to Melchizedek s action by his estate Abram apparently contemplated doing this
showing that he in turn acknowledged his kingship in with Eliezer or perhaps had already done so
Salem At the same time having recognized Melchize 15 6 Abram is the father of all who believe Ro 4 11
dek s blessing as a benediction from the Lord Abram s and this verse is the first explicit reference to faith in
tithe to Melchizedek constituted a declaration that he God s promises see Ro 4 3 and note It also teaches that
would be indebted to no king but the Lord see v 23 God graciously responds to faith by crediting righteous
Melchizedek is later spoken of as a type or prefiguration ness to one who believes see Heb 11 8 and note
of Jesus our great high priest Heb 4 14 whose priest 15 16 In the fourth generation That is after 400 years
G e n e s i s 2 4 11 31
Ephron s field in Machpelah near Mam
re both the field and the cave in it and all the
reflect and respond
trees within the borders of the field was deed
ed 18 to Abra ham as his proper ty in the presence
of all the Hittites who had come to the gate of
love the city 19 Af ter ward Abra ham bur ied his wife
Sarah in the cave in the field of Machpelah near
The best place to begin a good story is at the Mam re which is at Hebron in the land of Ca
beginning The greatest story the truest of all naan 20So the field and the cave in it were deed
true stories is no different ed to Abra ham by the Hittites as a burial site
Once upon a time God began telling a
story a true story Our story This story begins isaac and Rebekah
once upon a time but not once upon our time
Abra ham was now very old and the
Before time as we know it was even created
there was a Hero God himself
Lord had blessed him in every way 2 He
said to the sen ior ser vant in his household the
read one in charge of all that he had Put your hand
Pre Garden of Eden and pre world God
under my thigh 3 I want you to swear by the
enjoyed perfect love within himself We don t Lord the God of heaven and the God of earth
know what God did during this time when only that you will not get a wife for my son from the
he existed But we do know that because God is daughters of the Ca naanites among whom I am
good everything was perfect living 4 but will go to my country and my own
God longed to share that goodness and love relatives and get a wife for my son Isaac
with others So somewhere in the story he made 5 The ser vant asked him What if the woman
millions of mighty beings who served and wor is unwilling to come back with me to this land
shiped him angels Unfortunately one angel Shall I then take your son back to the country
Satan wasn t content with his magnificent status
A couple of Scripture passages seem to symboli
you came from
6 Make sure that you do not take my son back
cally speak of this ancient tragedy The angel s
heart became proud on account of his beauty there Abra ham said 7 The Lord the God of
Ezekiel 28 17 He rebelled and convinced other heaven who brought me out of my father s
angels to join him God was betrayed His king household and my native land and who spoke to
dom s perfect harmony was destroyed me and promised me on oath saying To your
God cast Satan also known as Lucifer or the offspringa I will give this land he will send his
devil and the other traitors out of his kingdom angel before you so that you can get a wife for
But for the sake of sharing his love he took my son from there 8If the woman is unwilling
another risk He created people
to come back with you then you will be released
think from this oath of mine Only do not take my son
back there 9So the ser vant put his hand under
When we think of God we tend to see him as
the author of the story the controller of all things
the thigh of his master Abraham and swore an
We see him sitting far away detached pulling the oath to him concerning this matter
10 Then the ser vant left tak ing with him ten
levers and pushing the buttons and running the
stuff of life of his master s camels loaded with all kinds
But that s not the case While God is indeed of good things from his master He set out for
the author of the story his heart and emotions Aram Na ha ra imb and made his way to the town
are involved because at his core God is love of Na hor 11 He had the camels kneel down near
1 John 4 8 And because he wants us to truly the well outside the town it was toward eve
love him and because true love is always a ning the time the women go out to draw water
choice he gives us the freedom to choose him
and the freedom to reject him a 7 Or seed b 10 That is Northwest Mesopotamia
When the Author makes himself vulnerable
to be rejected or loved by the characters in the
story he s not just the Author anymore He s in 23 19 buried his wife in the land of Canaan In that cul
the story ture people had a strong desire to be buried with their
ancestors see note on 25 8 in their native land By pur
live chasing a burial place in Canaan Abraham indicated his
unswerving commitment to the Lord s promise Canaan
God has chosen to be affected by you Your was his new homeland
choices affect him because he loves you 24 2 Put your hand under my thigh Near the organ of
Deeply procreation probably because this oath was related to
Abraham s last will and testament and called for faithful
next level implementation on the part of his son Isaac must ac
God grieves when we reject him Read Genesis cept Abraham s and God s choice see also 47 29
6 5 6 TGR 24 10 camels See note on 12 16 town of Nahor Nahor is
the same name as that of Abraham s brother see v 15
For your next devotional go to page 58 11 26 The town is mentioned in clay tablets excavated
beginning in 1933 at the ancient city of Mari on the Eu
e xO D u s 6 15 75
A man at Luxor ancient Thebes making bricks from mud and straw as the ancient Israelites would have done
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people Is this why you sent me 23 Ever since I bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand
went to Pharaoh to speak in your name he has to give to Abra ham to Isaac and to Jacob I will
brought trouble on this people and you have give it to you as a possession I am the Lord
not rescued your people at all 9 Moses re ported this to the Is rael ites but
6 Then the Lord said to Moses Now you will
see what I will do to Pharaoh Because of
my mighty hand he will let them go because
they did not listen to him because of their dis
couragement and harsh labor
10 Then the L ord said to Moses 11 Go tell
of my mighty hand he will drive them out of Pharaoh king of Egypt to let the Israel ites go
his country out of his country
2 God also said to Moses I am the L ord 3 I 12 But Moses said to the L ord If the Israel ites
appeared to Abra ham to Isaac and to Jacob as will not listen to me why would Pharaoh listen
God Al mighty a but by my name the L ord b I to me since I speak with falter ing lipsc
did not make myself fully known to them 4 I
also es tablished my covenant with them to Family Record of Moses and Aaron
give them the land of Ca naan where they re 13 Now the L ord spoke to Moses and Aaron
sided as foreigners 5 Moreover I have heard the about the Israelites and Pharaoh king of Egypt
groan ing of the Israelites whom the Egyptians and he com manded them to bring the Israelites
are enslav ing and I have remembered my cov out of Egypt
6 Therefore say to the Israel ites I am the 14 These were the heads of their fam iliesd
Lord and I will bring you out from under the The sons of Reuben the firstborn son of
yoke of the Egyptians I will free you from being Israel were Ha nok and Pal lu Hez ron and
slaves to them and I will redeem you with an Kar mi These were the clans of Reuben
outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judg 15 The sons of Sim e on were Je mu el
ment 7 I will take you as my own people and I
a 3 Hebrew El Shaddai b 3 See note at 3 15 c 12 Hebrew
will be your God Then you will know that I am d 14 The
I am uncircumcised of lips also in verse 30
the Lord your God who brought you out from Hebrew for families here and in verse 25 refers to units larger
under the yoke of the Egyptians 8 And I will than clans
6 5 remembered See note on Ge 8 1 6 7 8 brought you out from will bring you to Redemp
6 6 I will bring you out will free you will redeem you tion means not only release from slavery and suffering
The verbs stress the true significance of the name Yah but also deliverance to freedom and joy
weh the Lord who is the Redeemer of his people 6 7 I will take you as my own people and I will be your God
outstretched arm Used figuratively of God s display of Words that anticipate the covenant at Mount Sinai see
his power in the redemption of his people see Dt 4 34 19 5 6 see also Jer 31 33 Zec 8 8 and notes
5 15 see also Isa 51 9 11 mighty acts of judgment See 6 8 See Ge 22 15 17 swore with uplifted hand See note
7 4 The Lord s acts include redemption for Israel and on Ge 14 22
judgment against Egypt
174 n u M B e R s 14 19
to anger abound ing in love and forgiv ing sin 26 The L ord said to Moses and Aaron 27 How
and rebel lion Yet he does not leave the guilty long will this wicked com mu nity grum ble
unpun ished he pun ishes the children for the against me I have heard the complaints of
sin of the parents to the third and fourth gen these grumbling Israel ites 28 So tell them As
eration 19 In accordance with your great love surely as I live declares the Lord I will do to
forgive the sin of these people just as you have you the very thing I heard you say 29 In this
pardoned them from the time they left Egypt wilder ness your bod ies will fall every one of
until now you twenty years old or more who was counted
20 The L ord replied I have forgiven them as
in the census and who has grumbled against
you asked 21 Never theless as surely as I live me 30 Not one of you will enter the land I swore
and as surely as the glory of the Lord fills the with uplifted hand to make your home except
whole earth 22not one of those who saw my glo Ca leb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun
ry and the signs I performed in Egypt and in the 31 As for your children that you said would be
wilder ness but who disobeyed me and tested taken as plunder I will bring them in to enjoy
me ten times 23 not one of them will ever see the land you have rejected 32 But as for you
the land I prom ised on oath to their ancestors your bodies will fall in this wilder ness 33 Your
No one who has treated me with contempt will children will be shepherds here for for ty years
ever see it 24 But because my ser vant Ca leb has suffer ing for your unfaithfulness until the last
a dif ferent spir it and fol lows me wholeheart of your bodies lies in the wilder ness 34 For for
edly I will bring him into the land he went to ty years one year for each of the for ty days
and his descendants will in her it it 25 Since the you ex plored the land you will suf fer for
Ama lek ites and the Canaan ites are living in the your sins and know what it is like to have me
valleys turn back tomor row and set out toward
the desert along the route to the Red Sea a a 25 Or the Sea of Reeds
14 28 I will do to you the very things I heard you say The in the census were to die in the desert v 29 The only
people of Israel brought upon themselves their punish exceptions would be Joshua and Caleb v 30 Only the
ment They had said that they would rather die in the people s children would survive v 31 the children
wilderness v 2 than be led into Canaan to die by the they said God would allow to die in the wilderness see
sword All those 20 years old or more who were counted v 3
M ost ancient histories record the heroic exploits of mighty warriors and unblemished leaders
The Bible gives a strikingly different picture as seen in the brutal realism of
Numbers and its accounts of grumbling and rebellion
This chapter in Numbers recounts a tragic watershed episode the most decisive
event since the exodus from Egypt The Israelites were poised on the very border
of the promised land If they simply trusted God they could leave the torturous
desert and walk into a land abundant with food and water Military scouts were GUIDED
in the process of delivering their final report on what they had seen TOUR
Yet despite the miracles God had already performed on their behalf the Is Nu 14
raelites distrusted him once more They cowered at the spies report of Canaan
and loudly bemoaned the original decision to leave Egypt Fear led to open rebellion and the nation
plotted mutiny even conspiring to stone Moses and his brother Aaron At the edge of the promised
land they lost faith and turned away
A Plan Postponed
God the real object of their revolt felt spurned like a cast off lover Convinced at last that this band
of renegades was unprepared for conquest of the promised land God postponed all plans In the face
of such rebellion God decided to wait for a whole new generation of Israelites The original slaves
would not cross into the promised land
That s why out of the many thousands who left Egypt only two adults Joshua and Caleb survived
to enter the promised land All the rest over the age of 20 were destined to die in the desert
Life Questions
What problems cause you great fear How do you respond SB
240 D e u T e R O n O M Y 3 2 41
A Scent of Doom
Dt 32 28 For 40 years Moses had led the hearts and the sights that your eyes will see Dt
cranky assortment of tribes He had listened to their 28 65 67 His descriptions of their future are un
grumbling endured their gossip and survived their matched for their horror
insurrections Then he had one last chance to warn Just in case the Israelites didn t get the message
them not to repeat their ways Moses taught them a song given him by God It
You cannot read the last chapters of Deuteron became a kind of national anthem memorized by
omy without detecting a doleful sense of fatalism everyone and sung as they marched into Canaan
in Moses words The Israelites settling down into But the song is like no other national anthem It has
a life of quiet obedience wasn t likely They had virtually no words of encouragement or hope only
failed far too often they were doomed to fail again doom
Moses pulled out all the stops He orchestrated Moses knew that even the promised land would
a dramatic object lesson that would live in their not change his people s ingrained habit of disobey
memories forever It actually took ing God They would fail in the
place after Moses death as record promised land just as they had
ed in Jos 8 30 35 Representatives failed in the desert He concluded
from all the tribes would climb two his farewell speech to the people
mountains with a narrow valley in with these words They are not
between These designated speak just idle words for you they are
ers were to shout out curses and your life Dt 32 47 And then on
blessings on the Israelites see Dt 11 26 32 27 28 that same day he ascended a mountain to die He
Then as the Israelites entered the new land their had been forbidden by God to cross into Canaan
ears would ring with the dissonance of wonderful because of his own disobedience
blessings and horrific curses This sad final scene may have made the stron
gest impression of all No one could get away with
Future Terrors rebellion against God not even Moses whom the
Moses starkly summarized the future of the Isra Lord knew face to face Dt 34 10
elites They would he said have an anxious mind
eyes weary with longing and a despairing heart Life Questions
You will live he went on in constant suspense Why do you think the Bible includes accounts
filled with dread both night and day never sure of big failures like this
of your life In the morning you will say If only it Have you ever experienced a repeated failure
were evening and in the evening If only it were a sin or problem that keeps returning no
morning because of the terror that will fill your matter what you do SB
41 when I sharpen my flashing sword of the people 45 When Moses fin ished recit ing
and my hand grasps it in judgment all these words to all Israel 46 he said to them
I will take vengeance on my adversaries Take to heart all the words I have solemn ly
and repay those who hate me declared to you this day so that you may com
42 I will make my arrows drunk with mand your children to obey careful ly all the
blood words of this law 47 They are not just idle words
while my sword devours flesh for you they are your life By them you will
the blood of the slain and the captives live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan
the heads of the enemy leaders to possess
43 Rejoice you nations with his people a b Moses to Die on Mount nebo
for he will avenge the blood of his 48 On that same day the L ord told Mo ses
servants 49 Go up into the Aba rim Range to Mount Nebo
he will take vengeance on his enemies in Moab across from Jer icho and view Canaan
and make atonement for his land and the land I am giving the Israelites as their own
people a 43 Or Make his people rejoice you nations b 43 Masoretic
44 Moses Text Dead Sea Scrolls see also Septuagint people and let
came with Joshua c son of Nun and all the angels worship him c 44 Hebrew Hoshea a variant
spoke all the words of this song in the hear ing of Joshua
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