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National Science Olympiad Physics 2017 1. If the speed of light in vacuum is c, its speed in a medium of refractive index n is: A. nc B. c C. n c D. n2c 2. When some oil is spilled on water, many colours are visible. This is due to: A. Refraction of light B. Diffraction of light C. Scattering of light D. Thin film interference of light 3. Two ...

National Science Olympiad hands regularly so that each clap coincides
Physics 2017 with the echo of the previous clap With what
frequency in Hz does he clap his hands
1 If the speed of light in vacuum is c its speed in
A 0 33 B 0 167
a medium of refractive index n is
C 3 33 D 6 66
7 Anne is waiting to cross the road when an
C D n2c ambulance with its siren wailing approaches
n her at a speed of 120 km h 1 If Anne hears a
frequency of 13 kHz what is the frequency of
2 When some oil is spilled on water many colours
the ambulance s siren Assume the speed of
are visible This is due to
sound in air is 333 m s 1
A Refraction of light
B Diffraction of light A 7 67 kHz B 13 0 kHz
C C 11 7 kHz D 18 8 kHz
Scattering of light
D Thin film interference of light
8 When Vuyo walks into a shop he sees a plane
mirror 9 m away from him He walks directly
3 Two photons travelling in a vacuum have towards it at a speed of 1 4 m s 1 What is the
different energies This implies that they have distance between Vuyo and his image 5 s after
different he started walking towards the mirror te of
emission of energy will increase by a factor of
A Velocities
B Amplitudes A 2m B 4 m
C Polarizations C 7m D 16 m
D Frequencies
9 When a constant resultant force acts on a body
4 Which one of the following shows the least on a smooth horizontal surface the
change in value when measured all over the acceleration
A will decrease till the body reaches a
A Acceleration due to gravity g constant speed
B is constant but not zero
B Speed of sound
C increases uniformly with respect to time
C Density of the air
D is proportional to the displacement from a
D The speed of light
fixed point
5 John is standing on the bank of a river that is 10 A speed trap is placed on the road to enforce
flowing from his left to his right In which direction speed limits Two detector wires are placed on
should he swim in order to reach the opposite the road 80 cm apart A car travelling at 72
bank in the shortest time km h 1 passes over the wires How long does
it take for the front wheels of the car to cross
A Slightly to his left slightly upstream
over the wires
B He should swim directly towards the
opposite bank
C slightly to his right slightly downstream A 40 ms B 11 ms
C 1 1s D 90 ms
D Swim in such a direction that he reaches
the opposite bank at a point directly
opposite starting point 11 Two projectiles are launched at the same time
with the same initial speed and from the same
6 The speed of sound in air is 333 m s 1 A point in the same vertical plane One is
launched at 70o to the horizontal and the other
man standing 50 m from a cliff claps his
at 20o to the horizontal Assume that the air
resistance is negligible and that the projectiles
are launched on a horizontal surface
Which of the following is TRUE
A The projectiles will land at the same C
B Both land at the same point
C The projectile launched at 70o to the
horizontal will land first D
D The horizontal component of each is
constant and has the same value
A car of mass 800kg is freewheeling down a
12 A 1000 kg car collides head on with a 2500 kg slope at 30o to the horizontal at a constant
minibus They stop instantly on collision If speed of 54 km h 1 Use this information to
before the impact the car was travelling at 20 answer questions 15 16 and 17
ms 1 the minibus speed was
15 The loss of potential energy each second is
A 5 7 ms 1 B 8 0 ms 1
C 14 3 ms 1 D 20 0 ms 1 A 12 J B 120 J
C 6 000 J D 60 000 J
13 A toy RC car travels in a straight line across a
tiled floor The tiles are square and are 33 cm 16 The car is now travelling along a horizontal road
each side The car crosses two consecutive at the same speed and all other conditions are
tiles in 3 and 2 seconds respectively as shown the same as before What is the operating
below power of the car s engine
A 60 kW B 6 kW
C 43 2 kW D 12 kW
17 The car now turns round and drives up the
slope at the same speed and all other
What is the acceleration in m s 2 of the toy conditions remain the same What is the
car operating power of the engine now
A 0 0071 B 0 04 A 103 2 kW B 60 kW
C 0 022 D 0 055 C 120 kW D 180 kW
14 A cannonball is travelling in straight line when 18 Which of the following pairs have the units of
it suddenly explodes into three pieces The momentum
direction of motion of the canon ball before the
explosion and the direction of the three pieces A J s 1 N s B kg m s 1 N s
after the explosion are shown below by arrows C N s 1 N m s 2 D kg s N m s
Which one of the following diagrams is NOT a 19 Two objects P and Q have equal momentum
possible answer Object P has a mass of 1 kg and object Q has
a mass of 4 kg Which one of the following
represents the ratio of their kinetic energies
A 2 1 B 4 1
C 8 1 D 16 1 23 During which time intervals was it moving
towards its starting point
20 An object starts from rest and accelerates in a
straight line The acceleration change of the A 4s 6s only
object with time is shown in the graph below B 4s 6s and 6s 7s
C 7s 8s only
D 6s 7s and 7s 8s
24 A train is moving slowly on a straight track with
a constant speed of 2 m s 1 A passenger gets
up from his seat and walks at a steady speed
of 2 m s 1 to the back of the train To an
observer standing outside the train the
passenger will appear to be
A moving in the opposite direction to the
train at 4 m s 1
B stationary
The speed in m s 1 of the object at t 5 s is
C moving in the same direction as the
train at 4 m s 1
A 0 B 1 6 moving in the same direction as the
C 7 8 D 14 2 train at 2 m s 1
The graph below shows the velocity time graph 25 The diagram below shows a tall measuring
of an object starting from rest moving off in a cylinder filled with cooking oil A small steel
straight line and coming to rest 8 s later Use this ball bearing is held on the surface of the oil and
information to answer questions 21 22 and 23 then released
Which one of the following pairs of energy E
versus distance s graphs correctly shows the
21 What is the maximum acceleration of the object change of potential energy EP and kinetic
in m s 2 energy EK of the ball bearing
22 What is the average velocity in m s 1 of the
object during its 8 s movement
A 1 33 B 1 50
C 1 75 D 1 00
28 Hashim Amla receives a cricket ball of mass
0 16 kg from Stewart Broad at a speed of 144
km h 1 Amla drives it back past Broad at speed
of 108 km h 1 If the ball is in contact with Amla s
bat for 0 1s what is the magnitude average force
exerted by bat on ball
A 100 N B 360 N
C 112 N D 2 520 N
29 A car reaches a speed of 18 m s 1 after
accelerating at 4 m s 2 for 3 seconds What
distance has the car covered
A 40 5 m B 36 m
C 27 m D 13 5 m
30 A recently discovered exo planet was found to
have a radius 12 000 km and that g on its
surface was 8 m s 2 What is the mass of the
A 1 73 x 1025 kg B 1 44 x 1018 kg
C 1 73 x 1019 kg D 1 73 x 1023 kg
31 At a distance d from a point change Q the
electric field strength is E 2 where k is
26 A Formula 1 racing car has momentum P and constant What will be the field strength at a
kinetic energy T just before it crashes into a tyre d
distance from the charge Q
wall It comes to rest after travelling a distance of 2
d metres in t seconds What is the work done by
the tyre wall in stopping the car A 2E B 4E
A P x d T B T
C Pxd D P t 32 Three insulated conductors X Y and Z carry
charges of charges of 6 C 3 C and 6 C
27 A ball whose kinetic energy is E is thrown at an respectively All three are simultaneously brought
angle of 45 with the horizontal Its kinetic energy into contact with each other and separated They
at the highest point of its flight is ignore air are then in turn placed a distance a D apart and
resistance the force between them measured Which pair
would show the largest magnitude of force
E between them
E E A X and Y
C D B X and Z
D The magnitude of the force is the same
for all the above
33 Three capacitors C1 C2 and C3 are connected in A L1 and L2 are out so L4 L5 and L6 shine
series as shown below with C1 C2 C3 equally brightly
B No bulbs shine
C L1 and L2 shine the brightest since L4 L5
and L6 do not shine at all
D L1 and L2 shine equally bright but more
brightly than L4 L5 and L6
The effective total capacitance CT is
A CT C1 37 Each one of the following particles is released in
a uniform electric field in a vacuum Which one
will have the highest speed after travelling 10
C C 1 C2 C2C3 C1C3 mm
A An electron
D CT C1 C2 C3
B A proton
C An alpha particle a Helium nucleus
The circuit diagram shows 6 identical bulbs L1 to
L6 connected to a battery D A neutron
38 Four 3 resistors are connected together in
different combinations as shown below Which
one of these will give a total resistance of 5
Use this information to answer questions 34 35
34 Which bulb s shine most brightly
A L4 L5 and L6
C L1 and L2
D All bulbs shine equally bright
35 Bulb L3 is now replaced with an ammeter Which
bulbs now shine brightest
A L4 L5 and L6
B L1 and L2
C All shine equally brightly
D No bulbs shine
39 A cell has an emf E volt and internal resistance r
36 The ammeter is now replaced by a voltmeter It is connected to an external resistance R
Which bulbs now shine most brightly What is the power dissipated in the external
resistance R if R 2r
40 Two cells connected in series of the same mf
E but different internal resistances r1 and r2 are
connected in series with an external resistance
R The potential drop across the first cell is found Use this information to answer questions 44 and
to be zero The external resistance R is 45
r1 44 What is the current through the 7 resistor
A 0 5 A B 1 0 A
C r1r2 D r1 r2
C 1 33 A D 2 0 A
Three 100 resistors are connected as shown in
the figure below The maximum power that can 45 What is the value of R in
safely be delivered to any one resistor is 25 0
A 7 5 B 15
C 6 66 D 13 33
46 A light emitting diode LED is connected to a coil
as shown below A bar magnet is moved
within the coil to generate an electric current
Use this information to answer questions 41 42
41 What is the maximum current in the circuit
A 1 00 A B 0 50 A
C 0 25 A D 1 50 A
42 What is the equivalent resistance in the circuit Which one of the following actions will make the
LED light up The bar magnet is
A 300 B 100
Dropped vertically N pole down
C 150 D 66 7 A through the plane of the coil
43 What is the maximum voltage that can be applied Dropped vertically S pole down
B through the plane of the coil
to the terminals X and Y
Rotated horizontally in a clockwise
C direction in the plane of the coil
A 300 V B 150 V
C 75 0 V D 50 0 V Rotated horizontally in an anti
D clockwise direction in the plane of
The circuit below shows three resistors connected to the coil
a 24 V supply with no internal resistance A voltmeter
connected between X and Y reads 10 V 47 The shortest wavelength limit of X rays emitted
by an electron of energy 30 keV 1eV 1 6x10
A 4 14 x 10 11 m B 1 43 x 10 11 m A 1 90 B 1 21
C 3 14 x 10 10 m D 13 4 x 10 10 m C 3 10 D zero
48 A source of light is placed at a distance of 1 m
from a photo cell and the cut off potential is
found to be V0 If the distance is doubled the cut Chemistry 2017
off potential will be
51 Which electron configuration is most likely to
V0 give a stable 3 ion
C V0 D V0 4 A 1s22s22p6
B 1s22s22p3
49 Which curve represents the correct relation C 1s22s22p63s2
between energy E of a photon and its
D 1s22s22p63s23p1
52 There Consider the atoms represented below
Which of the above atoms have the same
number of neutrons
A Al and S B S and Mg
C Na and Mg D Mg and Al
53 Atomic radii generally from top to bottom in a
group and from left to right in a period
A increase decrease
B decrease increase
C increase remain the same
D remain the same decrease
54 An element occurs as two isotopes and the
percentage occurrence of one of the isotopes is
60 1 and its atomic mass is 68 9256 amu If the
atomic mass of the second isotope is 70 9247
amu what is the average atomic mass of the
A 69 7 amu B 70 1 amu
C 69 9 amu D 139 9 amu
50 What is the maximum kinetic energy in eV of a
55 The element with the lowest heat and electrical
photoelectron emitted from a surface whose work
conductivity of all the metallic elements is
function is 5 eV when illuminated by a light whose
wavelength is 200 nm
A Silver B Mercury
C Tin D Gold
56 Which one of the following statements about 61 The first aluminium alloy to be used in aircraft
the alkali metals is FALSE manufacture was known as Duralumin This
alloy contains 95 aluminium as the major
A They all have two valence electrons component but also contains 4
B They have the lowest first ionisation
energies in a period A copper B titanium
C At room temperature they are low C gold D vanadium
density solids
D They are highly reactive elements 62 The first element to be discovered in nature in
tiny amounts only after it had been produced
57 Which of the following statements is TRUE artificially was
i One litre of ice weighs the same as one litre A Rubidium B Actinium
of water C Technetium D Ruthenium
ii One litre of ice weighs less than one litre of
iii One litre of ice weighs more than one litre 63 Which one of the following minerals contains
of water mercury
iv One litre of ice weighs the same as
approximately 1 1 litres of water A Magnetite B Cinnabar
v One litre of ice weighs the same as C Bauxite D Galena
approximately 0 91 litres of water
64 Silicones can be oils or they can be rubber like
A i only materials This depends on the
B ii and v
C iii and iv A Oxidation state of silicon in the chain
D None of the statements is true B Ratio of silicon to oxygen
C Chain length and degree of cross
58 Which one of the following elements has the linking
largest number of allotropes D Number of carbon atoms present
A Sulfur B Selenium 65 The mineral anorthite has the formula
C Oxygen D Phosphorous CaAl2Si2O8
59 Salts of which one of the following elements can The percentage by mass of calcium in this
be used in fireworks to produce a red mineral is
crimson colour
A 20 0 B 14 4
A Strontium B Barium C 28 5 D 12 9
C Potassium D Sodium
66 A platinum oxide 7 5 g is heated in a stream of
60 Consider the following substances hydrogen gas and produces only two products
i Diamond Pt solid and 1 191 g of H2O
iii SiC The formula of the oxide that was heated is
A Pt2O B PtO
Which of the above is an example of a covalent
C PtO2 D Pt2O5
A i and ii B ii and iii 67 The poisonous compound strychnine which has
C i iii and iv D All of the above a molecular mass of between 300 and
500 g mol 1 was analysed and found to have the 72 A chemical reaction that releases heat intothe
following composition surroundings is an reaction and the value of
H is at constant pressure
N 8 38 A exothermic positive
H 6 63 B endothermic negative
The remainder of the mass is oxygen
C endothermic positive
D exothermic negative
What is strychnine s molecular formula
A C22H22N2O2 B C10H10NO 73 The reaction Hg2Cl2 s Hg HgCl2 is an
C C20H20N2O2 D C21H22N2O2 example of a an
A Combustion reaction
68 A 12 572 g sample of hydrated magnesium
B Addition reaction
bromide MgBr2 xH2O is completely dried in
C Substitution reaction
an oven When the anhydrous salt is removed
D Disproportionation reaction
from the oven it has a mass of 7 921 g The value
74 The decomposition of nitroglycerine proceeds as
A 8 B 6 shown in the equation below
C3H5 NO3 3 l
N2 g O2 g CO2 g H2O g
69 The human body is made up largely of water The
ability of humans to regulate their body The respective coefficients when the equation is
temperature is greatly assisted by the fact that balanced with the smallest integer values are
water has a
A 3 5 2 10 8 B 2 3 2 6 5
A low melting point C 4 6 1 12 10 D 1 1 1 1 1
B high boiling point
C low specific heat 75 Aluminium oxide can be produced according to
D high specific heat the following reaction
70 For dimethylamine molecules CH3 2NH the 4Al 3O2 2Al2O3
predominant intermolecular interaction is
If 7 5 g of aluminium reacts with 7 5 g of oxygen
A Ion dipole forces to produce 10 5 g of aluminium oxide what is the
B Dipole dipole forces percentage yield of the reaction
C Hydrogen bonding
D A 100 B 57
London forces
71 Which of the following statements is are
CORRECT 76 Consider the reaction below
i All ionic compounds dissolve in water P4 s 6 Cl2 g 4 PCl3 g
ii All molecular compounds are insoluble in
water What is the maximum amount of PCl3 that can
iii All ionic compounds that are soluble in be produced from 5 0 g P4 and 5 0 g Cl2
water are electrolytes
iv Most ionic compounds containing chloride A 9 68 g B 22 19 g
ions are soluble in water C 6 45 g D 5 41 g
A iv only B i and ii 77 Which one of the following is an exothermic
C iii and iv D ii and iii process
A Water boiling B H2PO 4 aq O2 aq
B Ice melting
PO 34 aq H2O l
C Water vapour condensing
C H2PO 4 aq H2O l
D Water evaporating
H3PO4 aq OH aq
78 Consider the following system at equilibrium D
H2PO 4 aq H2O l
HPO 24 aq H3O aq
Ca OH 2 s Ca2 aq 2OH aq
83 Element X reacts with hydrogen to produce HX
The solubility of Ca OH 2 s will be INCREASED which when dissolved in water forms an acidic
by the addition of
solution Element X is
A HCl aq A S B N
B NaOH aq C Mg D Br
D All of the above 84 Which one of the following is the strongest acid
79 The multi step industrial process for the C H2F SbF6 D NaHCO3
production of nitric acid by oxidation of
ammonia is known as the process 85 Hydrochloric acid can be purchased from
suppliers as a 33 solution mass mass What
A Haber Bosch B Ostwald
mass of this solution contains 12 49 g of HCl
C thermite D Hall H roult
A 45 g B 38 g
80 Consider the reaction represented below C 100 g D 33 g
HCN aq H2O l CN aq H3O aq
86 Water can be treated with chlorine to ensure
In the above reaction that it is safe to drink
A H2O is the acid and HCN is the base The presence of which active chlorine species
is responsible for the important sterilising action
B HCN is the acid and CN is the conjugate
base of chlorine in water
C H3O is the acid and HCN is the conjugate
base A Cl B HClO
D HCN is the base and CN is the conjugate C HCl D Cl2
87 The colour change observed during a titration
81 Molecules that are able to act either as a of an acetic acid solution in conical flask with a
Br nsted Lowry acid or base are called sodium hydroxide solution in burette using
phenolphthalein as indicator is
A amphiprotic B polyprotic
C polyanionic D hydrophilic A Blue to yellow
B Pink to colourless
82 In which one of the following reactions does the C Red to blue
dihydrogen phosphate ion act as a base D Colourless to pink
according to the Br nsted Lowry theory
88 Oxalic acid can be neutralised by sodium
A H2PO 4 aq OH aq hydroxide as shown in the following scheme
HPO 24 aq H2O l
Cu2 aq 2e Cu s
E Cu2 0 34 V
What is the balanced spontaneous cell reaction
If 51 2 ml of an oxalic acid solution of A 3Cu2 aq 2Al s
concentration 0 15 mol l 1 is used to neutralise 20 3Cu s 2Al3 aq
ml of a sodium hydroxide solution what is the B 2Cu2 aq 3Al s
concentration of the sodium hydroxide solution 2Cu s 3Al3 aq
C Cu s Al3 aq
A 0 547 mol l 1 B 0 384 mol l 1 Cu2 aq Al s
C 0 768 mol l 1 D 0 200 mol l 1 D 3Cu s 2Al3 aq
3Cu2 aq 2Al s
89 In Soda ash Na2CO3 reacts with HCl according
to the balanced equation below
93 For the above cell reaction what is the
Na2CO3 aq 2HCl aq standard potential of the cell
2NaCl aq H2O l CO2 g
A 1 32 V B 2 00 V
If 0 243 g of impure soda ash reacts with 21 14 C 2 00 V D 1 32 V
ml of a 0 146 mol dm 3 HCl solution what is the
percentage purity of the soda ash
Questions 94 and 95 refer to the incomplete
A 74 1 B 49 8 chemical equation below
C 67 3 D 100
90 If 0 617 g of an unknown monoprotic acid HA
is neutralised by 42 15 ml of a 0 1055 mol dm 3
NaOH solution what is the molar mass of the 94 The product of the reaction shown is
unknown acid
A pentyl ethanal B ethyl pentanal
A 277 6 g mol 1 B 61 7 g mol 1 C ethyl pentanone D pentyl ethanoate
C 138 8 g mol 1 D 105 5 g mol 1
95 The reaction is an example of
91 In the reaction below is the reducing agent
and is the oxidising agent is reduced and A Combustion B Saponification
is oxidised C Esterification D Hydrolysis
4HNO3 aq Cu s 96 Structures of four compounds are shown below
Cu NO3 2 aq 2NO2 g 2H2O
A H2O Cu Cu H2O
B Cu HNO3 N Cu
C NO 3 Cu Cu NO 3
D NO2 Cu2 Cu NO 3
Which of these structures are possible keeping
92 The following half reactions take place in a in mind the number of bonds that various atoms
galvanic cell can form
Al3 aq 3e Al s
A a and b B c and d
E Al3 1 66 V
C b and d D a b c and d
97 Consider the reaction represented below
This reaction is an example of a n reaction
A addition B substitution
C oxidation D dehydration
98 Consider a nitrile RCN
The R C N bond angle in a typical nitrile is
A 180 B 120
C 109 D 90
99 The molecule below contains bonds and
A 8 3 B 9 3
C 10 2 D 7 5
100 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2016 was won
by Jean Pierre Sauvage Sir J Fraser Stoddart
and Bernard L Feringa for the
A Design and synthesis of molecular
B Discovery of mechanisms to explain how
DNA is repaired
C Development of a solar cell
D Determining the structure of G protein
coupled receptors
W F x cos U mgh or of EP mgh
1 Wnet K or of Wnet Ek
Acceleration due to P P Fv
gravity g 9 8 m s 2
Speed of light in a
Spoed van lig in n
vakuum LIG
Planck s constant
h 6 63 x 10 34 J s
Planck se konstante 1
Coulomb s constant v f T
Coulomb se konstante
k 9 0 x 109 N m2 C 2 f
Charge on electron
e 1 6 x 10 19 C v vL
Lading op elektron fL fs E hf
Electron mass v vs
me 9 11 x 10 31 kg
Elektronmassa or of
Permittivity of free space
Permittiwiteit van vry 0 8 85 x 10 12 F m 1 fL fb
ruimte v vb
where waar
E hf and en
W0 hf0 and en E 1 mv2
x v i t a t
y v i t a t
v f v i 2a x
or of or of V F
v f v i 2a y
Fnet ma p mv
R s R1 R 2
1 1 1 q I t
R p R1 R 2
Paverage Vrms I rms
I rms Pgemiddeld Vwgk I wgk
I wgk Paverage I rms
Pgemiddeld I 2wgkR
2 Paverage
2 Pgemiddeld

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