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28 37 was herod a jew or not If he wasn t where do you

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1/20/2017 03:06 can you please talk about what discipleship is? 12:39 the immutability of God, does He change His everlasting promises? (steve shares an interesting story about a gift he didn't get) 22:10 luke 12:20, can you explain that verse to me? 28:25 (very weird call) isa 19:4-6, rev 16:, different between "sun" & "son"

28 13 historical eschatology viewpoint amillennialism viewpoint discussion satan loosed on the earth in the
41 20 wondering if you ve ever heard the video by darik frank let the lion roar emphasis on the jews israel
52 10 can you give me some wisdom on what to do w doubt or lack of evidence of there being a God etc
01 34 the lion lying down w the lamb kjv was supernaturally changed because it doesn t say that anymore
07 13 Jesus was born 4 5 bc Why did we start using BC AD for the calendar
10 58 how biblical is the doctrine about hell fire Fearing God because you are afraid of hell fire is not a good
way to get saved
28 04 our authority in Christ being saved prayer word of faith
44 31 what if you ve squandered most of your life from serving God
03 22 knowing God experiencing Him routine in prayer worship
09 52 is the law still applicable because I just got done reading isaiah 2 4
19 46 what are the 7 Spirits of God that are in the throne in Revelation
25 30 are woman allowed to pastors How about teaching
41 15 should I listen to Christian psychologists Should we read secular literature have you ever read
Paradise lost
49 39 speaking in tongues having the Holy Spirit being filled w the Spirit
02 21 Why didn t the Jews recognize Jesus when He came
07 56 vine s expository dictionary the word use in rom 1 26 natural use for
21 15 coincidence or providence of God Does God orchestrate our lives
28 15 followup women teaching the church what did the church look like in the 1st century Is the church
in the role of the husband to those who don t marry
40 14 using different translations of the bible especially the living bible the NLT matt 7 judging giving
49 01 where are your grief lectures
50 40 the Word of Faith damages the faith of believers
02 47 can you explain again how you know the Bible is the infallible inerrant Word of God
23 27 when did the old covenant stop the new covenant start
28 34 can you explain matt 7 6 don t give what is holy to dogs
03 08 this s not really the Q but asking it this way anyway dispensationalists predicted israel becoming a
nation so aren t they right
10 00 I disagree w you about sharing your opinion we all can t be inspired at least anymore or write for
20 57 do children who die become angels where do we go after we die
28 02 can you tell me about biblical exegesis How do you begin studying the Bible Do you believe in once
saved always saved
40 14 Elohim in Genesis singular plural forms of a word used for the one only God
44 46 the call gets cutoff but just wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to it
44 47 do you know of ANY nation in the world or in history who came back into being 2 000 yrs later
49 17 a woman in korea claiming to be Jesus wife
03 46 new age emphasis in Christianity the new apostolic movement prophetic ministries
20 08 1peter 1 20 private interpretation
28 37 was herod a jew or not If he wasn t where do you think they got this idea
31 54 hebrews 10 26 grace sinning willfully what does no longer a sacrifice for sins mean
40 40 why did Jesus curse the fig tree matt 21 19 21
50 51 is there a difference in what tongues is for in Acts 2cor
01 20 judg 3 God will NOT drive Israel s enemies that they might be tested He won t because He wants
them to learn about war
06 06 following the laws of God as Christians it s true we are going to be judged by Christ but by what
15 23 followup keeping the law adventists SDAs says we absolutely have to keep the Sabbath that it says it
in Acts so on
23 40 middle eastern culture a little bit different than the modern era or life in America
29 16 not doing blood transfusions like JWs don t because it says to abstain from blood
35 46 even though a buddhist he feels like he s falling in love w Jesus
44 50 wanting to have obedience to Jesus but being tempted to do wrong
03 49 it says to love your enemies but who is this referring to
18 21 taking things out of context involving the end times
24 51 malachi 3 10 tithing giving contd after break didn t announce it like he usually does that he s
coming back to the caller
40 14 I don t recall reading that John the Revelator did what Rev 10 preaching to nations kindreds tongues
people in patmos
43 54 rev 20 4 6 what s this talking about when it talks about the 1000 year reign millennium
51 10 what is the definition of the Holy Spirit especially paraclete paracletos Him being beside us when
He s supposed to be in us
03 06 can you please talk about what discipleship is
12 39 the immutability of God does He change His everlasting promises steve shares an interesting story
about a gift he didn t get
22 10 luke 12 20 can you explain that verse to me
28 25 very weird call isa 19 4 6 rev 16 different between sun son
32 45 doing yoga isn t that hinduism Should I practice it
39 35 I m trying to deal w past mistakes regrets how do I do that
48 20 short discussion about the tribulation pre mid post rapture
53 15 followup yoga
05 17 what about those who are sincere in what they believe in seeking God but are sincerely wrong
12 00 pastors not wanting to endorse candidates because of the 501c3 forbids it using your last few days of
employment to do bad
23 08 did Jesus take care of sorcerers occultists their power when He died on the cross
28 10 2cor 4 4 can you explain this in studying the Word of God
35 42 having a FORM of godliness but denying the power thereof 2tim 3 5 what is the power he is talking
38 30 stewardship discussion money wealth for the believer
52 10 trump has a less than desirable history
03 44 1john 1 5 7 being transparent will you share your journey w it
04 38 moving the capital of Israel from tel aviv to Jerusalem does this have anything to do w fulfillment of
07 50 all Israel will be saved what scriptures do people use to prove this or what does saved mean
18 14 do ministering angels minister to us like the Holy Spirit does
24 13 using objectionable elements for the Lord s Supper communion is that acceptable cont after break
33 09 john the baptist s disciples following Jesus or not following Jesus other discussion about john the
44 38 are all the prophecies fulfilled to not prevent Jesus from coming back right now or I heard the temple
needs to built again what about planned parenthood abortion
03 05 calvinism arminianism eph 2 8 9 don t those verses just by themselves prove irresistible grace
15 07 andy stanley rick warren wondering what do you think of them
24 13 have you heard of the names of God of Bible cont after break
30 16 is a good argument for proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ the rapid growth of the church
39 00 could a person who appears not to be a Christian because of swearing backsliding etc still be a
46 49 can you or can you not lose your salvation
51 42 Did Jesus have a sinful nature Is it heresy to think He did
06 03 how can you be assured of your salvation that you are following Jesus What does it mean to be a
disciple of Jesus
17 34 do I need to attend church Do I need to attend a particular church
21 26 can you as a non calvinist explain to me John 6 44
28 26 a double minded man is unstable in all his ways can he still be a Christian
34 29 what was the light during creation if the sun was created until the 4th day Should we take creation
literally or non literally
45 43 what is the MAIN reason the Jews don t believe in Jesus
01 55 bill johnson in his book when Heaven invades earth says that Jesus performed the miracles by being in
right communion w God not because He was God since there s no cancer in heaven we can say no cancer
down here as well what does it mean that He emptied Himself
09 29 rom 2 what about people who are considered really good people but who don t believe in Jesus
15 56 rom 8 16 do we have a spirit of our own that the Holy Spirit wants to commune with
20 58 followup good people who don t believe in Jesus you are already condemned if you DON T believe
24 01 a friend wants me to attend a homosexual gay wedding marriage should I attend
28 20 falling away once saved always saved what if you can t physically tell Jesus you want to follow Him
35 32 how should Christians feel about the immigration crisis How would Jesus think about it sg s answer
comes in out garbled
41 05 comes back live re immigration
45 56 when was the book of Revelation written he talks about the debate hank had w hitchcock admits
hitchcock won I wish sg
01 38 natorious heresy discussion Mary the mother of Jesus God Jesus having 2 natures
11 00 does God still support Israel Do we still need to support it
19 55 gal 2 18 For if I build again the things which I destroyed I make myself a transgressor what does
22 07 a church wants me to become part of the leadership eldership of the church but wondering if I
should don t really feel called
39 55 speaking in tongues discussion interpretation gift
43 09 john 3 16 does He really love EVERYBODY or only Israel
49 59 kneeling in the Catholic church why don t the Protestants kneel
02 45 were the disciples first called Christians at antioch
06 07 how does the OT NT differentiate between first fruits Charging for healing ministries
23 15 I am concerned that I m not letting the Holy Spirit lead me as much as I should how much control does
the He need to have
40 00 1cor 14 22 seems to be a contradiction of what Tongues are for the believer or unbeliever can you
harmonize it
51 39 what does the Bible have to say about hypnotism
02 00 Acts 5 1 11 too much of a harsh judgment for ananias sapphira just for not giving all their proceeds
from their property
14 22 how can you qualify to be a bishop if you aren t married what about taking oaths
28 08 will there be a 3rd temple built in Israel will the ark of the covenant be there Is it the same ark that is
seen in heaven
31 15 what were the cities of refugees sanctuary cities
36 49 is lucifer satan Where do we get the number of the beast 666
47 39 concerning giving money she is concerned that her pastor wants her to give more
51 54 someone doesn t believe the Deity of Jesus
01 32 what about Christians being in politics holding protests being in the military enforcing the law
12 00 what is the true way to be a Christian because buddhists seemed more Christ like than Christians
22 27 jimmy swaggert suggested that man was made before Adam Eve what do you think wondering if
you saw Hack saw ridge
28 28 when was john the revelator banished to Patmos that would determine the date of Revelation Hebrew
language in revelation
36 54 sons of God nephilim Gen 6
44 05 followup Christians going in the military
49 49 SDAs Adventists suggest that you shouldn t PRAY for people who drink coffee or tea they also say
Jesus had a sin nature
02 30 how do you feel about the euthanasia of animals pets
09 06 followup I disagree about your view about sanctuary cities I think they are good the American way
being in military protests
21 46 even though I have a mexican immigrant as a wife they need to obey the laws of the land
28 07 followup to caller 2 taking an oath in the military
32 32 followup to caller 2
34 35 steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day
36 15 do you have to be baptized because isn t it just symbolic of our inner life I d like some good books on
48 37 I want to trust God in my major health crisis so can I trust that Jesus WON T fail me
02 20 followup people comparing sanctuary cities to cities of refuge from the Bible
11 20 why is there even Calvinism
23 50 apostolic doctrine related to calvinisn arminianism
29 15 followup calvinism in relation to self control the fruits of the Spirit
31 59 do you think the Reformation was under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
39 15 is God s love unconditional
43 48 matt 19 14 17 but what do verses 16 17 have to do w anything
50 30 1cor 15 22 rom 5 18 calvinism universal reconciliation
03 22 ywam the bethel church other influences in it
18 27 women not having authority over men how do I find a good home church in Eugene Oregon
28 06 do you know anything about todd white who believes in healing
40 08 soon we heard the voice of God like many waters which gave us the day hour of Jesus coming then
God poured the Holy Spirit on them is this quote true Is satan a scapegoat they get this from lev 16 should
SDA be attributing things that are not from the Holy Spirit
47 36 coming to Jesus just as you are w your baggage everything
03 09 gal 1 6 9 what are modern versions of this besides Mormonism LDS JWs etc what IS the gospel
09 32 But as the days of Noe were so shall also the coming of the Son of man be matt 24 37
16 55 concerning Vashti of Esther what happens to divorced queens
27 53 frequent caller about SDAs adventists but didn t want to answer a question so the host chose not to
29 29 dispensationalism amillennialism how to identify literal interpretation of scripture
39 52 rom 4 1 2 can you explain these 2 verses
44 00 you are completely fair in the way you conduct yourself to your callers 1cor 11 4 16 women having
long hair men short etc
02 41 what do you think about the baptism of the Holy Spirit only one question answered the first half hour
28 24 why isn t the NIV a good Bible
36 36 denmark caller asking about wedding vows
49 28 followup SDA saying not to pray for people who drink coffee tea is accurate we also don t believe
Jesus had a sinful nature
01 25 call no one father unless they actually are your father
12 35 trying to find a bible that is easy to understand but that is comprehensive
17 43 if a spouse is performing self gratification is that grounds for divorce
28 55 I ve heard pastors say you can t afford NOT to pay tithe
37 02 catholic tradition
38 43 if there is eternal life doesn t it stand to reason that there d be an eternal hell
45 07 what are your favourite verses to use that there is no once saved always saved
50 17 isaiah 9 6 7
02 13 is the beast or are the beasts of rev 13 an individual person systems
10 01 what do you think about the Amplified Bible
20 28 pastor s wife took over his role after his death what do you think about that
27 48 gen 36 38 was
31 03 what is a good study Bible
36 36 could darwin be considered an anti Christ Apparitions of Mary
45 21 steve needs to bridle his tongue was debating if I should ve highlighted this one
45 55 followup pastor being a woman
03 01 rev 9 16 rev 14 20 when did those take place Could a 3rd temple be built sacrificial system start
again have to get a chip
11 00 is capital punishment mandated or can mercy be implemented
17 16 what is your view of the reformed faith what is your view of churches that won t let you take
communion unless a member
23 50 how would you distinguished between being ethical
27 57 people say the 1st advent wasn t really the first advent but when He comes at the pretrib rapture will be
then the 2nd coming
39 07 followup death penalty
42 04 what should a church be more focused on for the unbeliever or the believer Who should you
MAINLY preach the gospel to
01 13 followup call no man father teacher
16 19 why didn t Christ Himself baptize people
19 10 asking for prayer disagreement among the body of Christ in secondary issues
28 19 pearl of great price parable who sells all that he has Jesus or us How do we obtain the Kingdom of
34 10 predestination vs free will calvinism vs arminianism
44 41 I have some friends who maintain that we absolutely need to keep the Saturday Sabbath when did we
start keeping Sunday
02 52 eccles 10 2 I m wondering
04 55 I used to believe in purgatory but don t anymore so I m curious to know what REALLY happens to
you when you die
12 45 did an angel appear to saul on the way to Damascus or was it actually Jesus Mormons told me it was
the former an angel
17 48 one of the main struggles a friend has w Christianity is slavery that happened in the Bible
28 04 have you ever gone through all the proof texts JWs use to prove their way of thinking
34 36 what is the age of the earth a young earth or an old earth
42 20 in the dispensationalism model of eschatology how come the Jews during the 7 year tribulation period
will all of a sudden come to Christ because of this anti Christ that was going to raise during that time
compel them to go to Jesus
50 59 sexual immorality
02 11 Trinity one reason people object to it so much is because Jesus as God became our example
14 32 both joseph mary s lineage genealogy goes back to David Jews were not allowed to have interracial
23 39 john 3 13 who is in heaven what does this verse mean something about the Trinity
30 05 gal 1 6 9 could calvinism be considered in this category of a different gospel
35 47 even though it s a long winded question the basic question is what do you think of the pretribulation
43 42 I consider this a VERY good question does God try to draw some more than other or does He draw
everyone the same
49 57 feminism seems to have crept into the church lately so how to we combat it w out appearing like a
male chauvinist
03 58 rev 6 10 And they cried with a loud voice saying How long O Lord were they still
unforgiving or just demanding justice
06 59 rahab lied was she commended for that or was that wrong just justified for her faith
13 46 matt 7 7 just wondering if I ask for God s will will He open close doors for me because I m in a
desperate situation
23 00 caller a little bit hard to hear God s sovereignty predestination but He s also omniscient
28 12 squandered my life ruined it now I m a believer wondering where I stand how can I know that I m
44 21 does God hear the prayers of sinners Is suicide a sin
50 54 where did Lent come from
02 18 when was there a split w Israel Judah
09 18 just saying the sinner s prayer you re automatically in I suggested you weren t one person told me
there are carnal christians
24 25 are heard if you die you go to heaven but I thought I heard someone mainstream said that we DON T go
to heaven which is it
28 00 in peter s sermon where does it say in joel what he was quoting about the Holy Spirit what was this
talk about hell or fire etc
36 08 caller talks a series of lectures called biblical counsel for change what should the church do w the
LGBT community
49 54 followup calvinism
01 49 loving God w your whole heart mind soul loving others self love
06 03 what happened to Adam Eve did they repent what s the difference between the soul the spirit
what happens after you die what do you
18 42 aren t there places in scripture where it says to support your pastor instead of making a scene Can t
someone go somewhere else if they don t like him there are so many options nowadays if they don t like him
28 10 doctrine of imminency
40 54 followup self love love for your neighbor agape in john 13 is this only to be given to
believers or everyone
46 54 matt 6 5 hypocrites people liking to be heard that verse is confusing to me
02 22 steve shares an interesting story about being in the post office at the wrong time
06 50 is uniformity of thought very important in certain areas of doctrine regardless of scripture like romans
24 03 church eldership how who should they become one
28 37 prophets not respected in his own country why did Jesus say that how do you evangelize to your own
40 17 mal 4 the spirit of Elijah coming being fulfilled by john the baptist but dispensationalists don t
REALLY believe it was fulfilled
46 21 elders should ONLY be male right
01 23 discussion about the shack the movie the book it deviating from the Bible does the end justify the
07 41 eschatological questions re matt 16 28 that generation not seeing death until He came back one
taken one left scenario
24 02 speaking in tongues carries on after the break
39 27 can you really lose your salvation Isn t it once saved always saved
45 47 is Jesus Christ michael the archangel or not
52 57 followup disagreement w answer to caller 2 re dispensationalist
01 08 followup last call of previous show disagreement about eschatogical events about the immediacy of
08 31 blue letter bible endorsement I love the site have used it for years have it open right now slapping
on the right cheek
16 19 the 2 witnesses of revelation 11
20 24 during the moneychangers turning of tables did Jesus exhibit physical violence
22 09 should we forgive the devil What about being angry at the devil
28 30 the word forever not being forever the land of israel conditional promises jerusalem no long the
center of the world worship
35 05 calvinism discussion God being the one who grants faith does He give more faith than others God s
will vs our will
47 28 will we be grieved on the other side of glory for people who didn t make it
02 42 calvinism God drawing us john 6 rom 9
12 31 2 natures of Christ Him being fully Man fully God how can they co mingle Christ being
omnipresent while He was earth
28 58 calvinism the chosen the elect a category or individuals 2thess 2 3 1thess 1 4 5
36 41 dan 2 42 44 meaning of seed of men
46 19 followup Trinity discussion
02 02 rom 8 10 can you explain this verse I don t see how lucifer is correlated w satan
09 28 seal up the book of Daniel because it pertains to the time of the end Jesus coming or just after
Revelation the time is at hand
17 31 what will we be doing in eternity what will it be like
22 20 BCE CE instead of A D B C what s up w that
29 18 Why did Jesus come up w this new commandment about loving your neighbour as yourself
37 01 bridling your tongue not having anger having pure religion
43 32 can you tell me some verses about God knowing how many days exactly we have what about babies
who are aborted
52 14 isaiah 55 8 love etc
53 38 followup I LOVE all your long answers Keep it up
01 58 God chastens those that He loves so that s why He allows suffering trials
09 04 why is lying bad What IS a lie
16 21 what should I say when I don t an answer to a cult s question if we don t take illegal immigrants in we
are accused of not being Christ like
28 37 what would be a good bible series book for a young child how do I train my child to love Jesus
39 25 typological applications of the Bible
46 00 Jesus as God in the flesh
48 53 when I look at some scripture I see we as Christians can t shouldn t hold a job scripture such as matt
6 24 rom 6 16 luke 14 33
02 23 what do you think of the interlinear bible by jp green sr who uses the received text textus receptus
09 37 followup from yesterday s show last question does scripture teach that Christians should not hold
22 07 what is righteousness right standing before God
28 14 followup lying is deception lying
39 12 have you ever heard that Moses was going rogue not really doing what God said but doing it on his
02 19 was there something preventing from Jesus from being crucified IN Jerusalem as opposed to outside
06 45 what prevents you from being an open theist
23 24 the kingdom of God daniel 2 the statue of Daniel continues after break
39 17 Trinity is it one God or 2 God
43 38 why callest thou Me good so Jesus was either saying He was bad or He was good if He was good
He was God
47 47 why don t people keep the Sabbath anymore
02 25 did the thief on the cross go to heaven the very day he died was Jesus reconciled w God at His death
or at the resurrection
08 45 mark 8 22 25 why did Jesus make it take 2 steps to heal the blind man
15 25 doesn t it say any person who is in power God ordained
14 17 eph 1 13 when does the Seal of the Holy Spirit happen
28 11 did God know that Adam or Eve were going to sin
40 23 what do you recommend in talking w Mormons
49 37 what can you tell me about the book of Enoch
02 11 eschatological discussion about the millennium
13 24 what is the proper way to pray to the Father or to Jesus or to either or
23 22 caller asking for healing health
28 34 discussion about david s sin w bathsheba
38 57 followup from yesterday Seal of the Holy Spirit
44 14 universalism so all of Israel will be saved
02 22 followup praying to Jesus vs the Father matt 8 17 is this talking about our sickness will be healed
08 53 what s Jesus talking about loving your enemies Divorced people living in sin
18 42 we re all born sinners yes
28 06 answer to prayer
29 50 followup praying to Jesus perhaps Jesus IS the Father
35 22 no original sin for Mary I heard on catholic radio that Mary was a different Mary
39 31 psalm 2 break them w an rod of iron is that talking about our sins My former husband had a terrible
accident became a paraplegic can he still be forgiven
44 26 rom 9 difference of opinion than you about this chapter
49 54 who were the lost sheep of Israel
52 12 wondering if you saw the movie the shack wondering what you thought about it
01 55 numbers 10 29 31 brother in law wouldn t go w Moses but I thought the cloud told them what to do
05 31 when the legion of demons went out of the man into the swine of pigs then came out of them do you
know where they went
07 31 anti Christ man of lawlessness man of Sin son of perdition mystery of lawlessness discussion
16 25 I disagree w you on the view of the millennial reign not being in the scripture
28 11 what did noah his family eat after the flood since there was not much vegetation there yet
32 00 when paul said he went to the 3rd heaven what was he talking about Mormon LDS discussion
36 56 2Pet 2 6 how was Lot righteous
41 09 the thoughts intents of hearts was wondering if you could tell me what this means in relation to our
walk of doing good
47 52 cremation vs burial having tattoos
51 58 who will be raptured
01 25 what does the bible say about anointing
12 17 what does the money represent in the parable of the Talents
19 24 I d like to know what the Bible says about being unequally yoked in marriage
28 57 how do we explain the Trinity to a Muslim or a Jew
43 59 praying for a man who was having surgery that day
46 47 the church is married to Christ when did He marry the church
52 19 baptized BY the Holy Spirit or baptized INTO the Holy Spirit
02 23 are we saved by faith or faith works Isn t faith was a gift of God
15 06 who is accountable for the lack of faith all the different denominations
21 38 Having a discussion w JWs considering the name Jehovah
28 25 jude 9 why did the devil want w Moses body
38 08 Jesus dying for all sins being pardoned ramifications of what the Scriptures say what Calvinists say
47 04 what do you think about the Jefferson Bible how could he take all the miracles of Jesus out of the Bible
how to counter it
01 47 I was studying the word trust in the OT the NT you don t hear much about trust in the Lord in
the NT why is that
06 18 what is the future of the church as far as coming together emergent church
17 35 what does it mean sinned in Adam romans 5 12 21
28 52 followup I want to disagree w you about what you said yesterday about thomas jefferson the
jefferson Bible
42 18 openness theology God s foreknowledge predestination God changing His mind does prayer really
change things
01 33 followup 3rd discussion about Thomas Jefferson this caller thinks he WASN T a Christian
08 10 dan 12 full partial preterist discussion all who hear His voice will come forth is the resurrection
for everyone
28 43 heb 6 4 6 crucifying Christ can Christians fall away can they or were they never saved in the first
46 50 is there a place in the bible besides revelation where it s talking about what happening today w current
50 45 remarriage conditions does she have grounds for remarriage
01 36 four corners of the earth people think Christians are funny for believing the Bible which supposedly
teaches a flat earth Trinity
14 57 can you explain rev 10 7
20 36 I was told by a pastor that not a soul has ascended into heaven yet how were people saved before Jesus
28 31 you don t believe in open theism so what about such such such
37 50 eternal security once saved always saved so a person who commits suicide who was saved will be in
49 24 is keeping the Sabbath still important if it is how do we keep it
02 50 were the Bible authors paul in a trance like state flat earth inquiry
08 19 can you give me some verses that will encourage me w the trials that I ve been going through the last 3
14 43 1cor 15 29 what does paul mean about baptism for the dead
19 59 dinosaurs that are millions of years old
28 43 what s wrong w people living together before they get married why do they have to do it publicly
42 07 were books left out of the Bible that should ve been there
49 05 where was daniel when shadrach meshach abednego were told to bow down before the image Dan
2 the timing not seeming to work about regarding the cultural school he had to attend when he interpreted
dreams when Nebuchadnezzar became emperor
53 22 are the fruits of Spirit in Gal 5 a complete list or not
01 22 a buddhist caller talks about his differences between buddhism Christianity
16 43 trying to understand the system of beliefs about Calvinism
19 48 do you believe in the continuation of the gifts so how do I know when to lay hands on somebody
pray for healing
28 09 did Mary live w john in Ephesus after Jesus died
33 14 strange call about weird phenomenon steve just ended up telling her she needed to call coast to
35 26 what was the doctrine called where God doesn t know all the future short answer open theism
openness theology
38 56 what are main differences in the communion eucharist between the catholic church the protestant
01 30 rebuild restoration of the temple in jerusalem
08 25 marriage discussion marriage eligibility questions
18 24 weeping gnashing of teeth for a 1000 yrs during the millennium husband wife should they
fellowship together at church
28 02 angels that fell are they demons jude 6 2peter 2 4 are they the same as rev 12
33 37 followup a buddhist gave his heart to Jesus
40 45 matt 11 23 they didn t seem to have any warning of a prophet
47 28 Is God outside of time
02 27 a trend of people wanting to do Torah observance
10 07 do we do too much memorializing of people who die
16 14 followup buddhist calls to clarify what buddhists believe the idea of sin is
22 02 rituals compared to the early church
27 55 what is the difference between hell hades the lake of fire
38 30 worship sacrifice during the millennium keeping sabbaths festivals jer 14 isa 66
45 45 so Jesus came back in 70 A D then
51 45 aaron got leniency for golden calf what s up w that
02 48 abomination of desolation man of sin etc
15 11 cost of discipleship to follow Christ
27 24 A debate about torah observance for the last half hour of the show last minute thing apparently
02 13 heb 4 entering into His rest
10 13 acts 8 the Holy Spirit transported Philip Out of body experiences
23 04 john 5 18 Jesus broke the Sabbath He was only breaking the pharisaic laws
38 51 did Jesus save us from God or from the evil forces of Satan related questions
49 47 matt 24 28 what does this verse mean
03 12 I don t think you should answer questions from other men s wives because that s the place of the
04 27 have you heard about george w sarris who wrote an interesting book about hell
11 48 gen 6 3 decreasing life expectancy to 120 years
15 17 eze 47 1 7 is there a spiritual meaning to the river In verse 7 why did he go back up out of the river
28 12 sins of the world total depravity the Christian basics calvinism discussion
42 06 sort ve a followup to previous question calvinism predestination election as opposed to free will
49 14 Jesus fulfilling all the Jewish holidays
52 50 matt 13 hardening of the heart
04 25 corporate punishment going to a gentler kinder kind of punishment
18 06 followup george w sarris about hell are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests
23 03 philadelphia church of God world wide church of God can you explain about them
32 38 questions about tithing dan 10 prince of persia preventing prayer does that mean territorial demons
44 21 followup george w sarris about hell are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests
47 48 followup capital punishment spanking
50 44 followup tithing
00 51 special commentary about how to ask a question or disagree on the radio
03 28 can you tell us about extreme unction in the catholic church
08 32 disagree w you about not tithing because what do you do w Gal 5 13
14 03 does God still harden people in the NT like He did w pharaoh in the OT if He does does that mean
it s light out for them
22 01 even though I m not one what do you think about me visiting a Catholic church once in awhile
28 05 I heard that demons are not the fallen angels I d love your opinion on that
35 41 why do you think people are so obsessed w eternal security once saved always saved not feeling
saved if going through trials
46 21 followup catholic caller calls back re some catholics are true Christians
47 09 elders bishops pastors all the same thing
02 40 followup roman catholic doctrine
08 21 discussion about calvinism romans 9
16 33 when did Jesus get His heavenly body Did He go back to heaven in His earthly body Why did He tell
Mary not to touch Him but it was okay for Thomas to do so so what was the difference
19 40 trying to distinguishing between the moral law 10 commandments the ceremonial law can should
28 06 Jesus trial differianting between romans law the jewish law
32 43 1cor 11 9 communion the Lord s Supper discerning the body sinning against the body what does
1cor 11 9 mean
36 55 are we free from curses
39 41 started this call a little bit different because sg asked him a Q 1st was mankind the only creature that
fell under the curse
43 29 God draws all men to Him draw drag distinction
48 11 what is the difference between pray meditation then what is the difference between meditation
04 44 asked not to park in the church parking lot because of bumper stickers on my car they are not offensive
09 43 pagans dyed eggs in children s blood
14 00 neil cole organic church
28 04 fallen angels gen 6
42 00 is it wrong for christians to play the lotto if you happen to win is it wrong to give a portion of the
proceeds to church
53 00 what do you think of SDAs
01 28 what text do you think is better for the bible textus receptus or that alexandrian text What do you think
is the best reading plan
07 01 was the return from Babylon a type of repentance Praying for downfall of your persecutors
18 21 matt 6 22 what about a 3rd eye involving greed
28 17 in Gen 5 it says calling their name Adam what does this mean
35 04 followup from 1 30 17 I think it IS acceptable to attend a gay marriage ceremony
46 03 do you think the curse that God put on cain was dark skin
51 19 followup you just said we shouldn t attend a gay marriage wedding what about attending one of
people who ve been divorced
01 19 if a person turns down chemotherapy is it a form of suicide
05 13 what kind of financial support should we give israel
09 08 followup about the guy who was asked to remove his car from the church parking lot because of the
bumper stickers on his car
11 31 matt 6 what things is He talking about when He says all these things will be added unto you
15 32 kjv translation verses other translations discussion when Jesus was asking peter if He loved Him it was
different the 2nd time
28 05 in rom 1 eternal power Godhead what did those words mean
30 50 mark 8 discussion about when people asked Jesus about marriage
40 10 1peter 3 3 can t wear gold does that mean any type of jewelry
48 13 people can t see the full glory of God until we are in our new bodies
01 37 what should we expect when we pray what should we expect when we follow the pattern Jesus said in
the Lord s prayer
08 20 just became a Christian but my wife is catholic doesn t really believe in demons I m trying to
show her they are real
18 45 what is the difference between a natural organic illness a demon initiated illness
28 27 why would my church prohibit easter lilies
34 23 john 5 18 where does it say you can t heal people on the Sabbath
39 42 followup to the catholic caller about spirits demons
44 15 buddhist caller we are an extension of God did we have a pre existence
00 00 archived program aired questions that are archived the questions are more than likely already
00 00 archived program aired
00 00 archived program aired
00 00 archived program aired
00 00 archived program aired
00 00 archived program aired
04 57 of things which must soon come to pass by philip mauro
10 02 wondering about eastern orthodox church in light of Hank hanegraaff switching over
19 04 communion Lord s Supper Eucharist eating the literal blood body of Jesus
27 58 eastern orthodoxy communicating w dead saints related issues
36 26 I d like your thoughts on the Sabbath other Holy Days did the catholic church change the sabbath to
46 57 followup communion Lord s Supper Eucharist
51 31 where did Enoch go
01 57 followup from 4 10 steve made a correction on what he said about the2nd coming of Jesus involving
the Adventist SDA church
04 48 Calvinism predestination election foreknowledge
16 45 are there any books that are missing from the canon of Scripture
23 42 what s your argument against the Methodist church
28 03 dharma of the buddha the gospel of Jesus are really beginning to in my mind beginning to merge
32 23 partial preterists eschatology discussion
39 12 wondering if you think evereyonre has the responsibility of reaching the lost
48 53 is there any evidence in scripture that the devil can put thoughts into our mind How would you phrase
what the gospel is
03 03 during the transfiguration when Jesus was transfigured did that represent the resurrected body why
Moses Elijah
10 56 body of Christ bride of Christ all these other metaphors you hear in the Bible
19 19 once you have reached the state of point where you have hardened your heart is it permanent
28 09 someone who is a full preterist told me there is no hell universalism inclusionist
38 29 followup full preterism inclusivism rabbis rejecting Jesus 1000 year future millennium
50 10 theological gymnastics Christ Himself is the Son of the living God our redemption draweth nigh
value in long theological talk
01 29 what is repentance how important is it to salvation
05 22 2peter 2 4 if the demons are chained up how can they be doing their work
10 17 eternal security once saved always saved
14 35 the imminent return of Christ the rapture basically just want your 101 on end times
18 48 Ephraim judah ezekiel saying 2 sticks will be joined together

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