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Top Shelf Integrated

an additional power amplifier in a biamped setup a fixed level output marked “ record This amplifier is continuing in the path that Rega has started down with the ... Page 3 .... on their Brio at $695 the Mira at $1195 so this is big bucks for ....

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of specs not telling the whole story. The Torii plays . close to the 011 preamplifier/911 Mk. 3 power amplifier in publisher Jeff .... rega Brio r. $995. If we gave a ....

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m. .H. One HiFi

m 52 PAGE BUYER'S GUIDE. L. 53. 2 For the best part of a decade Rega has dominated the mid priced ... Page 3 ... The Brio R had its first taste of one of our..

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