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Postcolonial Contrapuntal Reading of Revelation 22:1 5: Part 2

meaning when we read the Bible on a one to one basis with Kikuyu culture. . point on the passage of the new garden as a climax for such a utopia which..

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Euphemisms on Body Effluvia in Kikuyu ARC

Kikuyu Bible version especially in the book of Leviticus 15:19 the following . New born human babies receive nourishment in the form of fluid secreted by the  ....

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Kikuyu Bible New Testament GospelGo

NSAMU WAMBOTE wAsoNIKA. MATAI l Nka wantukulu 'a Yesu Klisto mwan' a Davidi i mwan'a Abalahaml. 2 Abalahami wabuta Isaki Isaki wabuta Yakobi..

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