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Implementation of enhanced generic REST API for cloud audio station

Abstract There has been a surging dem for the use of cloud based applications in this recent era. .. Zongpeng Li‡ Francis C.M. Lau “CloudMoV: Cloud based Mobile Social TV”. [6] http://developers.soundcloud/docs/api/ reference..

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A Review of: An approach to security improvement for Mobile Video

Abstract: Cloud computing is a leading technology which has aim to provide cloud .. “CloudMoV: Cloud Based Mobile Social TV” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON..

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TNTJ1302 – CloudMoV: Cloud based Mobile Social TV. TNTJ1303 TNTJ1345 – Document Clustering for Forensic Analysis: An Approach for Improving..

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Cloud Based: Video on Dem Mobile Social TV IJETAE

CloudMoV(Cloud Mobile Social TV) which can effectively utilize the cloud computing to offer a living room experience of video watching by mobile users with .

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Cloud MOV: Cloud Based Mobile Social Television International

In this document we describe the blueprint of a novel mobile social television scheme CloudMoV that can successfully utilize the cloud computing pattern to .

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Guest Editorial Cloud Based Mobile Media Nanyang

Recent advances in cloud computing help to bridge this gap. By resorting to the . In “CloudMoV: Cloud based Mobile Social TV” Wu et al. utilizes the cloud to ....

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ECE 591 Advanced Multimedia Communications Faculty Pages

assigned paper on Sep 29 using PPT slides. New papers 1. Cloud Mobile Media: Reflections Outlook ... 5. CloudMoV: Cloud Based Mobile Social TV..

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CloudMoV: Cloud-based Mobile Social TV - culiuliu

1 CloudMoV: Cloud-based Mobile Social TV Yu Wu * †, Zhizhong Zhang , Chuan Wu , Zongpeng Li‡, Francis C.M. Lau† †Department of Computer Science, The ....

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